Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sunday in pics

International Relations Meeting last night put the man in a good mood. Poor thing has been a bit deprived you see what between me starting the Shred and then getting four day headache and then being snot central - meant I was too sore to spread em, head throbbing too much to concentrate on appropriate Japanese women sex noises, and well, shagging with two bits of scrunched up tissue stuffed up your nostrils just isn't polite.

Today was predominately a good family day. Very long but then a 5am start and only one out of three children napping will do that. Today in pics... (and yes, more crabs and more children. sigh)
7am crab find. Caught with the BBQ tongs.
The cat wants one to play with.
Shou's Rocket.
With buttons and hard to see red pipecleaners (fire) coming out the bottom.
Great spot about 20 minutes away. Today was our first ever visit there. Don't know why we never went sooner. So so perfect.
We didn't take togs but who cares. The water was so warm - could have almost tipped some into a flask for some coffee.
Home for more water fun sliding into the paddling pool.

And hosing Shou down so he can test out his goggles. All good.
Marina had a meltdown due to no afternoon nap and ended up getting in trouble for dangerous antics on the bike - seriously we nearly fell into a rice paddy. she was in the kiddy seat on the back - unbuckled the belt and had her feet up on my shoulders.

Sister in law rang this morning to appologise for brother in law's phone call yesterday - inviting their whole family for the night next weekend. She didn't know anything about it at the time! Typical. She was horrified, but not enough so to suggest they book the onsen place. Granny K has gone into a futon and pillow frenzy. She told me to take everything out of the futon cupboard. Half of it is still on the floor, she went on and on about the musty smell of a few things and I suggested we biff them, she agreed and then tried to stop me as I was squashing them into rubbish bags. Sorry lady, out they go. Besides, have almost brand new set in 'my futon cupboard' in the other room. Perhaps she thinks these have been dirtied by the the few gaijin that have slept on them.

The four bean pillows also got biffed as they are about 20 years old and I think you'd just about make yourself unconscious breathing on them. She got hub to take her out to buy more this afternoon - fortunately she copped on and got real pillows this time. I don't mind the traditional bean ones but it's almost harder to find them in the shops and besides, if you have a bit to drink and zonk out with a whack of the head on the pillow you could just about knock yourself out cold. 

Anyhoo, best clean some of this mess up. Fricken pitt that we live in on Sundays. Have loads of important stuff to do tomorrow, like buy gin and vacuum. 

Shit, am also meant to start back on the Shred.



anchan said...

You have given me a serious case of green lawn envy!

illahee said...

oh BEACH!!

Oyomesan said...

You have energy for international relations in nighttime heat over 25 degrees? Two bodies in close proximity?!!!
I'm don't want to go anywhere near him apart from a peck on the lips until at least October!

Gaijin Wife said...

anchan - I had green grass envy and adventure playground envy after reading Gina's blog. I LOVE having a proper yard now. Now if only I could find a green thumb...

Illahee - is 20 minutes in the direction you will be coming from! It is tidal though and not good when the tide is in as water just comes up and hits a brick wall. We went about 11am - coming through at about lunch time (not before) tomorrow should get you there for some fun times. warm shallow pockets of water, not many people. There is a building that could be toilettes and a tap to wash sand off - we parked in the big carpark a bit further on though. Coming through MATAMA, just past the MATAMA SHOUGAKKOU you can't miss it.

Oyomesan - remember our relations meetings aren't marathon events :D

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures:) what camera do you have? thank you


Gaijin Wife said...

Beatriz - thanks. I'm just a snap click photo person. I haven't even seen what all the settings are yet!! The camera is a Canon PowerShot A3100 IS. 12.1 Megapixels and cost about 10,000 yen.

Rachel said...

Oh, Matama beach! Famous for sunset views, there's signs all over the place reminding you of that. Yeah, the water can get really warm in the shallow tidal pools, great for kids! But watch out for jellyfish in the deeper water and the tide coming in and trapping you on a sandbar!

world of sekimachihato said...

as oyomesan put it; i agree.
even though we have the aircon on all night (and all day here) there is a huge gap in the middle of our bed. way too hot to get snuggles.

and do you have a lawn mower? (never seen one in japan...) but your grass is so green and maintained!
it's kinda like you have a nz yard in japan; now that's cool!

Anonymous said...

The visual of you and Marina on the bike cracked me up!! Fair enough I have a spaz when Alix takes her feet out of her gumboots when she's on the back... Glad your Mum is having a great time.. stink about the cold - and shred sounds hard but good?? Love Nicole

Anonymous said...

wow!! what a great buy!!
I enjoy reading your blog everyday