Wednesday, 4 August 2010

So, I'm pretty sure it's just a sore head...

Last night saw Marina coughing herself into a vomit again - always fun. Late night washing and cleaning up of small vomitty child. I would have taken her to the doctors this morning but hub decided that I needed drugs first and I can always take her tomorrow and then Shou and the cat on Friday. Awesome. I have folded the pillow end of her mattress over so her head is elevated. Hopefully she sleeps well tonight.

So hub, Ryu and I went to the hospital an hour away - I haven't signed up there yet so there was a bit of faffing round. To be perfectly honest I was feeling a lot better by the time we got there and was starting to doubt myself. You know, like when you are in the initial stages of labor with your second child - the pain comes as a bit of a shock at first but then you get used to it cause you know what's in store. At the beginning you wonder if it is actually labor or not. I think I had gotten used to the ongoing throb and because I wasn't getting any of the ouchy fuckers every time I bent my head any which way I had convinced myself I was fine. But hub had taken the morning off to come with me and so we went.

The doctor was very nice. Didn't moshi moshi (use her stethoscope) or check my ears or my throat - or give me hello kitty stickers for that matter. She said she reckoned I was on the mend and prescribed me some pain killers and some muscle pills for my stiff shoulders - which she thinks could be cause of my headache. As SOON as Ryu and I got home it started up like yesterday. It goes in waves and overall hasn't gotten any better. We shall see though. Back on Saturday if it hasn't gone by then because surely a headache shouldn't last for four days?? Have stopped the Shred until it gets better and am drinking loads of water, no alcohol and no coffee.

I ended up telling the doctor very briefly about mum and the result of her three day headache. No doubt the doctor then thought 'fuckin fantastic, I've got a foreign hypochondriac who is going to come back thinking she's got a brain tumor every time she gets a bloody headache'.

If I'm not waving my head round and bending up and down and all over the show it is OK so had English. Fortunately hub was home early so he helped with the bath thing but then sat on his ass drinking beer while I put three children to sleep. Humph.

Bon odori festivals start tomorrow night. Hub has to drum at all of them - about eight over the course of the next two weeks. He can hopefully get away with taking Shou to most of them which is a bonus. We might all make it to the one up the road next weekend but chances are I'll pull the plug and stay home with Marina and Ryu - party pooper that I am.

Illahee is hopefully coming to stay with her troop of beautiful children one day over of the next couple of weeks. I think we'll crush up sleeping pills into the curry for the kids so they all go to sleep by eight and we can spend the rest of the evening trying to invent a new cocktail - the Mummy Meltdown or the Illahee Illusion, Gaijinwife Sling or similar.

Nighty night.


PS - Granny K thinks I have debilitating headache because I spend too much time at the computer. Hub still thinks it is just cause I'm a woman and Shou enlightened me about his theory - that had something to do with feeding the cat and taking the wrapper off the jelly food for the stage beetles???


Helen said...

Don't want to scare you...trying to reassure you in my own way, but I had a headache for about 3 weeks over Christmas once. It never really went away in all that time no matter how much tylenol I took. The local doctor told me it wasn't a brain tumour (sorry, but it was a bit of a worry for me) and if it kept up after New Year, he'd schedule an MRI for me.

It finally ended but I do get headaches that last for a couple of days every now and then.

Fifi Kida said...

I think its 100% normal for you to worry about this. It would be unnatural for you not to.

Dr.Sleepy thinks the headache is caused by child stress overdose combined with unsolicited MIL advice. Prescription - much alcohol with illahee... if you add orange juice to the cocktail you will get a nice dose of vitamin C.

Orchid64 said...

I had a headache for 6 months and a coworker told me she had one everyday for 5 years (and still had it). I'm not trying to scare you, but rather reassure you that it isn't always a serious thing. They never found the cause of mine, and the headaches did wax and wane in intensity. Eventually, they stopped, but I had tons of tests that yielded nothing.

In the end, the doctor said that middle-aged women sometimes get headaches. I was so glad to spend all of that money and time having my head checked for that diagnosis.

Gaijin Wife said...

bloody shit. I'm not ready for middle aged women headaches, or ones that last for days and maybe weeks, months or years on end.

Think I'll stock up on orange juice to add to vodka and other cocktail ingredients and vitamin C the fucker out of my head.

But thanks anyway - it is 'comforting' (??) to know that it could just be nothing.

Adam W said...

I don't know if they have Excedrin in Japan, but if they do, you should down a bottle. I SWEAR by Excedrin. It's the only thing that helps my headaches.

illahee said...

i hope marina is feeling better today!

and you, too. i hate having headaches. i used to get migraines from time to time in my twenties. and PMS does me in. feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better. My headaches are almost always due to tight or out of alignment neck muscles. I wonder if the shred has been a shock to your neck/shoulder areas. I would recommend a chiropractor but it is so hard to find a decent one in Japan. If there is seitai or even massage near you it might be worth a try?

T in Tokyo

Gaijin Wife said...

Adam - Excedrin. Thanks. Will have to look for it エクサドリン :) I'm sure I could get it online though.

Illahee - thanks - just taken Marina, Ryu and the cat to the doctors. Not the same one. Marina back at kidney - albeit probably wiping her snotting nose on the back of the teacher's apron.

T - I thought that the timing of the headache with the starting of the Shred waste coincidental. I don't get headaches - I also have never gone from zero to 100 on the exercise scale so quickly so it could defiantly be a factor. The workout doesn't seem to put too much strain on the neck and shoulders - when I start it again on Monday I will have take more care when doing the ab sections.

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

I started getting migraines when I was pregnant with Misaki. At first I wasn't sure how to take care of myself since I rarely get sick. Finally I read up and had my mom send me a bottle of Excedrin Migraine and when I feel a headache coming on I take two, lay down with my eyes covered and everything as quiet as possible (!) and within an hour it's gone. I think cutting my brain off from all stimuli works the best.

Take care!

Rachel said...

I had middle-age lady headaches for a year or more in between babies 2 and 3. I still sometimes get them, but they are mild, more of a nuisance than a pain, and just leave you wondering WHY and wishing you could find someone who would take you seriously and not just tell you it's middle-age lady headaches.

You think the Shred is a coincidence? It could be your neck, shoulders, the way you sit. Try a chiropractor! Or acupuncture.