Monday, 9 August 2010


Started the SHRED again this morning.  I really want to get the whole 30 days in a row. After a week off due to headaches and colds and general laziness it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. A couple of days ago I started watching The Biggest Loser Australia episodes and I think I'm hooked. Jillian is great but some of the contestants would fuck me off big time. National bloody television and calling someone a slapper?? Please. Get a blog.

It has been very motivational though. If these 150kg people can do two hour workouts with Jillian I can handle 20 minutes a day. It is pretty much exercise focused so not much of the food side of it so perhaps I still have a bit of leeway with finding excuses to eat what I want :p

I wrote a list of stuff to get through today. Is anybody else like this....when I write a list I put random shit on it just so that I have more on it and therefore the opportunity to cross more things off - cause that's really the purpose isn't it? Not the actual outcome of getting things done but the physical crossing off of things off the list. So today I did some random chores like taking the empty beer bottles to the shop. Why? Illahee isn't going to give a shit and my brother in law for sure isn't going to wonder why I haven't taken the three boxes of empties at the back of the shed to the shop?? It is however one of those jobs that you keep thinking you need to do but don't. In the end it takes no time at all. In fact after parking the car at the shop (which I drive past every day) it takes exactly 2 minutes and 43 seconds to get out of the car, tell the lady I have empties, unload the empties, wait for the lady to get my 310 yen, make a silly face at Ryu in through the backseat window and get back into the car.

OK, so that was a guess there. I don't walk round with a stopwatch.

The bank, the post office, the drycleaners, the supermarket (no fuckin GIN??? Hmmmm. Only Vodka and Whisky and usual Japanese suspects of Sake and Shochu), then cleaning the range hood (outside not inside - inside hasn't been cleaned in looooooong time and I'm too scared to get in there), top of cupboards and other random shit that no-one will notice. Made me feel like the house was cleaner in general though!!

Folded three loads of washing while watching more Biggest Loser. I could see Granny K resisting the urge to tell me I spent too much time on the computer and to perhaps spend more time playing with my son. Would you believe that Ryu is quite happy to watch fat people play soccer though? Yeah OK, guess I really need to get to the end of it.

Lashed rain late this afternoon and I hope that was it and tomorrow is a nice day.

Shou said a great thing to hub....

パパ... ニュージーランドでさ... 英語が流行ってるって知ってた?
dad, did you know that English is 'in' in New Zealand (although sounds a lot better in Japanese)

He really is understanding a lot of what I say to him now and it will be interesting to see if he comes out with more when faced with being surrounded by English for ten days when we go home in October.

Hub is watching news on TV which leads me to believe he is waiting for us to 'hit the futon' together. Three days in a row aye. I suggested a meeting last night thinking he would decline as had sore back. Apparently his sore back and shagging is akin to cake and betsubara (separate stomach - meaning that even if you are really full from eating dinner there is always room for cake).

We'll see...



Sara said...

good luck shredding!!!
i'll be joining you as soon as i get my copy (next week?)

maybe we can even do a workout together next month woo hooo~

(ps i will be very good for the 30 days of my shred but i will "revert" back to debauchary when we meet up ;) )

lulu said...

Good luck with the shred.

The year I lived back in Australia I got hooked on the biggest loser- except my dad would call it "The fatties"- not very politically correct of him huh?

I like Shou`s definition of English in NZ- cute! Will be great if his english takes off more when you are home in October. when he does speak English does he have a kiwi accent? I remember seeing a video of Rachel`s girls and was amazed that they had perfected their NZ accents so well! hehe

Rachel said...

Lulu, funny how we find it funny when the kids use a NZ or US accent! OF course they do, but then I find it funny too sometimes! Then again, Erica says 'castle' and 'dance' like an American (thank you Dora)

Good luck with the Shred! You're making me feel bad, which is GOOD. I'm still convinced you won't lose weight with exercise alone, so watch out for compensating yourself with food after a good work-out. That's how I managed to not lose an ounce despite swimming 1km or more 4 times a week.

I've heard that the method they use on the Biggest Loser is super unhealthy, and that LOTS of them put it back on.

Gaijin Wife said...

Sarah - thanks! Day two over this morning. If working out means two koumuin husbands and four children a MIL and a cat are cheering us on then I might pass :D Reverting back to debauchery - your words not mine. That means you are officially the bad influence and all champagne and beverage induced headaches are entirely your fault :D

Lulu - I was just thinking this morning how much some of his words are so Kiwi - like 'today'. He says it like how Australians say it when they take they piss out of our accent - which I guess means kiwis do really say it like that!! Scary shit.

Rachel - I think the best thing about exercising for me is that it makes me feel so good (after I get over that initial hump) that I don't want to eat loads of food. When I am eating though I'm not calorie counting. We'll see if this Jillian pulls her weight though - guess it's up to me to get through the 30 days first though!!