Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Quick Post

Extremely quick post as have throbbing headache, not being helped by over the counter drugs and a somewhat unsympathetic husband who thinks it's period related - I have never had a headache during a period before and my period finished this morning and most of my googling said period related headaches and migraines are before or during your period.  Have had it since last night but it has gotten progressively worse. No runny nose, no sore cheeks or nose or anything. Light is OK but movement is a complete bitch. Leaning forward, sitting down, lying down - not good. Anyway, lets hope I can find a position that will let me sleep.

Up at the crack of dawn this morning with Shou who was wanting to check on the kabutomushi stag beetle orgy going on in the bug boxes - plural. We have four boxes and a current grand total of ten stag beetles, two grasshoppers and one praying mantis. They all watched on as I did day five of the Shred at 5:30am this morning - everyone else was up by then so no worry about waking them up with my star jumps. Quite a good effort if I do say so myself. No way I would have been jumping round this evening.

Exercise, washing, dishes, beds done and hub and I were able to leave for our day out after dropping the kids at kinder. SALT at 9:50 - divided on opinion. Was average I guess and not a movie you need to rush out and see on the big screen. I had rung Granny K before it began and Ryu had only slept twenty minutes and she was stressing out that he wouldn't sleep at all after that. Made us cut our day short and after the movie we did about fifteen minutes of shopping and then did the two hour trip home. I did get my starbucks in though :D

Got home to the aircon people putting in Granny K's new aircon. She was very strongly opposed to getting one when we built the house - and now she's just about melting so she has been making aircon comments for the past few weeks. She is paying half and so are we, which I don't quite understand as her pension gives her more expendable income after expenses than us. Haha, what expenses. She doesn't bloody well pay for anything except her own food and her mail catalogue addiction.

Put Ryu to sleep straight away where he zonked and had to be woken up at five. English was fine - albeit a bit gingerly done as I am unable to make big movements due to sore head.

Right, shit. This is painful. Any advice on what type of headache I've got would be grateful - and yes, with all the recent stuff with mum I have already googled brain tumor headaches and I'm pretty sure, that because I'm not yet vomiting, that I'm not heading down that road so not to worry.



thefukases said...

Wow. Just what you need when life is unbearably hot anyway, huh?

No idea what you have got but I can add probably not an anneurism (sp) or brain hemmorage (sp- my brain doesn't work over 35 degrees) headache having had both parents have those and they're the vomity and then unconscious kind.

Hope whatever it is gets better soon. Did you check if it's an early pregnancy symptom? ;P

Claire said...

No real thoughts on type of headache (though it could be sinus-related even without a runny nose or sore cheeks if it's the back sinuses above/behind your eyes that are inflamed), but just in case you didn't already know, you can take up to 1000 mg of acetaminophen at once and up to 4000 mg a day, a lot more than the OTC dose they tell you in Japan. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Fifi Kida said...

Poor GW :( sorry about your head.

Could it be related to the weather? I get really, really bad headaches on "thundery" days - like days where the sky is low and muggy.

Apart from that I have no idea. But I hope you get well soon x

Corinne said...

I've just had sinusitis and I no other symptoms apart from insane headache.
Try steam bowl with Ginger in it if you've got it but might be best to just get meddy..

Hope it gets better soon!

Luisa said...

Sorry can`t be more help...I just dose up as soon as I feel one coming on..got Panadeine here too..bufferin sucks BUT hub`s friend has major headaches and highly reccomends Rincl IVY (green gel looking capsules) that I`ve tried and they really work. Over the counter too.

Hope you feel better tommorow.

Luisa said...

That just totally chopped my comment in half. Top half said I get headaches due to two things- weather changes (high/low pressure does weird stuff to your inner ear or something-it is raining here too) and the other is from neck/shoulder strain..

Heather said...

Ugggh migraines suck. I don't really get the light aura's but I get kind lop sided numbness sometimes. Lying in a dark room with a cool compress and water if you can- my stomach stops followed by being sick for me. I guess the best thing is to ride it out.
the weather gets to me or a change in stress levels. It could also be dehydration or tiredness from all your shredding- I get a crappy headache if its really humid and I do tennis without taking sports drinks, its almost migraine like.
I hope you're feeling better soon.

illahee said...

do you think it could be dehydration? with all your extra exercise you do need to replenish your water much more frequently. i would even go so far as to suggest sports drinks. along with the sweating, adding diuretics like caffeine and alcohol, you just may be dehydrated....

otherwise, stress, caffeine, heat, change in diet....

world of sekimachihato said...

i'm terrible at stuff like this but it kinda sounds like dehydration might be the cause. my 92 year old grandad had headaches and turned out he was dehydrated. he was doing an hour work out on his bike and not drinking enough liquids (beer and coffee not counted!). turns out he had a low sodium level.
with all that shrek or shread stuff you are doing you might be lacking in sodium too. no?
anyway, odaijini! rest up.