Thursday, 12 August 2010

Portable Festivities

Tonight hub had and his crowd of yellow t-shirted crownies had to drum and sing at two local 'welcoming back of the dead ancestors' festivals. Not really festival. Everyone congregates at the house 'celebrating' the first obon anniversary of their deceased loved one. Drummers and singers play the local dance tunes and everyone dances in circle around them, receiving free sake and packets of crisps.

Tonight's festivities were only about a hundred meters up the road and started earlier than usual due to having two in a row - so we decided to all go, with Granny K promising to help keep an eye on chaos, mayhem and cuteness.

The very second we got there she takes off with a friend to the house of the second festival - to pray and then comes back fifteen minutes later and asks why the hell I aren't bloody dancing for free crisps.  Oh, you mean the baby on my hip, the two year old on speed running in the middle of the circle and the four year old who is AWOL aren't enough reason? So I dance with baby on hip while Marina does crack induced sway, clap and fall over routine while Shou and his five year old bad-ass friend try to bowl with fishing buoys.

Hub hasn't even started his drumming yet - he is too busy getting made to squiff beer and sake.

This is the portable festival - drum, umbrella, light and speaker on the back of a K-truck. It all stays on here and one man stands up there and sings and the drummer stands behind the truck and belts away.  And then everyone dances...
Ryu had been dressed in his festival outfit but the other two missed out due to lack of actually having one.
I brought Ryu and Marina home after the first one and put them straight to bed. Shou and Granny K arrived home half an hour later but hub was no where to be seen.

GW: (to Granny K) Where's hub?
Granny K: no idea
GW: was he staying to drink with the lads?
Granny K: no idea. Are my crisps still in the push chair?
GW: um, yeah. Wonder where he is then.

Rings hub.

GW: where the fuck are you?
Hub: drinking with the lads. Be home in an hour.
GW: could you not have told me?
Hub: I told Granny K.
GW: While either your mouth doesn't work or her ears are painted on cause she doesn't know where the fuck you are. See you later. (shuts phone)

After getting Shou to sleep I do actually mail him and tell him to take his time and that all is quiet in the house of GW.

Oh and,

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllp. The sinking porta cot - as in similar to sinking sand - as in getting sucked in and can't get out....

This was this morning. He was out cold. Suffocation by strawberry baby blanket.
Needless to say I have removed the half moon pillow and replaced it with a normal one. My cute little rockstar, engulfed in pink strawberries :D

And before I sign off, had big talk to mum today. She had a fabulous time in OZ and sounded so good. I think the steroids are effecting her a bit but all in all sounding great. Back onto chemo drugs on Monday :( Shou got on the phone and said Good Morning, Love you Granny and Goodbye. She asked after Marina's English ability and I said that if her conversation consisted of

'Put your Shoes on'
'Brush your Teeth'
'Sit down and eat those'
'Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum' and
'for fucks sakes'

then she could probably have a very good talk with her.

Looking forward to October anyway.



Adam W said...

Ryu is soooo freaking cute!

P.S. - I have a blog now. Still being beautified, but it should be interesting when it's all done.

Adam W said...

So apparently I'm mentally-challenged and can't put in the right URL.

illahee said...

sounds like a lot of fun! :D especially the dealing with granny k part.... :P

Megan said...

lovin those pics of the festival! xx

random_01 said...

Hi Gw its been a while since I have commented but your blog has given me so many laugh out loud moments on some otherwise crappy days so a big thank-you for that! By the way your kids are just beautiful, Ryu is going to be such a heartbreaker! Keep up the good work, Penny.

shufuinjapan said...

Hi Gaijin Wife! The drumming festival down your way is so cute! I like it how you only need a yellow t-shirt to join in - what is it with old people groups and yellow t-shirts? (here it's the neighbourhood patrol and the healthy walking group). Our drumming is supposed to happen today. There is a house down the street having a niibon/hatsubon whatever you wanna call it so I am going to wander past on my way to buy ice cream.
Loved the photos of Ryu, he is so gorgeous!

world of sekimachihato said...

i love local festivals!
and what's with all the kei-tora being white? can't they paint them other colors?

ryu looks great in his jinbei, looks just the part.

just wondering, do you have some full^on kunimi-ben down your way?

Gaijin Wife said...

Yay - welcome to the world of free therapy :D

WOS - our builder has a grey one! Yes, Kunimi has a dialect and Shou and Marina can speak it as good as the next old lady - mainly because those are the people looking after them at kidney. I don't think it is so strong that outsiders wouldn't understand it but. There are some out right words that perhaps you wouldn't know in context but others the verb congregations are just putting 'choru' on the end of everything :D

thefukases said...

Ahhh see I just thought Ryu had rocked till he dropped there. Perfect post concert crash. :) Hope the smelly relly invasion is going well.

Nakamuras on Saipan said...

whoops...where is the baby? lol cute pictures! I love Obon in Japan...looking forward to moving next year and being a part of all of it.