Thursday, 19 August 2010

Movers Have Arrived

I tried to make this a link but it kept getting direct to search engine.

I have decided to keep the blog public and just have password protected posts when I need to.  Password will be sent out to people that commented and emailed. I still haven't figured out how to move posts over to wordpress yet. This blog will be author accessible only in a couple of days.

If you have me on your blogroll and want to keep me there please change my address to



Olivia said...

Oh dear Gaijin, have I missed out on being part of the coverted list? I really love reading your blog, I hope I can continue to do so. Thanks! Thanks for sharing

Olivia said...

oppps that was supposed to say 'oh dear gaijin wife...doesn't read so well without it...sorry.

Nay said...

I am finally able to get to your comment section... not sure if I can actually post a comment or not. Will try it and see... If not I will email you :)

You can easily tranfer your blog posts and all comments from blogger to wordpress. What you have to do is:
1) go to you dashboard
2) on the left hand side of the screen click on 'tools'
3) then click on import, choose blogger and then follow the rest of the instructions.

Hope that helps!

illahee said...

ok, off to change the link...

Anonymous said...

OMG, what happened and how did I miss it considering how often I come here! How sad that you can only invite 100. I completely understand if I don't get an invite considering I hardly ever post and we haven't met and now I am late to boot, but I'll miss you. I'll send you my e-mail anyway.

T in Tokyo

achan said...

see you there!

kel said...

Hi! I sent you two e-mails yesterday, not sure if you got them or not so please check your spam box!! Unfortunately my e-mails have a habit of ending up there, especially with gmail
If you can't find them let me know and I will send them again.

-phx- said...

i guess it's about time i de-lurk! i'm almost embarrassed to do it now, since i've been a lurker so long (like, i remember you posting when Ryu was born... God has it been that long?)
So, i'll be adding you to my blog roll finally and follow you "publicly". There, no more being creepy and invisible!
And it's probably too late to get on The List, but if not: chaitea_taichi[at]yahoo[dot]com
Cuz the day would just be so dull without my daily dose of GW!

Tracey said...

Dear Gaijinwife... I wanted to say that as a person interested in becoming as you are in the future, I really really love reading your blog. I understand making a password to protect so that you can have some privacy in what you post. I haven't been able to comment before, on the last entry because I am a busy student so even though I don't always comment, I still want to be able to read your blogs. I hope you understand. Thanks so much!