Sunday, 1 August 2010

Just Another Sunday

After posting last night I had more beer, Googled more brain tumor sites and basically had a big old weep and life's a bitch cry into my glass of Asahi. There are a lot of cancer sites that have the positive stories about people who beat cancer. Those are few and far between for the kind of cancer that mum has. Her fall the other day - they were going to get an MRI. She isn't scheduled for one for a few more weeks but they were talking about getting one anyway. They have decided not to. Dad told me it was because they wouldn't be able to tell anything at this stage (so soon after the radiation) anyway. My take on it is that because what is the fuckin point really. They have cut her head open and removed a golf ball size bit of cancer. They have done radiation on the rest and your body can only deal with this once. They are doing the most aggressive chemo treatment they can and so finding anything out on an MRI - like the bastards growing back faster than they thought or whatever, really is just a big bitch and mum may as well go on her girls trip next week and have a good time without knowing.

Myself... I hate the uncertainty.

Anyway, fortunately hub came home at midnight and was more pissed than I was so didn't notice that half the beer had gone. I felt a bit sorry for the man as he had to be up at 5:30 to start up the weed eater to help mulch all the grass in the river...
He must have been feeling exceptionally seedy.

He got home at half seven, showered, shat and changed into his wannabe fire brigade boy outfit and headed to the 'kunren' training thing they had from 8am.  Poor guy. Not a good day to be pissed the night before.

It was a four year old boys's dream - noddy fire engine line up, an ambulance, and we even saw them testing all the pumps.
We ended up moving to just above the very left of that spray and got a nice cool down. I don't get why half the town isn't there with their four year old boys. We were the only spectators. What a waste.

Then it was home for some pool time and to wait for daddy to get home...
I blew up the baby paddling pool as well and just about passed out. Got the three of them in for about two seconds so I could take this pic. Ryu wasn't very impressed - god he's white. And god I should have at least taken the dummy out. Didn't even realize.

When hub got back he took Shou to get MORE stag beetles. Shou now has about ten, a dead butterfly, some funny beetle with long antenna and two genetically engineered cicadas...

OK, so obviously using a precure figurine to compare sizes not as effective as cigarette box but still - this cicada was BIG - and fuckin noisy.

The afternoon passed as you would expect with three children under foot. I didn't get day four of the shred done and doing it now wouldn't be conducive to keeping three children and a husband asleep - what with there being lots of starjumps and all.

Or that could just be the first of many excuses. I hope not. My body isn't feeling like it has been run over like a bus anymore and I am not dreading doing the shredding tomorrow. Almost looking forward to it. Ok, so that could be a bit of an exaggeration :)

Time to fold some washing I think. The house is a complete bombsite but that can wait till tomorrow.



Oyomesan said...

The fire brigade praactice thing is amazing! It's amazing every 4 year old for miles around doesn't come and then they call it Fire Festival Day and make a thing of it!

Virtual Hugs coming your way on the news about your mum...everyone has to deal with it in their own way...and I can sort of see your Dad's view...and your's too...

world of sekimachihato said...

i really feel for you and what you are going through... hang in there and wish your mum a great trip to noosa.

i wonder if those huge "semi" in japan bite like nz ones. yup, they bite!
i was saving some from drowning in the swimming pool when i was a kid and the little f**ker stick his pointy tongue thingy into my blimmin hand! no matter how hard i shook he wouldn' come lose as well.
have a bit of a semi fobia now...
but gotta love the racket those japanese semi can make, boy they got some lungs on them. (i know know, it's the wings right. right?!)

Gaijin Wife said...

oyomesan - thanks for virtual hugs :) And I agree - kunimi should announce new fire festival day. Then if only we could get a differ and a concrete mixer down there too!

WOS - (I just put WOF by mistake :) - you're not in need in one of those are you?) - Thankyou. I hope mum has a great time in Noosa too. She is a bit worried that some of the girls will act differently and all she wants is normality. It's hard though. Some of them haven't seen her since all this shit started. Semi BITE? Fuck no. That doesn't seem fair. They're ugly, noisy, AND they bite. Thanks for warning me. New gaijinwife house rule - NO SEMI IN THE HOUSE.