Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Champers and Gin Squiffery

In the middle of a very drawn out toilet session with Marina. I am STOKED she will use the big toilet upstairs now and STOKED that she tells me that she needs to go before bed but I am not stoked that it takes five times over the course of half an hour. As it happens she will probably be out of her night time nappy before Shou. What a difference it will make only having one child left in nappies. Praise the fuckin lord.

So, to explain about poppochan, who was quite surprisingly well and sprightly this morning after last nights squiffery of beer, champers, gin and vodka. The photo - the chunder was indeed chunder. One year old baby chunder. Poppochan just happened to be on the floor near by when it happened at dinner time. I had nothing to do with it. I just took the photo. Illahee forced me to do it and then held a loaded gin bottle to my head as I posted it at 8:19pm last night - at which time we had SIX of SIX small children in bed ASLEEP and were on our hmmmmm, only second drink. Very tame and perhaps surprising to those of you who thought we might be pissed and letting the kids fix their own dinner by five.

There were no afternoon naps, hence the excellent bed times. It was a fun afternoon. I picked Marina and Shou up after lunch and then we came home and, holy shit I never thought I'd write this, spent a whole hour doing puzzles. Oh. My. God. I think I'm still in disbelief that this kind of thing is even possible with a four and nearly three year old.

Illahee and her trio of well behaved and adorable children arrived around two and Jo not long after with her two older ones. Pool time, sliding into the pool time, sliding into the pool with legs in the air time, putting kabotomushi in the pool time, rah rah.

Jo left and we got the kids an early dinner of Costcos pizza (yum) and Illahee's homemade lasagna (double yum - and triple yum as had leftovers for dinner tonight!). Somehow I think we then managed to get all troops through the bath and into pajamas.

Hub was home in time to help with bed and then to help with champers and then gin. We didn't get too annihilated I must admit. I didn't even cry - and gin usually makes me do that. Thank god Illahee didn't stop at Rachels on the way and get the bourbon that was on offer as bourbon really fucks me sideways and makes me do stupid things like pushing friends round the supermarket carpark in trollies. Obviously lack of trolly and lack of supermarket carpark would mean I would be forced to be more imaginative had bourbon been being consumed.

Fortunately Illahee took the half bottle of leftover gin and almost full bottle of vodka home with her or else I would have been in rehab by Sunday. God forbid, or perhaps even Friday afternoon.

I didn't get the best nights sleep with several little feet in my face at different stages of the night and in different beds. Marina was the culprit mainly. Ryu wasn't too fussed that he was sleeping in Shou's bed. At my 5:30am wakeup I was expecting to feel a bit more delicate than I was. Surprisingly though all as good in the land of gin induced hangovers and I was able to rally through the breakfast lark. Decided to get my two out of the equation though and packed them off to kinder. Illahee and I drank coffee and gassed all morning and then she packed her tired three into the car for the long drive home.

Guests gone, house tidy and I had one of two options. Nap with Ryu or Shred. And guess what. I chose to Shred. Excellent signs of willpower there and putting self in good stead to actually get to 30 days. Today was only day 3 though and after food consumption horrors yesterday I am a bit scared of my Friday weighing but still - I did every single squat, lunge and press-ups (knees)  today and even managed the minute of bicycle ab crunches at the end. Go me. Dare say it, I am almost looking forward to doing it tomorrow!

English class over, dinner and bath and bed routine ditto and here we are, at the end of another day in la casa de gaijinwife.

I wish I had taken more than the poppochan chunder pic yesterday but I didn't. There was a great kodak moment when Illahee's three were all lined up in the bath but I draw the line at posting other people's kids naked.

English cancelled tomorrow due to obon dancing and taiko drumming. Granny K has to go to it and hub has to drum in it so nobody to babysit during English. Starts early as there are two different places in a row. Perhaps we will all get out to the first one. The Jury is still out. Will probably come down to how many mozzies are out and about.

Nearly the weekend - fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. That means eldest brother coming to stay and the house needs to be in much cleaner state than present. Have to do shit like clean the bloody windows - boring.

Nighty night



Rachel said...

Just be careful, because there is a supermarket, with trolleys, dangerously close to my house...

thefukases said...

Japanese size trolleys? Maybe after the shred, huh? ;P Costco trolleys now, they're almost built for two!

And six preschoolers in bed by 8? Three in a strange house? That's testament to your willpower and desire to get into the gin me thinks!

illahee said...

i'm really proud of you doing the shred. the way i was yesterday morning, i'm surprised i made it home! ;)