Thursday, 5 August 2010

Bangkok Hilton

You can't really tell but there are TEN grasshoppers in this bug box - the Bangkok Hilton for grasshoppers, which I guess means that makes the aneorexic one that escaped through the bars Nicole Kidman.

I'm a bit over all the bugs in the lounge. Think half of them might have to escape their way outside tomorrow while the kids are at kindy and the cat isn't looking.

The morning started with a phone call from the eldest son in the city. They are coming home for obon - they do every year. For the day anyway. They only live two hours away. This type of distance is day trip distance here - is only 75km after all.  This year they want to stay - with daughter and her hub and their toddler and baby. For the whole night. This has never happened before. I love having visitors but foreign visitors are so much less hassle.  When Illahee comes to stay I plan on dumping the futons and towels in her room and telling her to sort them out how she wants. She is going to bring some stuff to help with dinner - she has given me a list of choices and I have no reservations in telling her exactly what I want - the lasagna and the costcos pizza sounds good :D

But with family who have only stayed once in the last four years..... I know that once I have the house sorted then it will actually be OK. I get on with them fine it just annoys me a bit that I am the last one to know when I am in fact the person who has to sort out the most, clean the most, stress the most. I doubt very much that sister in law is even happy about having to stay - I imagine my niece is the same. It's not easy taking enough stuff for a baby and toddler and then have to squash everyone into two small side-by-side tatami rooms. I'm presuming my brother in law wants to get on the lash with hub - which means they have to stay because sister in law can't drive. Will be good for brotherly bonding though as hardly ever happens. Hope I'm not expected to sit and pour drinks.

Oh, and can I take the kids out of kinder on the Saturday so the toddler has a play friend when they arrive after lunch.

NOPE - not going to happen. Taking kids out of kinder not conducive to having house in state for guests. They'll have to be satisfied with hub picking the kids up at about four.

Hub took Shou to kinder and I took Marina, Ryu and the cat to the doctors - not the same one. Was quite successful I guess. No major meltdowns.  Marina got back to kinder in time for lunch and the cat was one happy camper being let out of her box when we got home.

Mummy guests this afternoon. One friend who I haven't see for ages asked if she could come round. I said sure and then she turns up with a friend - who I know but still, thanks for telling me. Mi cassa su cassa and all that but hey, a bit of courtesy.

Got back from English tonight and all kids were up. Marina was getting changed after coughing herself sick again.  I think they are all asleep now - hope they stay that way cause I need a good nights sleep. Just need to down a small handful of drugs first. Headache - present and accounted for. Runny nose, sneezes and sore through - ditto. Not nice but should be cleared up by Tuesday Illahee :D And if' it's not I'll just keep my distance from your kids and when they are in bed, we can gossip and I can  throw shaker of gaijinwife sling across room, Tom Cruise in Cocktail style.


LOL. Yeah right.


Erin Jane said...

Hi there Gaijin Wife. Have squiffed (as you say) a few too many Asahi's tonight, right out the can (no glass for me) and thought I'd let you know I really enjoy reading your blog. Although I'm neither married, nor a mother, I still find it very comforting to check in to Gaijin Wife sometimes. Keep writing, your style is truly refreshing, international relations and all:)

Gaijin Wife said...

Thanks Erin :D And I squiff straight from the can - it's only the 650 ml bottles I feel the need to pour into a glass. That or put bottle in brown paper bag!!

ローラ said...

Oh great grasshoppers. Lol. Did Shou want them? It seems he's in a bug-loving stage. ;)

I kill these big black crickets several times a week in our apartment. I'm sure the hoppers make lots of noise?

Good luck with all of the relatives coming over! That's sounds like a huge ball of hassle, especially with a toddler and baby too.

illahee said...

should i bring the already cooked pizza, or the refrigerated one? :D

thefukases said...

Good luck with the rellie invasion, pnly bright spot in K having no obon holiday this year- I pulled the plug on rellie visits.

And I am thinking Shou needs a special delivery of suzumushi. You haven't had bugs in the house until you've had them- noisy 24/7 AND they eat each other. Fabulous.

Oyomesan said...

My kitten Popo has just caught a gras hopper - 4th this week - and he'd like to bring it over and play with the others too! Is that ok?
Massacre at the Bangkok Hilton...i'm thinking Midnight Express...

anchan said...

I sympathize on the bugs front - our genkan is full of huge boxes containing kuwagata (10+) and kabutomushi (60+), all of which were bred from last season! We also have bug boxes containing kamakiri (they freak me out), and zarigani in tanks. Thismorning we found that the largest zarigani had escaped and was found curled up in J's shoe!