Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Back to Life

The ancestors got escorted back to the grave yesterday after hub got home from work. Ryu now has his room back to himself and for the first time in four nights had an uninterrupted sleep. Now that he is more mobile he will stand up after I put him down the first time. Had to rock him to sleep but if he is tired anyway, and then I clean his ears (he loves it) then he usually drops off in a couple of minutes. This is good news for the plane trip and our trip home. I never thought I'd live to see the day when I am glad that I can rock my baby to sleep. Up until now it was a definite no go. Plane trip followed by three different motels and being able to rock him to sleep will help I think.

Of course I could just ask dad to write a prescription for horse tranquilizers and work out a toddler dose for those.

But I'm trying. Trying to turn over a new mummy leaf and be all bloody positive and rays of sunshine. I even thought very briefly yesterday that perhaps I would start an 'art hour' after they get home from kinder - or half an hour - where we sit down and do something that I have actually organized - as opposed to just throwing them some crayons and bits of paper.  This would mean I could push dinner back to six and their bed time to half seven or eight. Marina is going through a period of getting up at half four. Shou did it at the same age. Marina's isn't as bad as Shou though because she is quiet. Yesterday she didn't even wake hub and I up - just snuck on past our room, down the stairs, and into Granny K's room :D That's a good girl.

Managed to turn the house round after the fiasco that was Obon. Futons got put away, blankets put into vacuum air sucked bags and stored rah rah. Got a good hours sleep with Ryu - bliss. Or rather, at the same time as Ryu but in my own bed.

Did level 2 of the Shred - arrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh. I think I was feeling guilty from not being able to do it on Sunday. Was punishing myself. And punishment it was. Shit woman. It's  OK for you, you spend half the workout walking round talking and not doing the exercises. The other two girls don't even break a sweat and here I am in a puddle of sweaty yoga matt stickiness. Heinous. But very satisfying. Dare I say it but I think I might be starting to crave that post workout genki skinny feeling of elation.

Did it again this morning. I am not sore in any particular part of my body. There is a general 'I've done exercise' haze of throbby soreness throughout but nothing in particular. This means that the first level has done it's job. This means that I am building muscle. This means that there is no weight loss yet because I am building extremely heavy muscle. This means that one day soon I am going to look in the mirror and realize I have gone straight from flummy to Madonna.

I'm going to have to stop myself at fabulous first and calm down a bit.

But that is a wee way away yet.

Oh, and in other very exciting news. Shou has gone two nights in a row without a night nappy. Praise the lord. Long may it last.

Spoke to mum yesterday. She started round two of chemo yesterday and had gone down for an appointment at the oncology unit first. Everything is going 'as you would expect' - but on the good end. As in, for a 60 year old with her prognosis she is doing on the better end. No doubt due to the good state of her health before this all started. I still really don't get concrete answers although apparently my dad told my brother that if mum can last two years then she will be in that small portion of people (her age and with her prognosis) who can last up to five years. I'm not quite sure what this means and how it is meant to make us feel but! Really it means that their is a bigger statistical chance that she wont last two years?

Anyhoo, Time to sort the house out for today, get something ready for English this afternoon.



illahee said...

fingers crossed that your mum's treatment goes well and isn't too hard on her!

thefukases said...

art hour *after* a full day of kinder? @_@ You're super woman! Mine have to play outside until dinner in a vain effort to preserve the clean(er) state of the house a little longer.

this shred sounds full on. May have to break down and buy another exercise video....

Erin Jane said...

Hey Gaijin Wife. Thanks for your comment. Positive vibrations are being sent to your mum from Himeji:)

Gaijin Wife said...

Heather - I know, it was a bit ambitious. Probably why it was only a brief thought :D