Saturday, 10 July 2010

Yum yum.

I'm not sure if it's the hangover and just because feeling bit faint after spending the last hour weed eating Granny K's veggie patch - but I am feeling rather delicate. So delicate I could probably scoff down three mince pies, four cheeseburgers and ten packets of twisties. Ouch. Don't laugh. It hurts my head just thinking about it.

I went on shopping expedition for tacos supplies yesterday and what a waste of time that was. Not a taco in sight. I could have sworn that supermarket used to sell them. So not impressed. Decided on lasagna instead only to find the bloody shop didn't have lasagna sheets either. Made it anyway and just did layers of twisty pasta instead. yum yum cheesy goodness, yum yum garlic bread, yum yum salad, yum yum chips and guacamole.

yum yum beer

yum yum chuhai

yum yum sav

and the next thing I know it's 5 am, guests have gone home and I have invented new yoga position on couch with jeans, undies and bra still on. Obviously took my top off and decided had exerted enough energy for time being.

Quite squiffed I was. Hope i wasn't complete lunatic guests. Only two of them and one was driving so only me and one friend drinking. Hub went to sleep after putting Shou to bed at 9.

Hub got the kids breakfast this morning - good man. I had a 'lie in' till half six and then sashayed down the stairs in red silk dressing gown with dragon on the back - to cries of 'kawaii' from Marina and hip grinding from hub. I was still a bit pished and actually in fine form all through the getting dressed lark and taking kids to kindy. Had a great talk to the teachers and even showed them a couple of my latest kick boxing moves.

Now it's nearly 10am and I'm feeling not quite so flash and in desperate need of a mince pie. If maccas wasn't so far away I would go but as is I think I'm probably still over the limit and may well be for the next three days.

After taking the kids to kinder I was giving Ryu his milk before his morning nap and Ganny K asked if i would mind starting the weed eater up for her cause she needed to deal to the weeds in the veggie patch - which is tanbo size (very large). Now it would be a close call as to who/which is tallest - Granny K or the weed eater, so I, big strapping foreign lass that I am, offered to do it for her. An hour, ten fricken million grasshoppers, two frogs and a spider later and it is done and I have a halo glowing over head, albeit probably a bit lopsided and smelling like a brewery.

Right, I'm going back to bed for twenty minutes before Ryu probably wakes up.

Oh, and had lovely dinner and chats - friend who is leaving brought round huge stash of books and  'the Bollywood Dance Workout' - which I am going to try this afternoon, just as soon as I can grind my hips round the lounge without wanting to hurl.

Nighty night.



anchan said...

hahaha, sounds like a great night :-)
How funny, I dusted off my Bollywood Dance Workout DVD yesterday (first time in 2 years?!), got through 20 mins with M hanging on to my legs... neck is rather sore this morning from doing 'spine whips'... be warned!

Gina said...

If you ever need any taco supplies when I head to Guam or anything, feel free to let me know. I could always send a care package. I do make pretty good care packages if I don't say so myself. ; )

The food sounds yumm though.

The Bollywood workout sounds like fun. When I see that Zumba informercial, watching that always makes me wanna buy it. lol.

Gaijin Wife said...

spine whips - sound lethal. I have been warned :)

Gina - sorry you're having trouble posting. I'll try and tweak my comments. Not really sure how but. The same thing used to happen when I opened a couple of blogs - they would open about about fifty windows at once. hmmmmm, maybe it's time I retired from blogspot.

Adam W said...

You should try my diet. Work, coffee, and not eating. Works wonders.

The caffeine is a bitch, though. Still awake and I have to be at work at 4:30.

Lulu said...

Do you mean the powder and taco sauce or the actual taco shells?? I buy the burito bread here at my supermarket but usually have to go the foreign food shop for the spices and sauce. Can send you some though! Sometimes I do taco rice instead...

Sounds yummy what you did have though. You can`t go wrong with cheesy goodness.

You sound as if you are a little "precious" today- hope the hangover disappears quickly!

Gaijin Wife said...

lulu - the taco shells. Am sure the supermarket used to sell the packs. Perhaps is supermarket in other direction. Am going to bigger town on Wednesday so will try their supermarket. I tried to find the burrito wraps instead and no go. God living in inane is a bitch.

Thanks for the offer of sending though, and the offer of a guam care package Gina :) I'm sure I'll be over the taco craving soon.

Adam - you don't need to lose any weight. Go eat something boy and stop hogging all the skinny vibes. Send them over here.

Corinne said...

Hmmm sounds like a good night, although minus the hangover would have been perfect. Let me know how the bollywood dancing goes for you, although I'd probably end up pressing pause and going out to get an indian curry and some nan if I tried.

sassymoo said...

C and I both swear to a snickers bar and a bottle of aquarius as hangover prevention. Give it a try next time, if you`re not to squiffed to remember. Sounds like an awesome night though! Good luck with the bollywood dance workout. I would pay good money for a video of you doing it posted on your blog or facebook..... I`m laughing just thinking of you doing it hungover....

thefukases said...

B-B-B-B berocca baby!

And your spur of the moment menu change was amazing. I need at leat two days of tantrumming and yelling at stupid country supermarkets and their bloody dicontinuing stuff crap before I get a better idea!