Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Warts & All

About the same time the cat arrived Shou got these little bumps on his hand. They spread and he got more and now he has about fifteen on each hand and some on his elbow. My first thought was flees but then we got the cat some drugs for that, she got an injection and nobody else has them. My second thought was warts and started Dr. googling that yesterday.

When I went to pick Shou up yesterday the teachers TOLD ME it was warts and that Shou was not allowed in the pool with the other kids until they were gone, which basically means to get them checked out asap as too bloody hot to not be allowed in the pool.

Ryu also needed more drugs for his smokers cough which is about 80 percent better but unfortunately it's that last 20 percent that Granny and hub give me assholes about. SO, I had to venture to two different clinics with my two boys. The dermatology clinic opens at nine but I presumed that, like most of the clinics and hospitals in our area, that it would open up at half eight for people to sign up. The place has a booking system and seeing as I hadn't booked I wanted to get there first up to gaijin fat ass my way in front of the vestlings getting there veins checked or whatever.

Fuckin place doesn't open it's doors until two minutes to nine. Shite, bugger fuck. I have just driven an hour and have a tired, as cranky as possible with Ryu, baby and a restless four year old. I had told myself  trying to get to two clinics AND getting Shou back to kindy in time for lunch (half eleven) was going to require some duct tape, a swiss army knife and perhaps even McGyver himself - tank-top and all.

The doors open, I am forth in and my ticket says 9:15. Fuckin unbelievable. Shou wasn't too excited about seeing the doctor as he thought he was getting an injection - thanks to the teachers at his kindy telling him that warts required a needle to pop them to drain them and then getting covered in goo to dry them up. Fortunately our exam room had a swivel chair - provided a good eight minutes of entertainment for Ryu and Shou while waiting for vesting doctor to come in with his humungous magnifying glass to check out Shou's thingies.

Which, by the way, are not warts, but from spending too much time looking for crabs, insects and frogs in the paddies and surrounding water runoff drains and long grass. No needles. He got two types of cream and off we went. Painless. For him and for me.

Next stop - Ryu's doctor. Would you know that the place is practically empty. Unheard of. It would appear that the gods of Japanese clinics was smiling on us this morning. Got Ryu's meddy, made a wee stop at the toy shop to get Shou a small 'something' for being so good and then home James.

Rocked up to kindy at 11:15, only to hear the teachers say that Marina had a temperature of 38.0 and could I please take her home. For fucks sake. I had to drop one kid off and pick the other up. Home we went where Marina's temp dropped to 37.5 in space of two minutes and after her nap was almost back to normal. Me thinks waking up at half past fuckin four this morning pushed her over the temperature edge.

Anyway, her and Ryu get fed and put down for a nap where they both sleep for TWO whole hours. Nice. I got to finish Mum's DVD and burn it. Yay - going in the post tomorrow. The kindy rings up at 1pm (seriously they must have me on speed dial) to say the SHOU now has a temperature. They KNOW I teach on Wednesday, and that really, unless one of my children is vomiting blood or limping because they lost a limb, I don't want to hear about it.  It is nap time and so I ask if possibly they could put Shou down for a nap and then ring me IF his temperature went higher.

I cancelled my English class just in bloody case as Granny K not going to agree to look after three kids for an hour - fair enough.

True to form the kindy rings again at 4pm - seriously like only an hour before home time anyway. Shou still has a temperature. It has dropped to 37.8 and he is eating his afternoon tea like a starved madman and seems perfectly fine but can you please come and pick him up early.

I swear the teachers must have some kind of kitty (stash of money for winnings) during the the summer holidays (started today) for the teacher who can get the most kids home early over a given number of days. Shou only has three kids in his class so the teacher obviously has to be a better story teller. OR, I'm just the world's worst mum and I should be running to the kindy with lozengers and a hot water bottle to collect my child.

I picked him at at 4 and we came home and they were all good while I made dinner. Hub was home at 6pm which was nice and everyone is now in peaceful slumber.

Perhaps I should head that way myself.



ローラ said...

That must have been scary for Shou going to the doctors for his "warts". Stupid teachers scaring the shit out of him. But I'm glad they weren't, and the solution was pretty simple!

I had a wart once on my toe when I was younger. The doc was a total prick, and showed no sympathy for me, when he went to FILE down the bugger a little and then put acid-stuff on it. Not a good experience. Lol. Gross.

It seems like the people at the kindy and you should be on a first-name basis, since you all have to deal with each other so much!

Adam W said...

Do they run around shoving thermometers down the kids' throats? Seriously? I never got sent home unless it was in an ambulance. (which happened twice. haha)

Oyomesan said...

Yes, I'm wondering that too - how do they have time to do anything if they are taking the temperatures all the time?
The kid says: "Atsui"...the teacher rushes for the wonder there is a generation of easily-sick kids growing here...don't kids temps go up and down in a day anyway?

thefukases said...

yup. Japan the land of the rising temperature! Gotta love the teacher wielding a thermometer taking potshots at kids and their poor mummies!! I get more annoyed at the kids who are snotty little monsters but don't get sent home just because they are under the magic number on the thermometer!

Great news it wasn't the warts (mizu-ibo, right?) that is a long and arduous journey to recovery!

Gaijin Wife said...

Laura - the teachers call me Katy but not sure how they would react if I rocked up going hey Kyoko, hey Junko. Actually I have no idea what their first names are :)

Adam - yes, I think they do. Presuming each teacher gets issued with thermometer when they start working. I looked at Shou's notebook and it had FOUR times in the space of two hours that they had taken his temperature!! What on earth did you do to get to go home in an ambulance??

Oyomesan - yes, kids temperatures go all over the show and I have had a couple of doctors tell me that quite often a 37.5 temperature in a baby or child is equivalent to a 36.5 temp in an adult. They are just hotter - all that heat from their brain learning so much, and no doubt cause they wake up so fricken early and get tired faster.

Heather - happy birthday. Hope you get some TLC.

Corinne said...

I think the teachers have some inbuilt device in their brains that can sense when temps go up by half a degree. I sooo fib every morning when I write down Ash's temp now. I believe it was 36.3 this morning, but who knows.

Glad Shou doesn't have warts!

Fifi Kida said...

Poor Shou. And Marina. And Ryu, And you.

Its funny that they send them home for things like that... The kindy I work at never do... but then again they have a resident nurse when the kids are there so maybe thats why... But they do get sent home if they are actually "sick" ... sometimes.

I think you should lay the smackdown on Junko-sensei, or whatever her name is. Its not cricket... Just make up some story like "half gaijin kids are hotter and therefore don't send him home unless hes almost decapitated himself." or something. Japanese kids just don't seem to get as hot though, actually. They don't sweat nearly as much, and don't seem to be affected as badly by the summer...

Anyways I hope this woman does not win the money... :D She probably just wanted the afternoon off to go and do tequila shots or something..