Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Trying to get it on

Warning - Gaijinwife pic to follow. Not doing bollywood or anything exciting, just boring family pic but if you don't want to see it stop reading. I know what it's like. You read a blog and get an image of that person in your head - that no doubt doesn't match the real thing. Nevermind. You have been warned.

As inevitably happens after a down in the dumps post, today was indeed a better day. It did start a bit out of the ordinary. Although, Marina waking up at 4:55am and coming into our room to wake us up and try and coax us downstairs isn't out of the ordinary, and neither is Shou coming in not much later to try and get Marina to jump on the bed and cause general havoc. Absolutely normal.

Hub trying to seduce me while I lean over him trying to shake a cockroach out of the curtains so I can spray the bastard though... heeeelllllooooooooo darling are you still dreaming?? We had the lights off in an attempt to fool the children into going back to sleep until 6am - or at least lie still for Christ's sake. Shou pipes up that he can see a cockroach on the ceiling - which is my worst fuckin nightmare cause the roaches in Japan, as well as being genetically engineered and extremely large, can also fly. Straight into your face if they start up high enough. Shou has of late been into sharing extended versions of tales. Like the snake that was in his bed that magically disappeared when I started looking for it - it jumped out the window according to Shou. So, kind of like the boy that cried wolf I didn't believe the cockroach story.

Yeah, yeah, whatever son, back to sleep with you.

And then I saw it. Creeping down from the ceiling along the top of the wall. I got the spray from on top of the wardrobe and went to battle. I lean over hub. I am not wearing a black lacy bra and crotchless undie set. I am wearing PJs - long cotton PJs. Hub claims that he groped my boob and then tried to give me a wedgie (which is what it felt like but he thinks he was seductively trying to lightly butterfly touch my fanny through my PJs) because 'he thought' I was giving him signals by brushing my boob over his superchinichin - which I might add never happened cause what he thought was my boob was in fact my flummy and by no intention of mine was it swaying seductively over his bits.

So anyway, I batt him off and in doing so lose my moment to get the roach, which goes down behind the bed. Half an hour later, the kids are in Granny K's room, Ryu is still asleep and I sashay upstairs to where hub is, thinking we might start the day with a quickie which hasn't happened for bloody years. After all, really only need a three minute window of opportunity. The moment has passed though and he says tonight my princess tonight.

OK, so all he really says is 'konya yaro' (let's shag tonight), but a girl can dream can't she?

Tonight hub was home early - as in unheard of at half six. The bath and bed thing was all good. We even get Granny K to take a photo of the five of us - the first time ever...

Not so good and extremely grainy but I imagine it will be one of those pics that the kids will all want a copy of when they get older - the only one of all of us kind of thing.  I had taken a couple of pics of just the three kids before this...

So Ryu and Marina are asleep and I have had a talk to Shou (AGAIN) about the pros of going to sleep on is own - like the fact that he will get to sleep in a bunk bed with Marina just as soon as he doesn't need mummy or daddy patting his back and lying with him. He said he would sleep by himself so I leave the door open and go to go downstairs - and when I pass our room hub is lying there. He sees me and 'invites' me over - he actually uses his arms instead of just gyrating his hips. Can't resist the offer of some snuggles so I relent. He is all for it but I insist that Shou will be out of bed and into our room in ten seconds and not even hub can finish an international relations meeting that fast. And whadda you know - Shou comes in. Is well pleased to see mummy and daddy a bit entwined and promptly asks to sleep in the middle and even comments that our feet are still touching!!

So anyway, that was the not quite shaggadelic proceedings today. The day is not over though! I can tell you, there was definitely more international relations meetings going on during my horny housewife days.

Thank you all for the comments yesterday and ideas for mum. I took Ryu to the doctors today and seeing as was all the way over in the big smoke decided to get a birthday prezzie for a friend, a prezzie for a friend who has just had a baby and mum's thing. I had decided that an electronic photo frame would be good but they didn't have battery operated ones so I got  digital photo book (one you do yourself) and a card that you can record onto so I can get Marina and Shou and Ryu screaming 'hey granny, get better soon, we love you' or something similar!! I having been looking at DVDs too - thank you so much for the ideas. Has been great. I remembered she had bought herself a couple of audio books for the last chemo treatment so I got her some fab bling ear phones and need to get a couple of audio books to go with it.

And in other fun news - I took the rice to the rice ATM today. So, for my friend who has always wanted to know what this was....

These are little buildings that stand alone in the middle of nowhere. You take your bag of rice - between 10 and 30kg (husked - as in straight off the harvester) and...
pour the bag of rice into the right hand side
put 200 yen in and push the button (we get normal rice but you can get really white or only 70% de-husked). The machine starts whirling and spits the ready rice out on the right...
you push a pedal with your foot and it the shoot opens so the rice can fall out into your rice bag.
and then you have to sweep up the rice that didn't make it into the bag cause you were too busy trying to take bloody pics.

And that is rice dehusking 101.

Right, off to bed.

Wink wink, nudge nudge.



Sara said...

Awwww I like the family pic and the kids pics!!! You guys like lovely!! Shou was being a very good big brother in the pictures.. very sweet!

Thanks for the rice dehusking lesson.. as the rice princess I should be well versed in such things but in reality I have never been inside of of those little huts!! Very informative ;)

Adam W said...

I swear to Jesus Christ, these Japanese bugs are seriously making me reconsider studying in Japan. One blogger I know had a fucking CENTIPEDE (a mukade in nihongo?) in his house. Oh, hell no. I cannot do long, wriggly things... Unless they're in pants and attached to a body. ;)

Hope you get laid tonight! I have to wait six months and a 800 dollar plane fide for that... Bastard.

Fifi Kida said...

Awwwww!!! I also love the family pic!! Marina really looks like you eh?

Although you are right about "spoiling" things! I imagined your husband to be much different, although I don't really know how?

But all the lovely sex sounds nice :D

Oyomesan said...

LOVE the pic!
Hub is even wearing a Y-shirt like a real J-man and you and the kids look great!
Yes, you must must must get lots of pix of you and hub because later on the kids will want these pix and will be disappointed that there are so few...I actually only have about 8 decent pictures of my mother with me as a child - because I lived with her and step-father and did boring things like normal life and school...but all the holiday photographs are with my dad and step-mum. And my single-parent mum friend in the Uk hardly has ANY pictures of herself...all her pictures are of her son!

PS. and love the bug/bed/boob/shagging story...your writing reminds me of Bill Bryson's...very laugh-out-loud!

ローラ said...

I remember the first time I tagged along when my PIL went to "go do the rice". I liked the one we'd always go to because it had a row of drink machines next to it. :)

Your hub is sooo....romantic? No not the right word.

Frisky. :)

Wish TK wouldn't work such crap hours - I'm ready to fling myself at him when he gets through the door, but by then he's usually a zombie. :/

And I killed something the other day that looked suspiciously like a young cockroach. So I HOPE it's not. But good luck with the flying ones! Oh my god. :(

thefukases said...

Glad to hear you're feeing up again. And the pictures are gorgeous. It's not you that surprises me in pictures but your husband! I always think of him as a rockabilly, pompadoured guy with a wink and a come on baby smile. He looks so normal! Complete with coolbiz short sleeve Yshirt. Gonna make me wonder about all the straight looking guys at town hall next time I'm down there.... ;P

Does your machine let you keep the nuka or is it all collected up? Big drama here when they changed from take your nuka home type to we keep it all type- how are we going to make pickles???

Gaijin Wife said...

Sara - I agree, as the rice princess is important to be knowledgeable in area of rice :)

Adam - thanks, yes I did. Bummer having to wait 6 months. It will be worth it when you get it then aye.

Fifi - lovely sex is nice. I thought hub had made an appearance on here before... hmmmmm.

oyomesan - Y-shirts all the way. It is a struggle getting him to wear anything with a pattern, although he does own a few check/gingham type ones - even a pink one that sees the light of day about once a month. He refuses to wear singlets under them (only t-shirts) as the runner singlets are what the old guys wear apparently ... ???

Laura - hmmmm, romantic I agree is perhaps not exactly the right word. Frisky also to me has connotations of being a tad more something than what hub was yesterday morning!!

Heather - he does look as straight as they come. So be aware and be scared. All those straight guys at the office are really sneaking out to pachinko on the sly or staying at home trying to seduce their wives at 6am in the morning in room full of small children and cockroaches.

Anonymous said...

Morning GW

Love the pics especially the family photo. Make sure that one is included in those you give your Mum, she'll love it.

Making bookings for trip to Tokyo - AUD$1,650+ for return ticket! Groan.

Hugs to you and your Mum. Not long now before you see her,

Meanwhile happy shagging.

Cheers Margaret M

siti the twins said...

you really think your family is boring? well,i think not. you have a very beautiful kids.unlike mine...,my mom and dad were divorced. and me and all my sibling live with my mother. you should keep that pic.oh yeah,this is the 1st time i saw a rice machine in Japan!! in my country there no kind of machine like that.