Thursday, 22 July 2010

Thermometer Nazis

The teachers continued to be thermometer nazis today and I swear each teacher gets issued with their own engraved thermometer upon enrollment.

Both Shou and Marina were OK (in my opinion) to be offloaded to paid child care for the day. Shou had no temperature and while Marina had a low temp of 37.2, it wasn't enough to warrant me keeping her home. When I dropped them off I admitted that Marina had a slight temperature (they take their temperatures before 9am so would have realized anyway) and said that IF it got higher I would take her home with me after my English less on there - finishing at half ten.

Finished the lesson and Marina was in fine spirits so I didn't say anything and neither did her teacher. I left.

At half three the phone rings and whadda ya know Marina has a temperature. 38.4 so a bit higher. The teacher made a comment about how she thought I was going to take Marina home with me at half ten and then I didn't  and well now her temp is higher. Fuck off and stick that thermometer up your bumholeyole. I know what I said. I have learnt to not doubt my Japanese anymore. I said it right. You understood.  They KNOW I teach English on Thursday afternoons - I pick the kids up at half five and they are usually the last kids there. This happens every Tuesday and Thursday.

As it happened, we are in school holidays and my Thursday girls have opted for no English over the holidays. But the kinder teachers wouldn't have been passed on this information so fast - surely. I wonder if they ring the 'full time mothers' as much as they ring me - a SAHM, whose fairly busy with other shit but obviously spending most of day faffing round waiting to pick kids up from kinder.

Anyway, I tell the teacher I will be there to pick the two of them up as soon as I can - to which she answers that Shou is fine and it's only Marina - to which I say, soooo, you want me to come pick Marina up and then in forty minutes come back and pick Shou up?? Hellllooooo.

I say I will be there as soon as I can and then I hang up.

I proceed to make dinner and vacuum and go to pick the kids up forty minutes later. Both are running round screaming and wanting to hunt for crabs - albeit with Marina with a cold pad stuck to her forehead. She looks reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly sick.


She ate all her dinner. She told me to bugger off and called me a dickhead on at least twelve separate occasions. She swung the cat round her head.

By it's tail.

She is sooooooooooo fine.

She had some cough meddy before bed and I put a new gel pad on her forehead upon her insistence. She  went to sleep and hasn't woken up yet.

Ditto Shou, ditto Ryu, ditto the rest of us.

OK, so obviously I can type in my sleep.

Hub suggested, before heading upstairs, that I take Marina to the doctors tomorrow. Man, if the doctors was like a ten minute drive away I would be so OK with this but it isn't. It is a good three hour round trip. I'll see how hot she is when she wakes up.


I'm off to break into the kinder to steal all the thermometers.



thefukases said...

Ahhh sounds like your kids have a particularly Japanese form of the dreaded summer temperature- what? she's hot after running round like a Tassie devil in the 36 degree heat? I feel this requires a Japanese person to accompany her to the doctor- with a towel half tucked down her back of course. And a gel pack on her forehead, preferably an anpanman one.

Hope the rest of the holidays go more smoothly for you. Amazed how long your holidays are, actually. Amy gets one week of silly season summer kinder and it's obon anyway.

world of sekimachihato said...

a few of my friends in japan with kids have been telling me that their kids have a fever too. don't kids just get hot in this summer heat?
wonder if your kindy teachers have those fancy forehead thermometers which can zap and get the temp in a few seconds. if not they must spend half their paid time holding the blimmin thermometer under the kid's arms!

Heather said...

The thermometer craziness is insane! Surely they can tell a sick kid from happy running around kid without using a thermometer....
Body temperature changes throughout the day and according to activities and weather

maybe we need a Japanese translation of this...I support your thermometer theiving activities ;)

Midori said...

I have to say that I was SO relieved when I moved back her and discovered that the thermometer craziness is specific to Japan. I sent Joey to nursery/school on several occasions with a low grade temperature as here they tend to judge on the condition of the child so if he was running around being normal then they didn't expect me to keep him at home. (Which is sensible)