Monday, 26 July 2010

temp nazis back in action

So yesterday's misunderstanding led to a few beverages, led to a late night international relations meeting, led to a revelation...

I don't get completely starkers for shagging very often anymore. How sad! I found myself fully de-clothed last night and felt a bit naked - quite surprisingly. Back in the day I would ride the stallion naked, slither and wriggle and try and look all fantastic. Post marriage and more likely, post three babies, I find myself quite often de-panted but not de-topped. That said though, there would be more likelihood that I would be fully naked over hub (not me actually naked 'over' him - as opposed to  / compared to / in comparison to / instead of ?? OK you know what I mean) In winter however, I do have to draw the line at socks. No go.

And that's enough about my state of dress during shag session.

Very productive morning while Ryu slept - cleaned, hung out washing, got packages ready to take to post office and then found online typing game kind of like tetras that meant I probably spent more time doing that than I would have on facebook! I also did things like download SKYPE - finally AND buy digital camera from amazon.

I was planning on taking Ryu over to buy one at the shop but the kindy rang at half ten - Marina had a temp of 38.5 and could I come get here. Fuck it. Of course I can, she's my little angel but I HAVE to get this stuff in the post. So I leave Ryu with Granny K and go to pick Marina up via the post office - where I get the good woman, who knows that in order to get to NZ she needs to push the Oceania button first - but fuck she was being pedantic today. Lining the receipts up and putting my change on the little change tray in order of biggest to smallest coins. I bet she's the kind of person her folds the end of the toilet paper into a triangle every time she goes to the loo.

Twenty minutes later I arrive at the kinder and Marina is in the middle of lunch - fine by the way, chomping back her curry and rice with cool pads under her armpits and on her forehead. I take my 'sick' child home and  take her temperature (because I swear the teachers have thermometers that a set a degree higher) and low and behold it is only 37.5. After her almost non existent afternoon nap it is a bog standard 36.6.  And to prove how so not sick she was - she was being a complete bitch all afternoon and didn't listen to ONE WORD I said. Awesome. Can't wait till she cranks herself out of this stage because it is painful.

She packed an absolute mental when the grasshopper she was holding captive in her bug box escaped through the open door and promptly got eaten by the cat. Must say though that she has become expert,in one afternoon, at holding grasshoppers. I had to catch them - but that didn't involve touching them.

Speaking of the cat - the smart sneaky fucker. On three separate accounts this morning I would turn round and find her sitting inside looking at me. It was very freaky - especially as I checked all the downstairs doors and windows and they were shut. SO, acrobatic little feline must have been climbing up the screen door, onto the deck rafters, onto the roof and in through the very small open window by the wash basin upstairs - only window in house open without a screen door.

Oh, and newly purchased online digital camera should arrive by Thursday. Wahoo - I so went to get a pic of those stag beetles.

And I am so only half joking.

Nighty night.



selena said...

I hate the toilet paper folding thing. I know people think it looks neat and clean, but it's actually the opposite because they HAVEN'T yet WASHED THEIR HANDS. Touch the toilet paper as little as possible, please! Ew.

Danielle said...

Congrats on the new camera! A much needed addition to the family, I am sure.

To talk about th thermometer issue with the school. This coming from a person where I never had my temp officially took until coming to japan. As a teacher, we absolutely love it when a kids has any kind of random temperature. I know its summer and the temp will go up but one less kid to deal with is a blessing. Nothing against the kid or parent but it's nice to have a less number to look after. So from all selfish teachers out there, I am sorry!

anchan said...

Kindy should be offering you a rebate given the number of times they have sent your kids home 'sick'. Surely it should be enough to check the kids' temps once at the start of the day (if they must) and then again only if a kid is acting like they are sick, but it sounds as if they are doing it hourly. Grrrrr.

Rachel said...

Ha ha Danielle I agree, a few less kids off sick is always a bonus! Evil teachers.

I can't wait to meet your evil cat, too.

We are now going on Friday, as Amy has to GO TO SCHOOL for the next three days! Cos they are behind. Cos the stupid teacher spends all the lesson time disciplining the naughty kids. grrr.

Gaijin Wife said...

Rachel - that's great news. Friday best day this week as hub is now taking tomorrow off and Shou's jab, which I thought was tomorrow is in fact Thursday!! Friday free to get sunburnt at the beach.

verification word - ullyphus - which sounds like some form of greek STD.

Midori said...

Bleurgh. Do you actually still have to pay every time they send her home? As someone whose child is prone to slightly elevated body temperatures (but is fine otherwise!) I would have had a complete nightmare if we had stayed in Japan in the long term!!!

As for the nudity thing, I am definitely alot less comfortable with my body than I was pre-Joey. Although that could also be a throwback from Daisuke and his general lack of interest in me in that area. Despite losing so much weight and maintaining that loss I very rarely get completely naked but then I think part of that is also because of a fear of Joey bursting in randomly!!

Jdrama said...

Shivered at the 'folding the toilet paper' and then again at the 'holding the grasshopper' comments. :P

Generic Jen B said...

Haha! The toilet folding thing! Technically only the host (toilet owner) is supposed to fold, my Japanese manners book said that it would be rude to fold it if you're invited. Not sure why, maybe it would look like a comment about the standard of "house presentation"? Anyway, along the lines of Selena's comment, you'll be having what the host's having :-)