Thursday, 29 July 2010

Shred it

So I did my first day of The 30 Day Shred today - and I am completely knocked over. I was quietly thinking it wouldn't be so bad - after all. There are three levels so how hard could level one be?? I got through almost all of the 40 minutes of Billy and his Boot Camp - level 1, and to me the 30 Day Shred didn't 'sound' so bad.

Fuck me. I am SORE. Mainly in my legs - my thighs in particular. I will try and make it through again tomorrow but may well be in so much pain can't lift fingers to type to tell the tale. The good thing I think is the presenter - Julliane I think. There are no group hugs, it's all very real AND there is a lot of old school stuff so no new fancy moves to learn. The two other girls in the dvd aren't super skinny girls on speed. They are very normal - albeit quite tall. The 3 minutes of strengthening / two minutes of card / one minute of abs is good - it  gives you exact times and you know that if you get through the next two minutes of star-jumps you will be on the floor doing abs.

Anyway, enough about the Shred.

Shou had his jab today. I held off telling him like last time so when I went to pick him up he thought we were going home :( I felt bad but we had talk in the car and all and all he was really good - although he did scream when the needle went in. The girl before him didn't even whimper. Very impressed. The room, if at all possible, was filled with more lunatic four year old boys than last time. Turns out a lot of kids were sick last time and couldn't do it so had their first one today. Was craziness. Being a mother of three I was swaying more towards the 'supervise and step in if anybody is going to get hurt' category as opposed to a couple of the mothers who seriously looked gobsmacked at the behavior of a room full of boys. One boy even spent the WHOLE time waiting (40 minutes) on his mother's lap - which leads me to think she fed him sedatives for lunch.

Well, hub is watching an old school Bruce Lee film with lots of woos and yahoos and the like. Might go find me some vegemite and see if it feels like getting down with some butter on some toast. - just to de-shred myself after the first day.



Fifi Kida said...

Where did you find the Shred it thing? After you mentioned it yesterday I have been looking all over dr google ... but I cant find it in Japan... am I being an idiot again? did you watch it on youtube?!

well done to the wee one for his jag, it cant be easy for them :(

thefukases said...

Ahhh wait till it's the wonder sleeper Ryu's turn for jabs. I spent all Meg's cattle calls madly racing around after her apologising to everyone and all Amy's looking supercilious and serene with Amy looking cute and quiet on my lap.

The shred sounds rather hardcore- is it tougher than Billy?

Oyomesan said...


You are Shredding and I am Curving!

We're gonna be MORE beautiful than we are now....although of course we are doing it to be politically correct "healthier"....but slim and sexy would be a bonus!

illahee said...

i love jillian michaels, she's rather no-nonsense AND knows her shit. good luck with the shred!

Gaijin Wife said...

Fifi - I got the dvd off amazon Japan. Search for Jillian Michaels and it should come up.

Heather - YES, I think it's tougher than Billy - but it is over so much quicker which is the best part.

Oyomesan - cheers to shredding and curving. And fuck healthy I want slim and sexy god damn it.

Illahee - very no-nonsense. She's my new best friend.

world of sekimachihato said...

never heard of the "shred"; sounds crazy!!
i had big plans to do some ab exercises during my house-husband stint but have yet to start...
god i'm so not motivated, just constantly feel like having a vino.

Corrina said...

I love Jillian! Just wait until L2 when she says 'I want you to feel like you're going to DIE'. ;-)

Fifi Kida- I got mine through Amazon too and it was cheap, about 1400 I think.

All the best with it but go at it 'my pace' and don't be tempted to follow Natalie until you know you're ready (have you noticed when she cheats btw?! I guess it keeps it real!)
You've motivated me to get off my butt and get the Shred over and done with but L2 still scares me and it's been weeks... 0_0