Friday, 2 July 2010

Real Overtime

Today was extremely uneventful. Actually so was last night come to think of it. No beer, no nightly antics - bar Ryu waking up for half an hour at 2am and then awake awake at 5am.  He was back in bed at half six though and still asleep when I got back from walking kids to kinder at half eight. Sorry, usually call it kindy but my automatic spell check keeps turning it into kidney and I have to re-type it. Need to change settings.

Did extremely exciting house wifey (non-horny type) things in the morning and then Ryu and I went for walk up to High Tiger Boy's house (Takatora). He is one seriously amped kid. If Shou behaved like he did hub would have him in getting checked for ASD or ADSL as I always almost write.  High pitched yelping, jumping and laughing like a hyena all at the same time - according to his mum he was just happy to see Ryu - who is that little bit older than his little sister and therefor more of a 'playmate' - as in crawls - as in as fast as possible away from the disaster zone.  Not really a disaster zone so much as a get out of my face zone.  And mum wonders why her ten month old doesn't sleep during the day!!

Ryu and I both had nap after lunch and I woke up with dribble on the pillow thinking it must be about 4pm but was only just before two.  Got an email from hub not long after saying that he would be late because he seriously was doing overtime tonight. Christ, if there isn't more a suspicious mail than that. I plot my plan - ask Granny K to look after Marina and then I take Shou and Ryu after the dinner and bath lark.

It would appear that hub was in fact working. I see his car parked in front of the office though and i still don't feel 100% sure. He has told me before that his friend used to keep a fold up bike in the back of his car so he could park at work (for those times his wife came to check) and bike to pachinko - which is about 300 mtrs away from their office.  I know, I know. Don't even start. It's all just fuckin ridiculous.

So today was THE FIRST time I have gone to check-up on him and his car (and most probably him) have actually been at the office.  We ended up going to the vid shop to get construction vehicle  vid for Shou - and to give me an alibi to give Granny K and hub if any of the fifty people from Kunimi that work at his office saw us on our travels and told him - wouldn't surprise me. After all, another bloke who  is from Kunimi and who works in the same building as hub told him the other night that he should go home early as his wife had told him that I had mentioned (not to her but to one of the other ladies)  at the town check up for Ryu that the only thing I was concerned about was that hub wasn't home enough to help with the kids at night. God all bloody mighty.

Ah well. Gotta love living in rural Japan and being married to a lying sometimes pachinko loving Japanese man.

Or, being a Japanese man and being married to a suspicious foreign woman!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

I intend to spend it having sushi and otherwise trying to get fabulous by walking, having ten course meals of air and drinking loads of water.

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thefukases said...

Ahhh small town life- the good bit is you never have to tell anybody how you feel about them- just tell someone else and let the rumour mill do its job, hey?

Good luck for a healthy weekend!