Saturday, 31 July 2010


OH MY GOD - I have just walked to the toastie pie machine and back and NOT winced in pain.  Must be the beer I tell ya.

I did managed day three of the 30 day shred today. AND the third day in a row I have done the hour walk to kinder to drop the kids off.  As I was pushing play on the DVD player this morning I was thinking that there was no way I would be finishing it but may as well humor self be trying.  And I finished. Wahoo.

I am still in pain but I think it may not be as bad as the first day! Perhaps my body is figuring out how to move as to avoid such pain. I have a feeling I even walked down the stairs normally today - but then there was a delivery man waiting at the bottom of the stairs (not outside the door like in a normal country - he had opened the door as he called out 'parcel' ) so I really had to pull all my strengths together.

I read some great SHRED success stories. One woman lost 10kg in 30days. She was being good eating wise too though and that is my downfall.  Actually, eating fine. Drinking bad. Eating after Drinking - down the fuckin gurgler.

But enough about the Shred - if I don't lose weight at least I will have the leg muscles enough to kick the ass of my sorry hub next time he frequents the silver balls!!

I forgot to mention last night that we chopped Marina's hair...

who would have thought two year old girls could have double chins? I chopped about ten cm off the back and the fringe obviously - cause that was fucked up and chopped far too high but nevermind. Hub LOVED it!! He gave a few token chops and then just kept saying how cute she looked - and I admit she looks a lot more 'little girl' like than her mullet before. Granny K of course couldn't sit still knowing that Marina had had an at-home cut without her input. She got a few snips in.

This was on the way to kinder this morning. Save ourselves $50 by doing the home-job haircut!!

When I came back from picking the kids up from kinder granny K asked Marina what the teachers said about her hair. I said that they said it looked nice. She said that it would have looked a lot nicer if she had had scissor control from the start. Silly bitch. What NOT to say.

Oh, and the damn stag beetles...

Hub went out this morning and got ANOTHER ONE - thanks for that.

The one on the left is plastic and the one on the right - is the real man ignoring the pretend plastic.

And, just because we need cute baby pics...

This is Ryu doing the Macarena. And if you don't know what that is then you are too young.

Have just called hub and he is at the nijiikai (after party) in the next town over and the skanky hoe is dropping him off.

Time to sign off.



D. said...

Mmm...I know what is the macarena... Now I'm qualified to marry and procreate, I suppose.

Cute babies photo are always welcomed :)

Luisa said...

oooh so cute!! Marina`s hair looks great! true, she looks more `girly`..Alex has had a double chin since she was about 2 months old..

Good work with the shred, good that it`s short or I don`t think I would continue with it either.

(CBN- still got probs commenting under wordpress-my end or your end?)

Rachel said...

Erica has a double chin, which is actually an improvement over the 3 or 4 she had as a baby.

Can I ask why you didn't get granny K to do the hair? She might have some experience and know how to do it. I saw a place the other day offering 600yen kid haircuts, I'll be going there next for Amy and Lena. The lady round the corner cost 1500 but I like her for Erica cos she cut 1) through a full on tantrum and 2) with sticky lollies in the hair, and was completely unruffled both times. She's a champ!

Gaijin Wife said...

Rach - to be honest it didn't even occur to me to ask her as she has never professed to be a haircutter before - other than using clippers on her three sons and giving them marubozu.

Then after hub and I had done a reasonable job of it all she did was say how shit it was and proceed to get the scissors and lop two bits off the back.

And now its a matter of principle. She hasn't won any brownie points in the kids, scissors and hair cutting department :)

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Love Marina's new look. Well done on the haircutting job. I used to be a hairdresser about 20 yrs ago and cutting kids hair is no fun. James lets me cut his hair these days but there was a time a while back where he wouldn't let me near his mop and off we'd go to "choki choki" salon - 3600 yen a chop!!

Congrats on the 30 day shred. Had to look it up on Youtube and there is no way I could even think about doing stuff like that. Hope it gets a bit easier from now and that you begin to notice some results.

Lisa said...

I think I'm going to order the 30 Day Shred... I'm intrigued!