Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Not Losing Another One

Fuck it - I just lost out on a translation. 31 minutes too late. I have now just changed the settings on my gmail account so new mails get sent to my phone. I am not missing out on any more of the damn pie. I NEED some more fuckin pie.

Must calm down. Was only about 300 dollars worth but that would have been nearly two nights accommodation during trip home. Humph. It's hard, cause like most people in similar position (freelance translating with small children) I have to run the whole scenario in my head before I say yes to work. Needed to be in by Thursday afternoon. OK, that means x amount of pages during the day tomorrow while Ryu is sleeping, x amount tomorrow night after the kids are in bed and x amount on Thursday morning before I take Shou to get his vaccination. I go through it all, I think OK, I can handle that, and then I say yes. And then some slimy fucker snakes it. OK, so not that bad - especially as slimy fucker could be one of two friends who also get same emails and both need money just as much as me :) BUT, if it's anyone else then bugger right off.

Anyway, there will be more translations I know. I just need some NOW to make me feel better about getting us nearly 14 thousand dollars in debt for trip home in October. Seriously. That is how much it is going to cost for five of us on the plane (four seats), rent a cars and ten nights accommodation, not to mention food and miscellaneous shopping items - ahem.

But despite the last five minutes, today was very pleasant - not a word I use often I know. Ryu is like some crackhead on sleeping pills - either awake and laughing his head off or zonked in his pit. It was an early start to the day with Shou coming in at quarter to five, Marina not long after and us three down stairs and in the kitchen, collecting a now awake Ryu on the way, by ten to six. I shouldn't really say early as that implies earlier than usual when really this is standard these days.

The kids were eating vegemite on toast, fruit and yoghurt and I was snorting back coffee straight from the jar when hub rocked on down forty minutes later. I had a mini meltdown when Shou and Marina tried to pump up the bicycle wheels and got black hands - so then decided to use the hose to clean themselves off but other than that no fuss. We walked to kinder which was nice as last week I didn't walk once I don't think. Billy and his bloody boot camp are collecting dust and I need to resurrect them before they fall down unforgotten behind the Carebears and the Smurfs.

My friend and I were going to take our babies to the town weekly play group but it was out for the summer so we, plus another friend, who is chairwoman of said play group, congregated here - which meant mad cleaning rush before they turned up at half ten. They left at lunch, Ryu went back down for an afternoon nap and I joined him for an hour - nice.

Had a chat to my sister, had English, picked the kids up, did the dinner thing, did the bath thing - OK, so bit of meltdown during bath-time as I was, as you do when your husband is out on the lash or working overtime (hub is doing former tonight), putting all three kids in the bath at the same time. Shou was in the bath, as was Marina -who had just done crap in undies, thankfully not on tatami or genkan mat as pretty pink undies not going to contain wee/poo combination. Ryu was getting his clothes taken off him in the bathroom by a naked me when Shou poured a BUCKET of COLD water over my head.

Not cool son. Mummy will remember this until your are 54 - in which case she will be 84 and perhaps only just starting to forget such antics. That AND you aren't getting any pocket money until you are ten.

Ryu got cleaned and passed out to Granny K without 'warming up in the bath in the middle of summer' - which of course, according to THE oracle, means he will catch a cold. Fuck it. I have been to the doctors so many times over the last week what's another trip? Marina got out followed by Shou. Things calmed down a bit and all children were present, accounted for, and asleep by 8:20pm.

Hub is out drinking with his office and being brought home by the scandalous cheating skanky hoe from his office. I am having a chuhai and now, thanks to blog therapy, a little bit calmer about the translation that wasn't.

Tomorrow is Wednesday (just in case you were having trouble there) and hub said he was going to take the day off. But he also said something about next week so we could pawn the baby off to Granny K and go watch a movie - the new Angelina one that comes out here on Saturday. Haven't seen movie in over a year I don't think.

Oh, and camera got sent today so new pics coming to your screen soon.



Rachel said...

There have been times this summer when I've wanted a cold bucket of water over my head! His timing couldn't be worse, but I'm having a wee giggle at the picture in my head... sorry...

thefukases said...

gulp inducing amounts of money just to go and spend time trying not to strangle the rellies is definitely not my favourite part of living here. But I'd rather be wanting for the money now than wanting to have spent time with them later...

As to the craptastic bath experience- that is sertainly a calorie free chu-hai you're sucking back. That kind of cold water/ poop experience gives you free alcohol calorie pass I'm sure!

Lily said...

Heather just created the best word ever for parenting young kids...CRAPTASTIC!!! (awesome)
Indeed it sounds like a "craptastic bath experience" (too tired to be creative as I had my own craptastic day). Damn that is so the word of the year I am teaching it to my kids (beats the "shit" and "fuck" that more then occasionally slips out of their mouths)

Gaijin Wife said...

Heather - too true. The trip this time is not through choice so much as necessity and just need to suck it up and pay it back one English lesson at a time!

using your craptastic experience = calorie free beverage theory I do believe that all the alcohol I consume is there for completely calorie free and may in fact go so far as to say is good for me.

Lily - Craptastic would definitely work better here than fucksake :) Hope the rest of the week is craptastic free for both of us - bit if it isn't then just remember Heather says all the drink we have is calorie-free. Shhhhhhhh. It's a secret though. Don't wont everyone else to catch on.

Generic Jen B said...

Apparently when I was a toddler I used to crap in the bath. Every. Single. Time. Apparently my mum had a nervous breakdown and Dad did the whole "oh for god's sake woman" routine and scooped it out bare-handed. He was always so proud of that anecdote but as a woman, mother or not, I was always thinking "Cock. Do it once without fuss = hero, do it two hundred times without fuss then breakdown once = needs to pull together. Cock". I have noting but admiration for women with unhelpful husbands.

world of sekimachihato said...

i had great ideas about doing translations during this house-husband stint. god, i must have been mad to think i would have the time!
havin't even done the washing yet and it's now 2:30pm!
guess i houldn't be reading your blog right now but...