Saturday, 24 July 2010

No Sleep and Typhoons

Last night was pretty horrendous. Not because of hub - he came home fine from work and nothing else was said after the email. Happy families - he did however take Ryu's screw on to the dining table high chair and scrub it spotless AND clean the bathroom - all last night after I had gone to bed with a sick Marina at 8pm. I could hear him banging around and came half way down the stairs to see what racket it was that was going to wake two sleeping and one coughing child? I could tell from the sounds though that he was scrubbing the bath and I retreated.

Marina slept in our bed with me last night and she is the WORST sleeper in the history of two year old girl sleepers. My god father. I haven't slept in the same bed with her since those hospital visits in her first year - when she was still too little to turn a full 360 degrees ten times over during the night. She coughed herself to a vomit once - but didn't wake up. I caught it in time and she only got the floor but then proceeded to want to lie in it - which I caught in time and got her back into bed, with her head on the cold pack pillow. Her cough was so bad that I couldn't leave her on her own. She had a nose running a marathon as well and would wake up every hour for a tissue - god bless the toddlers that can blow their own nose. We are trying but to no avail. She just does the noise and moves her shoulders.

So all in all I got about as much sleep as a woman in labour - zilch. Marina got more as half the time her own coughing didn't wake her up. And it was HOT HOT bloody hot. And we have lost the remote for the aircon in our room so just had the fan on. God, I need to find that remote. Perhaps is in same place as camera battery that has mysteriously disappeared from the re-charger since yesterday. Ryu is for ever playing with it and the telephone down beside the couch so I got on all fours and tried to figure out where he would crawl off with it.

Marina seemed to be better today. Not good enough for kinder so Shou went off on his own. Hub and Granny K and the kids did some fireworks before bed. I was a part of the proceedings but got too bloody angry at the lack of safety (seriously, Shou was doing a sparkler about 10cm away from a bag full of bloody unlit fireworks). I got a few bloody ground rules instated and then had to retreat inside with a glass of wine as too bloody stressful. Everyone fine. All limbs accounted for.

Granny K was in the veggie patch today and came across a bee hive that had been made right down near the ground - about five cm up from the ground in a huge field of weeds. She just about chopped it in half which would have been nasty. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, why I am posting this is, is that according to Kunimi (and other parts??) folklore - when bees/wasps make their hives low to the ground it means a bad typhoon is coming. We haven't had a really bad typhoon for about ten years. We get them every year - about 15 but only a handful that warrant any real preparation - and perhaps only one or two a year the require hub to be on standby as part of the wannabe firebrigade at the town office.

Guess I'll be re-packing our emergency pack over the next couple of weeks. If I didn't and we got a bad typhoon that meant we had to evacuate (to the hall across the road) I would could never forge myself  if our pack wasn't kitted out. The bees told us so.



thefukases said...

Ooooh Marina is a bad sleeper, too? K and I have forbidden Amy for sleeping with anyone before she's married- one night in the same bed as her and they'll be running for the hills!

Here's to a peaceful and typhoon free Sunday for you!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Maybe it's a girl thing this terrible sleeping behaviour. Alexa is always coming into our bed and taking it over. Arms and legs flailing all over the place. Am fed up of being smacked in the face every night.

Fifi Kida said...

poor Marina :( I can understand this awful coughing running nose crap, because at the moment my wee one has EXACTLY the same thing. We took her to the docs and got some drugs, and the nose is much better but the cough is only marginally better... Lets hope for both our sakes it gets better soon (but more yours than mine.)

The doc said something about how its very common this time of year coz of all the hot going into cool air con places going back into hot etc. That does make sense.. he also said a combination of air con at 27 degrees PLUS a fan is the best thing you can do to prevent it. Personally I think its a virus. Whatever. Just lets hope is goes away soon.

Typhoons eh? I personally find them terribly exciting - but that is coming from a place which never gets hit by them. They always seem to be heading for Osaka but then divert at the last moment. Good idea packing that emergency pack.. hope a big one does not hit, and that you all stay safe and dry :D

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

Hope Marina is feeling better soon so you can get some sleep!

The big typhoon will inevitably come the day I go into labor...keep me posted on any weather patterns!

ローラ said...

Poor Marina! :( I she gets better soon.

That's an interesting folklore/superstition about the bees and typhoons. I'll have to ask Takeshi if he knows that one - but I'm sure that my obaasan probably would know more Japanese superstition than him!

Anonymous said...

Hubby said the same thing when I asked about the bee thing..better keep our eyes peeled.
Hope Marina (and you) get a better sleep tonight.