Wednesday, 28 July 2010

New Camera. Hmmmmmm.

Must admit I'm not a huge fan straight off of my aim and shoot Canon Power Shot. I was so used to my Nikkon that this will take some getting used to.

My first pics - of nothing in particular (seriously) as just trying to see if pressing the on button and then pressing the other button meant I had taken a picture - obviously didn't read the manual but fuck, it's a digital camera for retards. I should be able to sort it out.

the very very first shot. Batteries obviously charged. Everything works.
Coming down the stairs - in motion. Woooooo. My previous camera wouldn't have handled taking a movement shot this clearly. OK, so slightly impressed. Tis vacuum cleaner. VACUUM CLEANER. NOT big white snake.
Just waking up from nap in Shou's room where he slept for TWO HOURS - AFTER a THREE HOUR sleep this morning. Tis a wonder the boy can still sleep at night. He is either going through a mammoth growth spurt or he has turned into sleep meister and I will be pouring buckets of cold water over him when he is fifteen to make sure he gets out of bed in time for dinner.
Check out those eyelashes. That should be illegal.

Other than the new camera .... hmmmm.... 30 day shred??? anyone done it and skinnied themselves to tell the tale?

Both the kids managed to escape the temp nazis at kindy today and were, quite disbelievingly, well behaved when I went to pick them up, feed them, bath them and put them to bed! Actually hub was home in time to put Shou to bed and that went without drama - although I did have to promise to make Shou some pretend money for the ramen shop he is opening tomorrow, along side the kakigori shop, and also to put proper wheels (that go round) on the concrete mixer we made out of a milk carton, three yogurt pottles, a pair of chopsticks and a toilet roll this evening.

And that was about as exciting as the day got here today. Tomorrow should prove more eventful with Shou having his second Japanese encephalitis jab. Fun and games.

Right, off to search some more Auckland accommodation for trip home. Only there for three nights but we arrive early Monday morning - and, you know, what with having three small children and just coming off a 12 hour flight, preceded by 6 hours in transit and a 1 and a half hour flight from Japan, preceded by 3 hours in the car - and me thinks we need to be able to check straight in to motel and not faff round in trendy cafe having lattes waiting for standard 1pm checkin time.

So, the name of the game is, find a motel that will let us check in at 10am and NOT charge us for a whole night. Have sent screeds of emails. Just need one nice person to say they would love to send shuttle to pick us up at 10am. I can do this. Tis the last thing I need booked.

Off to it.



Fifi Kida said...

those eyelashes SHOULD be illegal (but Im glad they are not :D :D :D!)

He is truly just gorgeous.. making me feel broody...

On a side note (and at the risk of sounding like a psycho blogger) your house looks really nice... can you post some more photos? (Spot the housewife) ... and so clean! How do you do it with all the blogging and phototaking and that? Do you have a live in filipena maid or something that you have failed to mention?

I have no idea what that shred thing is but it sounds gory ... and good luck finding a nice hotel and pick-up service. I hope you get one soon - one less thing to worry about.

Jenn said...

Ryu is just so gorgeous! He's gonna be such a lady-killer when he's older :)

I've done the 30 day shred and am in the processes of doing it again. It's one hell of a work out. After the first day of the first level, it was a week until I could do it again! I find that I don't do enough cardio alone with the DVD for consistent weight loss. So I would recommend doing the 30 day shred every other day instead of every day, and a different cardio (Billy?) in between, or however you would want to schedule it out. 30 Day shred is FABULOUS for muscle tone though. You'll definitely see a lot of improvement in muscle strength and definition. From what I've experienced, I didn't see a whole lot of difference on the scales, but I saw results in loss of inches and the way my clothes fit.

achan said...

He's such a cutie, I'm sure anyone would die for those eyelashes!

I wanted to ask before and forgot, did you have any concerns in giving the Jap. en shots to your kids? My daughter missed it as they withdrew the vacc because of bad side effects, now the new one has been in use for over a year I don't know whether to get it or not. Enc is deadly so I am worried about not getting the jab but the jab itself is a worry. Anythoughts? I have 2 kids who need to get it soon or else I have to pay!!

world of sekimachihato said...

jabs in japan are slow (or maybe hong kong is super fast?!)
kou-chan just got his 2nd jabs last week and hes just turned 2 months...

wonder if a b&b in auckland would be better? just minus the breakfast on the first day.
then again the rooms are usually for 2 or 3 max. how do you guys sleep when you are away? all in one room or split out into 2 rooms?

thefukases said...

looove the eyelashes- straight Japanese type, yeah? Do all yours have straight eyelashes? My fair kid has straight ones and the more Japanese looking kid has big curly lashes. Really is a complete mixture when the genetics sort themselves out, hey?

And your house??? How can I use two kids and working as an excuse for breeding dust bunnies when your place looks that good? Shame on you for posting pictures like that!

Jo Tomooka said...

I did the 30 day shred for a bit, but then stopped after I pulled my calf muscle. My sister also did it and got really sore calf muscles...I am pretty much convinced that was the reason for my calf muscle tear. Just a warning! I have the DVD in the cupboard collecting dust if you want to try it....

Corinne said...

Wow, Ryu will make a great drag queen with those lashes, no falsies needed! Gorgeous!

Holy shit, I didn't even see the vauum snake until you pointed it out!

I have no idea what a 30 day shred is but it sounds very painful...

Corrina said...

Shred is great - love Jillian- but you'll need to add some extra cardio in there. Combining the Shred, the (squats, sit ups also) program and biking I'm finding I'm really toning up. Only lost 2 of the 5kg I want to lose so far, but am shredding cm. Hopefully can get my booty fitting better in my jeans by the time I go back to NZ!
If you have knee or back problems take care with the shred. (I wear sexy knee supports).

Adam W said...

Omg, I would murder myself on those stairs. Soooo steep!

Lulu said...

He wakes up so happy from his naps! I wish my bub had nice long naps like that- seriously lucky if his naps are more than 40 minutes lately.

Those eyelashes. Oh my! He is going to be a heartbreaker.

I am sure you will get used to the camera- my hubs camera is a canon and I don@t mind it (but I prefer my olympus') and my friend works for canon and has quite a few of their cameras and he takes great photos too.

Good luck with the 30 day shred. Sounds difficult!

SabrinaT said...

I have to say you have beautiful children!

I started the 30 day shred for 3 months. It worked! I started out a size 14 (American size) and finished a size 8. 3 weeks later I promptly became pregnant.. I think doing the shred is helping with this pregnancy. I had quite a bit of muscle tone and have managed to maintain the majority of it! Even with my Japanese OB doctor telling me I am not supposed to sweat while pregnant.. I am still learning about all the rules to having a baby in Japan!