Friday, 16 July 2010

Nearly a video

Figured out how to upload videos - oooohhhh, dangerous. This is the one from last night of Marina and Shou -and me trying to get them to say things to NZ granny, and then them slobbering all over the camera lens. I was going to erase the talking cause a) I sound so kiwi (which is no surprise seeing as from NZ but I always get a shock when I hear myself after living in Japan for so long) b) I'm speaking Japanese to the kids (which doesn't bode well for my 'must speak more English' regime) and c) I sound like a complete dickhead. BUT, nevermind. So within the space of two days you get a proper photo AND my voice. God aren't we lucky. 

I have nearly finished the DVD for mum. Has taken a bit of navigating my way round the i-movies on the new computer. I was getting quite capable with my old MAC but the new one is set out differently and while I am sure it has loads of cool new functions it has meant a bit of faffing round. After the movie I've put a run of photos with music - Life is a highway from Lightening McQueen. What I'm really hoping for is for me to get a recording of Shou singing it as very comical and much more fun as BGM.

I just need to take a few more pics from the kids kindy festival tonight and then hopefully I can get it away on Tuesday. Yay. Now I just need to recruit my sisters and brother for recent pics so I can order a photo book from frogprints, an online photo place that I have used a couple of times before and found to be really good. That will take a bit more organizing but I think it would be great for all of us to have one and for 3,000 yen each it's well worth the hassle.

Hub came home at lunch time so he could go to get his hair chopped for the wedding tomorrow. I had to withdrawer 30,000 yen ($500) for his gift money. Sigh. He has another one at the end of July too. The wedding bus is picking him up at 10:55am tomorrow morning. The ceremony starts at 1pm and the reception at 3pm. Most people only get invited to the reception but it would appear that, as cousins or tenth cousins once removed or whatever he is, he is expected at the ceremony too. The receptions are generally two hours followed by a bit of faffing round, followed by some more faffing round, before faffing round a bit more and finally getting on the bus home, which will have beer and possibly onigiri provided and quite possibly some 'inflight' entertainment by way of karaoke.

Right, just wait till this finishes loading. Need to ring mum. She had a consult with the oncologist today and I think should have been getting her first round of shite chemo meeds to start on Monday.

edit - an hour and a half later - still won't finish uploading vid so guess it's a no go. Damn. Has also started pissing down but the sky doesn't look all rainy and dark so maybe it will pass - it has an hour or kinder games and fireworks will be cancelled :( Perhaps will have to pick up some fireworks when go to get the kids soon so we can do them when the rain stops. Bugger though. The teachers (and me) have been really working the summer festival up. I swear it's the only reason the kids have done anything I've asked this week!!


Edit - thanks to comment by Illahee I uploaded vid onto photobucket and managed to get it here finally. Yay. Now, just ignore my voice and watch silly cute children!! Hub being very romantic (as in hugs and not just hip swivels) so off to bed now.


Megan said...

oooh hope you get it working, would love to see it xx

Midori said...

Hate it when you wait for ages for something to upload and it doesn't work! :-(
I hope the festival doesn't get rained off, that would really suck.
Have a lovely weekend xx

illahee said...

are you uploading to blogger video? i haven't used it in ages, but that's because it takes for-fuckin-ever to load. i load videos to photobucket (it's free to join) and then just embed from there....sometimes it takes a while to load to photobucket, but never as long as it does to blogger!

Gaijin Wife said...

Yes I was - just using the one on here. I didn't want to use youtube cause then can't anyone see? I'm reserving youtube for my bollywood flummy hall of fame video. I will try photobucket - thanx.

My verification word is 'trani' - in this heat and feeling so flummy-ious I sometimes feel like a trani.

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

TOO CUTE!!!! I love the slobbering at the end. :)

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog from the US for a year or so now. I'm really impressed with and quite envious of how you became so fluent in Japanese. Did you go to Japan with advanced study or you mostly learned there? Cuz I studied Japanese for three years, stayed in Japan for six weeks back in high school, and here I am at almost thirty and my Japanese is still very basic. One of my dreams is to become fluent. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

Fifi Kida said...

awwwww its SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!! The "chuuuuuuus" were adorable... :D

One of those kodak moments eh :D

Gaijin Wife said...

Anon - I studied Japanese by correspondence through high school which was a bit of joke as did jack shit. Went for a year on exchange to a Japanese high school in between graduating high school and starting uni. Went on another year exchange during my second year of uni. Came back to Japan straight after graduating uni and have been here ever since - so coming up 12 years or something ridiculous like that. I f I couldn't speak Japanese by now I'd be worried :)
I reckon a year is what you need over here to start getting every day fluent. Good luck!!

Sara said...


So cute!! Amazing what a video does for your perceptions of someone - and you have a lovely voice too ;)

Now.. are you going to be able to keep up the demand of videos to feed your bloggin public?!

ローラ said...

So cute!! ^__^ I don't think you sounded like a "dickhead". lol. Your kids are so adorable. I loved when Marina was saying her name over and over! Shou seems like such a ham too. ;)

You're Japanese accent is waaay better than mine (this is no surprise though, since you get more daily exposure to speaking Japanese!). But I'm still jealous!

Gotta start seriously studying again. It's hard though when Takeshi's the only one I can practice conversation with, and he's away 5 out of the 7 days of the week!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Love the video. I'm sure your mum will too.
I'm a complete techno dinosaur - all my pics end up at the top of a post so well done for getting the video thing to work!

Bryn said...

Good grief GW, if I hadn't heard the bit of English, I would have sworn I was listening to a Japanese person! Sooooo awesome!

That vid was too cute, your mom will love it!

Ummm, my verification word is gayenes.

illahee said...

glad i could help!

very cute!! :D

jess said...

Another Kiwi mum here!

I have been reading for ages and am always in complete wonder how you manage 3 genki kids. Watched your video - which is so cute btw. You sound just like me, and change between Jp and Eng the same too:) Its great reading kiwi slang that I had forgotten about too.

Anyway, your blog is excellent!
Keep up the great and very funny work!