Saturday, 17 July 2010

Most Activity

I was going to do a shag talk ban for a while but I have to share this cause fuck it made me laugh.

Last night hub (and I) had had a couple of drinks when we headed up to bed.

GW: fancy a romp?
hub: wouldn't say no.
GW/hub: romp romp romp shag shag shag
GW: five minutes, that must be a record.
hub: (bit of heavy breathing - as in the after lots of exercise kind not down a phone kind) Most activity.
GW: Most activity what?
hub: Most activity in my capacity (this was obviously said in ENGLISH - I would hope I would get a better translation if he had said it in Japanese)
GW: Most activity in my capacity. giggle giggle snort snort. That's fantastic darling.
hub: dekirukagiri
GW: The best you could?
hub: No.
GW: You did as much as you could?
hub: yes.
GW: OK then. well anyway darling. Jolly good effort.
hub: won't be able to do that in ten years.
GW: nevermind, that's why they invented viagra.
hub: hmmmmmmm, do you reckon the drug store in the next town over sells it?
GW: No, I reckon the online pharmacy does.

I was so scared of not remembering that outstanding phrase that I actually emailed it to myself from the toilet at 11:30pm. What a rockstar.

Anyway, the kids had the kinder summer festival last night. Granny K stepped up to the plate and agreed to watch Ryu for us - and even attempt to put him to bed. A first. And she achieved it. Fantastic news.

The summer festival was from 6 to 8pm. It stopped raining at about half five. The festival started with a lot of Japanese faffing around followed by a quiz which took kids and their parents on a 500m walk around the outskirts of the kindy answering a series of questions at teacher checkpoints. The Shou and daddy team managed them all but the mummy and Marina team got to each checkpoint, waited in line, had a meltdown, looked for crabs, jumped around, screamed a bit and got fireman lifted (over the shoulder) back to the start line with NO stamps.

Following the quiz there were five games - ring toss, goldfish scooping, balloon scooping, bowling and pulling a number for a prize out of a box - what's kujibiki in English?

Daddy showed Shou how to scoop the balloon...
And Shou managed to get one, as did hub and I. So we have three balloons with water in them hanging over the door of the fire and providing a lot of entertainment for Ryu...
Marina got all shy doing the ring toss...
but was well into the (pretend) shrimp fishing (they had real goldfish scooping and shrimp fishing outside)...
At the end there were some fireworks lit by a group of the dads...

It was a good time for the kids although Marina really can't last out and about until 8pm. Little Miss Grouch.

Hub went off to his wedding today, but not before giving the genkan a complete scrubbing over and insisting I wash the curtains. Ryu and I then went off on a shopping mission for new BBQ grill things (ami) for Monday night. Was meant to hunt out a water blaster too but no luck there so got a bottle of save instead.

Picked Shou and Marina up, did the dinner bath and bed thing. Hub came in - not too pissed. In fact hardly pissed at all which was a bit of a waste considering he gave them 30,000. This wedding had a 'flat fee' (kaihi) of 20,000 that everybody attending HAD to pay to cover all the dinner and shit. They don't expect more and therefore guests don't get loaded with gifts to take home like traditionally used to happen. Hub, being a relative and all, put in an extra 10,000 yen into the pretty pink envelope I got for him - that said Happy Wedding in katakana. Happii Ueddinngu !

I was kind of hopping he would come home looking like he'd eaten and drunk 20,000 yen worth.  Instead he came home looking like he'd been drinking slowly but non stop since 11am when he got on the bus and they handed out beer and onigiri.  Hmmmmm, perhaps he did have 20,000 yen worth.

Anyhoo, the house is quiet and I need to watch new episode of Cold Case or CSI or whatever is on at 10pm.



Lulu said...

I can not believe you shagged your husband then took your phone to the toilet and mailed yourself his "engrish"


Going to try and get Shun to speak English in bed to see what gems he comes out with...

Off to bed now :P

ps: Shy photo of Marina so cute! Getting shy during ring toss. lol.

Gaijin Wife said...

I waited a respectable five minutes :)

Anonymous said...

Lol...I came home from my jog and thought "most activity" to myself.

ローラ said...

5 minutes eh?

Is it bad that my hub sometimes doesn't last much longer? SOMETIMES. lol ;)

Gotta work on his stamina...

I love Marina's skirt! Where did you buy it?

Gaijin Wife said...

Laura - my guess is that I got it at pumpkin patch in New Zealand.

井上エイド said...

Awesome stuff! Although I'm not so sure how I'd feel if my wife had a laugh at my sexual (mis)ploits with the Internet People.

Still, I enjoyed reading it. And I love your new blog design.

illahee said...

rotfl so you! :D

love the pics, as always. i just want to eat ryu! (not literally, of course!)

world of sekimachihato said...

5 min... shit, is that what will happen to me if i start having more kids!?

have been watching all the flooding on the news down your way; all ok?

Gaijin Wife said...

WOS - I don't think it's directly related to kid count think more related to fact hub is 45!!

ED - true, I don't think I'd be too excited if hub had a blog and was writing about me in similar way. Arrrrggghhhh. God, if he does have a blog I hope I never find it.

Aneki - well done. most activity in your capacity jogging very good for health.

Illahee - I know. I want to eat him too. Those cheeks and those thighs and.. and... Arrrrggghhhhh - I think this is baby lust. I remember you saying you were having baby lust when Tommy was around Ryu's age. Now I understand why!