Sunday, 25 July 2010


Marina had a loads better night last night and lasted till morning without waking up - in her own bed - bashing the sides of her bed and not me - hallelujah.

Ryu slept.

Hub slept.

and Shou woke up at 4am. For the love of fuckin god son. 4am - it was still dark and I was not a happy mummy. Trying to stay quiet in our room until at least half five he decided to see how much noise the tissue box makes when you put it up against the fan.

Fuckin shitloads.

Downstairs at five with Shou, and now Marina. Hub doesn't come down till nearly seven, during which time I have mad the executive decision that in fact I am going to take my beautiful baby and head to Rachel's for her Gion Matsuri in Nakatsu.

I run this past hub at about eight - we have a full conversation about it, or so I think.

I head off after Ryu's morning nap and we get to Rachel's (over an hour away) at about half eleven.

At half twelve I get an email from hub - an angry one. What the fuck was I doing and why aren't we home for lunch.




And so I send a reply to the same effect.  But with a few more honeys and, really I have no idea sweet pea. - cause seriously I don't. Somewhere our wires have crossed.

So I leave Rachel's at about two - after a bit of a catch up with the girls and meeting lots of people and seeing some matsuri floats and ten year old geisha girl dancing on float with pissed old men.  All good.

Get home and hub is fine and so I broach the angry email - he thought I had said I was going to get some unagi (eel) for dinner, come all the way home again AND THEN go to Rachels - in the evening.

Having lived in this fair country for over ten years I now know what the word for evening is and I did not use it once in any of our conversing conversations before I left today. My take on it was that I was going to the get together and would pick eel up for dinner on the way home and be home by three - I even used like numbers and pm and shit - I even said it twice. I'm pretty sure I even said this that and the other to reiterate that I would be leaving the man for over three hours with Shou and Marina.

Anyhoo, all fine and we have agreed to agree that complete misunderstanding - have agreed over asahi as of course best beverage known to man kind for purpose of negotiation and agreeing upon shit that really male should be apologizing for.

Kids are now asleep of course - unfortunately the SIX kabutomushi (stag beetles) that Shou and hub have caught over the last two days are just starting to fire up for the night. They are pretty heinous and if I had the battery to my camera I would take a pic for you. A quick look in my crystal ball and me sees a trip to K's denki for a new camera in my very immediate future - perhaps even tomorrow. Any suggestions? Not too pricey but - and I'm not a camera buff so snap away and no faffing around with lenses is fine.

Nighty night.



kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

Ahhhh! That sucks, but at least we got a chance to see you and chat for a bit before you had to leave. :) Ryu was totally precious and so smiley!!! Glad that you could make it. :)

thefukases said...

nothing like a good miscommunication to put the sunshine into your Sunday, hey? Did you get the eel, though? That's the important thing, right? ;P Isn't today (Monday) eel day?

And the bugs? Very nocturnal. Very noisy. And we only have 2!

jojoebi said...

thanks for your comments! I do feel like an imposter is leaving them though, it is you isn't it? You comments are rather tame and polite... compared to your blog posts lol.

Gaijin Wife said...

Kuri - was great to catch up, even if it wasn't for long :( Probably won't see you again before the whole baby and saloon door experience so good luck. My number two was my easiest...

Heather - yes!! got the damn eel. Shou wouldn't eat it so hub told him it was maguro and he chomped it back... !!

Jojoebi - I try to be on my best behavior when commenting on other people's blogs :) Right, need to go find some paper and start cutting some holes... said...

Sometimes i have misunderstandings also with my japanese husband, and i dont know why.... is not by language, even english is not my natural language( im from spain) or is not for him also....sometimes i feel just our minds are in other galaxy or like that, maybe cultural problem? way of thinking? i dont know but misunderstandings starts by very very small and silly things like for example u explained now.

Midori said...

I don't think it is a language thing. I think it is a male/female thing. I have come to the conclusion that men in general just don't listen properly. (Or maybe they just listen and hear things differently..) I have similar issues with Mal and we were both brought up speaking english so it has GOT to be a bloke thing!! ;-)
Glad you had a good time despite that though.

Gaijin Wife said...

fani73 - I totally agree, misunderstandings often start with stupid little things like ours did. Sometimes I am sure they are cultural but after living here for so long I am swaying more towards the men are from mars and women are from venus theory :)

Midori - good times had by all. Mal and you can't have misunderstandings!! NEVER!! he is my night in shining armor and you need to grow your hair ten meters long and go lock yourself in a turret in some fabulous English castle somewhere and wait for him to Rappunzle you down :)

Gaijin Wife said...

why can't you edit your own comments? Of course I meant Mal is my knight and not my night :)

Bryn said...

Beetles, grasshoppers, crabs, cats.....know anything about bats? We've got a bat. In a box. No clue what to do with it.

Gaijin Wife said...

Bryn - a bat? in a box? That's just craziness. How on earth did it get there? Ethan skilled bat catcher?