Friday, 9 July 2010

Kitten Rescue

Our kitten, as well as being houdini, is also rather bloody thick. Last night I was going to my 8pm English class - in the local hall about fifty meters from our house. I was crossing the bridge when I heard a meow. It was getting dark so I had to get a torch to see her but shite, little kitten how on earth did you get down there?  There isn't a lot of water in the river and there is a lot of rocks and weeds and reeds and shit in the middle, where the kitten was - surrounded by bull frogs.

The most puzzling thing is is that only her legs were wet. She can't have fallen in. Perhaps she was chasing something, didn't see the drop and flew in, landing on her feet. Or perhaps she shimmied down the concrete side very delicately and waded into the middle for a frog feast. It's not easy to get into the river. I called on hub for help while Shou was on torch holding duties. Hub shimmied (not so delicately) down the side and waded into the middle to pick her up. When I say wade I mean as in up to ankles not armpits. Hub climbing back up the concrete wall was almost comical but hats off to him, well done man, saved the day for a cat you don't even particularly like. Hurrah.

Ryu's vaccination was quite the social occasion. Lots of babies and over half of them I didn't even know - which is surprising in small place like Kunimi. Ryu was having his MR (measles and rubella) injection and was number three in line. My friend was getting the big BCG branding for her 3 month old. Her 3 months old that weighed NINE KILOGRAMS. Talk about chubby checker. Tis no wonder she was back to her original weight after a month and a half. Baby was sucking flummy out through her nipples. Perhaps I could borrow him for a month. Seriously, you look at the baby and forget how young he is and think that he should be bloody almost up and running around - although me thinks even sitting and crawling might be huge obstacles when you have thighs like that to contend with. Fuck he must be hot in summer. Nicely insulated for winter though.

My afternoon English class was good - I think it's my best class. Four 5th year Primary School girls. They have been coming for over two years now. Their reading is really improving and I feel like things are finally starting to pay off for them - and their parents - and me :)

Well, need to get started on the housey shite. Having to reschedule things now that Billy and his Boot Camp have entered my life - three times in the last four days and I'm still not sick of it. I am only on the first DVD - Mission one - and I still haven't done the whole thing through to the end. I did get to 38 out of the 43 minutes today though! Doing full on cardio exercise - the kind where you drip sweat - really amps me up. Makes me want to keep going and while I know walking is still a great form of exercise, it doesn't keep me as motivated as punching the air and kicking with oversized rubber bands on. I lost a kilo this week so I am nearly back to the 83.8kg which I was a three weeks ago. I hope Billy and I form a steady relationship this time and that it isn't too long before I see the 70s again.

Dinner guests tonight so off shopping with Ryu for taco stuff, yummy cheese and wine. Hopefully tonight will be my only blow out and the rest of the weekend wont be a complete right off. Hub has election stuff all day tomorrow (he was meant to be doing Sunday, but was able to change it for tomorrow - this is great news. It means he will be here to help with Nightmare, Chaos and cute Mayhem on Sunday) which means no lunch date and hopefully I can do Billy.

Speaking of Nightmare, Chaos and cute Mayhem...

Check out how scrawny Shou is!! Anybody would think I kept him locked in the attic with only rations of bread and water. God, he definitely didn't get the skinny genes from me or hub. Not even the postman is this boney. And Marina - obviously far too busy to actually pose for a photo. Sorry but anpanman wins. And no, she isn't doing the 'up yours' fingers. She will get the hang of the peace sign one day.
Hey, that cracker looks pretty good. Gizza bite...
Back away from my cracker cat. Bugger off and let me snack in peace man.
Where you going boy? What the fuck do you think you're doing aye?

Don't even think about it. This chair aint big enough for the both of us.
Well, hello there. Aint this cozy.

The kitten ended up winning out and Ryu lost his cracker :)



shufuinjapan said...

That kitten is hilarious. Definitely a keeper.

umebossy said...

eee that last picture is so sweet! cute baby + cute kitten = ovaries go boom.

Sara said...

I was going to say that kitten fits in quite well with your bunch!!! The last picture is PRICELESS... soooo sooo cute. I don't know which is winning the kitten or the baby (ok obviously the baby)

Congrats on the weightloss!!! Sounds like Billy will be a good friend for you ;)

siti the twins said...

awww, your son are really cute.same goes to your cat. All this picture,it is so cute especially the baby boy and the kitten your kids are definitely beautiful.

anchan said...

I miss my cats! :-( If we ever buy a house here, a cat will be the first thing I buy, even though DH despises them. By the way, how are things at kindy? Is the biter behaving herself now?

Oh, and I was just wondering... deep breath... am I took late to join you in shedding the flummy and getting fabulous? xxx

Gaijin Wife said...

anchan - of course!! never too late to start looking fabulous. I think I have your email so I'll get that and 'invite' you onto the blog. Yay. More the merrier. Ganbatte.

illahee said...

the cat is awesome!!

D. said...

I love your kitten, and the last photo is full of cuteness. They are both adorable!
I'm a little sad for the lost cracker, poor thing.

Gina said...

The cat is so cute. Definitely part of the family!