Thursday, 8 July 2010

jabs, jabs and more jabs

Shou had his jab on Tuesday, the kitten had one yesterday and Ryu is getting one in a couple of hours.  Too many needles for one week.

I gave in and bought a cat carry thing yesterday. For practical purposes putting the kitten in an upside down washing basket with the bumbo on top for weight on the floor in the front seat of the car is fine, but I really needed something to carry her into the vet's in. So, I stopped at the home centre in the next town over and forked out 3,000 yen on the cheapest one they had, put her in it and then put her in the back of the car. Two seconds later I just about stomp her while breaking going round a corner. Little fuckin houdini. I have no idea how she got out but she got promptly put back in and all latches triple checked, some chain and locks, a few bolts and a pair of handcuffs and she was staying put until we got to the vet's. The vet's was deserted again and we were in and out in less than five minutes, during which Ryu slept in the car. Easyness but not cheapness - cost bloody 4,000 yen ($65) for one injection that had three vaccinations in it. She needs a booster in a month and then nothing till next summer. If hub knew I spent 7,000 yen on the cat in one day he would have a bloody fit. Asked about getting her fixed and doc said can't do that until she is 6 months.

English was as per usual for my little kids Wednesday class. One little girl turned up at half three - AGAIN and her mother didn't even have her job today - what's the deal with that? I am seriously going to be away from the house until ten to four for the next three classes so they get the idea that I am not a baby sitting service.

Hub was home early last night which helped and he put all three of them in the bath. Marina is going through an 'I don't wont to have a bath and am quite happy being a smelly bitch for the rest of my life' stage. I have to fee fi fo fum and run after her and fireman lift her over my shoulder to get her into the bath. it works though - although she has only had showers, her protest over the bath is that the water will hurt her itchy bites.

I got up to bed about an hour after hub and had to lean over him to get the remote to turn off the light - although if he had his way we would sleep with the light on the dimmest setting all bloody night, with the bedroom door open and the hall light on also. I'm fine with the hall light being on dim all night as the kids sleep with their doors slightly open but we don't need our light on. Anyway, he thought that my leaning over him was more of a me offering my body. Honestly, I didn't even touch the man. He must have sensed me in his snoring slumber. Next thing I know and he has grabbed me, which I must admit was quite nice and well one thing led to another.

Walked the kids to kinder this morning and we saw two turtles (we look for them every day and it's a 'good' day when we see one, it's a 'great' day when we see two, and if we see more than two it's a fuckin miracle.) We also saw two of the jumbo big as both your hands cupped together bullfrogs, two snakes and about five thousand crabs, cicadas and dragon flies. 7 o'clock in the morning by the way. I do like our nature walks - especially when Shou and Marina are in singing moods and will happily sing the whole way. Shou is into the ABC song and 'Life is a Highway' which we belt out to anyone who cares to listen that early in the morning.

I had English at their kinder this morning. Third time and guess what. It was FUN. The first time was the punching incident and Shou and Marina being all clingy. Second time was better and today even better. I read them a book I have on yummy and yucky. There was a game, some singing and some stickers. And to think I used to get paid 50,000 NZ dollars a year to do this kind of thing being a CIR on JET all those years ago. And now I do it out of the goodness of my heart so that the kids my kids will go to school with will be a bit more interested in English, know the funny gaijin and hopefully not give my kids grief because they have big noses, and curly/blonde hair and are fluent in singing the ABC song and 'Life is a Highway'.

Ryu is hopefully down for a power nap before his jab at half one and then I guess it's home for some Billy, dinner making, more English, dinner, bath and bed for the kids, more English and bed for self.

Having a wee dinner party tomorrow night with a couple of friends. Arriving after at least one, hopefully two of the three sprogs are in bed. One friend is on JET and leaving in a few weeks. She is off to OZ for a working holiday and god knows if she will ever pass through this way again so time to have a few vinous and say goodbye and good-luck. I haven't had tacos in forever so I think that will be the adults menu.

Right, time to sort English and fill in vaccination form - that includes child's birth weight. How does this have any relation to the jab? They don't check your child's current weight - only his/her temperature.



Corinne said...

Ooooo I'm like your hub (no not a shagging machine ;) ) but I like the dim light on too, but I think it's more because I'm usually the one who has to get Ash his water/cream/blankie/other random stuff in the middle of the night and hate grovelling around in the dark. Hmmmm tacos, yummy!

Gaijin Wife said...

hub will be well stoked you called him a shag machine.

illahee said...


we sleep with the mini light on, too. but that's for the kids *sigh*

thefukases said...

I'm an all black all night kinda girl. (Dark black, although the All Blacks aren't bad either!) K insists on that little light in the corridor so we can evacuate in case of earthquake. I'm pretty sure the power would be one of the first things to go so I don't really see the logic...

And I'll swap you Marina for Amy who is refusing to wash her hair. She claims a hose down at kindy after the pool counts as a shower. She is one very sweaty very smelly little munchkin at the moment. Ewwwww.....

Lulu said...

Lol at Corinnne`s mention of a shagging machine! hehe.

I used to keep the dim light on when I was getting up a fair bit in the night. Now I just stumble around in the pitch black and hope for the best. Hub didn`t like the light and now I just can`t be bothered.

The cat escaping from his box (and also the laundry basket/bumbo combo) made me laugh. He is lucky you didn`t stomp him under the break pedel or something. EEK!

Gina said...

We sleep in pitch black here.

PS, Gaijin wife, I am having trouble commenting, when I click on the comment button/link, I get an error. I don't know if it's just me? It could be just me. That's why my lack of comments, I just can't for some reason get it to work. And with Illahee's blog, I often go there and a 1000 of her pages open up continuously for me. Again, I am not sure if it's just me or what, but I wanted to let you know. ; ) I am here....I am reading. And I am commenting when I can get it to work. : (