Thursday, 15 July 2010

I Rub You Annie!

Yesterday did end up being quite shagadellic and therefore today should have started out better but it wasn't to be. It seems that anything about mum gets me either upset or losing my rag at the drop of a hat. I wanted to get the kids recording onto that card so I could sort things out and send them off. I tried I did. You can't really get a two and four year old to practice first though. I was afraid that 'I love you Granny' would turn out as 'I rub you annie' - don't know what I was worried for because the damn card only recorded the last two seconds which as it turned out was Shou saying 'baka' to Marina. Sigh.

I got overly pissed off at my two little angels for not being able to do this little thing that I so wanted to get right. Anyway, there is only so many times you can try and record onto an 800 yen recordable card, so it ended up getting biffed and I was not happy. I asked hub to take the kids to kindy and he helped them with their shoes, got their bags and piled them into the car without a word - me thinks remembering my last melt down about how unsympathetic he was when I got upset about mum.  Bless you hub, thanks for helping out - would have made him almost late for work.

I almost had another meltdown when I got on the scales and realized I am back to where I started, despite the Billy and Bollywood efforts this week. Humph. I got changed and sweated it out to Billy telling me I was 'taking flight'. Had a shower, went to the toilet and got back on the scales and after all that sweating and a loo stop I was in fact 200 grams heavier which was a tae bo kick in the flummy. Ah well. One day people, one day I will be fabulous. And I guarantee that I will still be a ranting whining bitch then too. But hey, at least I'll look better doing it :)

I rang my friend for her birthday. She has the craft blog on my sidebar and is currently doing a giveaway so if you are interested in stationary and crafty shite then check it out - all very cute. I feel bad entering it as would take away from the true crafters out there. I just get an urge every now and again - usually after reading her blog!

I got very productive after lunch and made a whole bunch of flashcards, cut them to size and laminated them. Also got evening class ready and dinner in the nabe (pot). Christ I'm efficient when I set my mind to it. Did I tell you I have a baby? I do actually look after him, play with him, feed him, change his shitty nappies and sing bon jovi songs to him too you know. He is a bit of a sleeping legend though and I can usually get a two hour nap out of him in the morning and a one hour nap in the afternoon. Awesome - especially as some translation work should be coming in soon. Fingers crossed. Need to top up the bank account.

I have finally started a proper Japanese wifey 'hesokuri' - which is a stash of secret money you pilfer away and keep in some ridiculous place like in an envelope sellotaped to the underside of the fridge or something. I have decided to keep one third of the English money - really not a 'stash' so much as a 'in case we need money quickly and can't get to a bank because we live in the middle of fuckin nowhere and cash only gets dispensed from the wall between he hours of 8:45am and 5pm. Does anybody else have a hesokuri and do you keep it in some cool place?

Anyway, best be off. Took video of the kids tonight and need to make it into short dvd for Granny. Is well cute and unfortunately I still don't have a cord to attach video to this computer so can't upload it onto you tube for you all to see.

Nearly the long weekend - bugger it. When you have small children that spend most of their time in paid child care having a long weekend results in cabin fever and meltdowns. Having people over for bbq on the deck on Monday night. Probably the worst night I could have asked for but it was fricken near impossible getting the ex-mayor, the ex-head of the town office and the current head of the planning department to agree to a night. Arrrgggghhhhhh. Tis all for the guy from America - who came over the other day. I suggested I try and get some of the guys who would have stories related to what he wants to research (town planning and merging with the other towns etc) out for beers at the local but then realized quite hard to organize this kind of thing without making sound like would pay for whole beef and beer extravaganza (although in reality this wouldn't happen as the old men would all squabble over who was going to pay). So, decided to do at own house and we would be out of pocket but never mind. Not as much as eating out and hopefully they all bring alcohol or something.

6:30 not ideal time as all our kids will still be awake while trying to slice pumpkin, cut peppers and get the coals hot. Ah well, fun and games really.

Nighty night.



Midori said...

I never had a hesokuri but that is because I was always rubbish with money and would just spend it as soon as I had put it away! ;-)
Beer and BBQ on your deck sounds like alot of fun. I am jealous of the long weekend as well, much as it does mean extra kiddo time! Someone asked me if I was taking time off while Joey was on summer holidays and I must have sounded like the terrible mother my Mum says I am because I snorted and went "what for, he is going to be having a fabulous time at the day camp thing we have signed him up for." ;-) The reality is that I don't get paid leave until September anyway which is bad timing but means I will be accruing leave and will take the whole of October half-term off which will definitely be more enjoyable than taking a day or two in the middle of a six week holiday!

thefukases said...

I am hopeless with money and so have many hesokuri stashes. Syill in the paypackets and can be found in various pockets of one of my three workbags, in with the bills and other mail in a pile on the piano, inside whatever book I was reading when I needed a bookmark etc etc. K is horrified at my disregard for money but it is useful when it gets to Sunday and (ATM closed of course) K realises he has no cash for a worktrip. I scrounged up 78,000 and change the other day! I really do think an organised system would be better though.... but then a robber would find it so much easier if I left it all in one place, yeah?

Good luck with the long weekend. Mine are going on a 7 hour car journey. without me! Now that's terrible mummying!

Rachel said...

My hesokuri is hiding in a bank in NZ under the title 'retirement scheme'. All my other money goes on air tickets and internet shopping blow-outs at Pumpkin Patch and Ezibuy!

L. said...

When we were first married, I had MAJOR hesokuri: an offshore bank account with a few thousand dollars in it, to tap only if our marriage didn't work out. After the first two kids were born, I thought, why do I still have this? And I closed it.

I now have a (small, very small) stash of crisp Y5,000 notes and a couple of Y10,000's, because it seems that most of the times we scrounge for cash, it's to put into a pretty envelope for a gift of some kind (we seem to have only ratty Y1,000 notes in our wallets at all times....). I have, of course, tapped this for impulse purchases and kids' lunch money, but mostly it's a small supply that just sits there.