Sunday, 11 July 2010

Bollywood & Sunday Guests.

Took nearly the whole day yesterday to regain my normal constitution. Hub was out at election stuff all day and the kids were at kindy and Ryu, bless him, slept for three hours in the morning. The lunch time chime woke me up. He had obviously been awake for a little while but was by no means nutting out. Talking loudly to himself would be a better description perhaps.

I tried the Bollywood dance dvd in the afternoon and for the first fifteen minutes or so I kept expecting someone to run into the room laughing saying I was on candid camera - that's how comical the dvd was. Come on now, stand there and shake your head, feed the chickens and walk like a gorilla. Some of the foot moves required a bit of coordination and I was forever cursing the camera man who was more intent on bare belly shots and pushed up boob shots. The lead dancer oozed sex despite never saying a word. None of them did in fact. It was all voice overs.

Despite this, I did end up getting a sweat up, although that could have been because was doing in mid day heat and sav blanc was dripping out my pores - even the ones on my toes. Sassymoo suggested I take a vid and upload it onto youtube. I know we all need a laugh as much as the next person but I'm kind scared it would take off like the Susan Boyle thing and next thing you know Oprah would have me feeding the chickens and walking like a gorilla on prime time TV. Tell you what though. I WILL take a video of it and if and when I lose 16 kg I will let you see it - but I might have to move to wordpress or something so I can password protect it for followers only. Kind of defeats the purpose of everyone getting a good laugh out of it though :)

Today was pretty full on. The kids have all been asleep since 6:45 pm. Wow. Silence in the house. That's what happens when neither Shou or Marina have afternoon naps and Ryu's only lasts 45 minutes. Absolutely buggered come dinner time.

Hub took Shou and Marina out this morning - to vote in the election (him not them) and then to the park and back past the supermarket for bentos for lunch. Ryu had a good sleep while I cleaned the house, did a couple of loads of washing and baked some more ginger crunch for our afternoon guests - the same guests I had made it for last Monday but who didn't get any because it wasn't set properly and by the time it was we were so engrossed in talking that I forgot.

Anyway, some pics...

Our afternoon guests. Staying in Kunimi for three weeks and I was the kind of go between for getting their daughter into a school for a two week 'taiken' - experience. He is an anthropologist. Very interesting. Spent a year in a small village in the amazon (as in 300 people) and wrote a book about it and their dialect. He came with his Japanese wife and their 7 year old daughter and a friend's son who is 11 - and from Kunimi.

It was great for Shou and Marina - playing with older kids, who were great at keeping our two entertained.
Chasing the older boy in the ball tent - he was using it like a hamster wheel. I was happy as - thinking the ball tent would still be a goer when the kids were like 10 but then thought probably wont last the distance at this rate! Oh - and the balls that go with the ball tent were kept in the cupboard. Just as well cause that blue ball on the right ended up in the pine tree, the anpanman ball in the river, and a few other toys up a different tree and a shoe on the shed roof.
Marina in the ball tent - in her beautiful dress she got from Cherish Child in NZ.

Hmmmm, it's my first time in the ball tent. Do I go through the tunnel or not.... decisions decisions..
Ok, so I made it in here. All good.
Not too keen on the prickly grass usually but in this thing it aint so bad mum.

and here I am - out the other side. That wasn't so bad. I reckon I'm about ready for one of those dog shows. Just need a ramp and some of those polls to weave in and out of next.

Father and son catch-ball - first pic ever I think. The older boy and friend were playing and I got out the gloves and Shou took interest.
no comment

Shou made this mask at kindy - I went to pick him up the other day and he had it on. One of the other two girls in his class had her red one on with a matching cape. Ryu pinged the mask about two seconds after this pic and Shou wasn't happy!! Ditched the mask, only to have it taken over by Marina...

Bugger off you lot. Have an early night.



thefukases said...

What cool guests, what a fun day, what great pictures and what a load of bollocks. Just look at Marina in that last picture. She totally knows which way around the peace sign goes. She's just inherited mummy's way with words and is telling you what she thinks of the camera in the face thing. All the cute pink clothes are just a ruse, yeah? Can't wait to start reading Marina's blog ;P

Gaijin Wife said...

Definite ruse :) One day, when she can do the peace sign properly, I will bring out all these pics to show her just how long it took. That mask was seriously funny.

world of sekimachihato said...

i would so love to see you doing bollywood!
is all that flash gear in your garden?!

Gaijin Wife said...

WOS - yes that is all in our yard and is really just the adventure playground we invested in last year. Expensive and a complete bitch to put together but absolutely fabulous for the kids, english class kids and random strangers kids who happen to be passing :)

Lulu said...

I love it when you post pictures- although the bollywood dance video would of made my night a lot funnier!

I would kill for a garden, and space and grass like yours. Looks so inviting. Even the ball tent!! hehe!

Oyomesan said...

I've just been watching a Bollywood routine on So You Think You can Dance...are you anything like that????

I'm thinking of sending Marina a spy video camera disguised as a pink fairy wand, so she can get her own back on you and get us the shots!

Gaijin Wife said...

oyomesan - you mean the katee and joshua one bollywood dance? I just watched that and yeah - katee would be me and joshua would be hub. We've aced it :)

Fuck it - I think I've put my back out doing the 'spine whips' in the warm up section.

Lulu - garden - love it. It was a right jungle before. If you can get a garden with your new house do - the kids will thank you for it - as will perhaps all your neighbors and all your friends that live in apartments!