Friday, 30 July 2010

Bloody Sore

Literally EVERY muscle in my body aches right now. I did Billy and his damn boot camp for a week and while yes, I worked up more of a sweat I never physically felt this broken. And I have only done two days. TWO DAYS people and every thing I do - standing, sitting, going to the loo, putting the kids in the bath (seriously sore - like doing an extended squat trying to lower self into bath holding baby without falling over) is an effort. I feel like a 38 week pregnant vestling - which of course would be miracle of god but still. I even found myself saying 'yoisho' at the exact same time as Granny K this arvo - as we both got out of the car after running her round for a few errands.

I was going to wait and see how long it took for hub to notice the weight loss but he busted me when I winced while Shou was giving my a cuddle (read as jumping on my tummy and legs). He laughed and then told me not to have any beer or I'd never see any results.

Wise words (says she, sipping one of the bottles of Asahi that arrived on doorstep as if gift from god this afternoon - from temple lady next door. She gives us a 'summer gift' every year) Actually just re-read that - am not sipping from bottle. Am pouring, very skinny lady-like, into long stemmed wine glass.

So, did I mention that I am sore? I was going to flag it today and perhaps do it every second day. I then had an epiphany as walking kids to kinder - DVD is not called 'Every Second Day Shred' - which means.... you have to do the bastard for 30 straight days. And so, after walking for an hour, I followed Jullian Michaels, and then proceeded to get down on my hands and knees and wax the fricken floors - seeing as was needing shower anyway. Who the fuck cares about the floors? Nobody in this house apart from me it would seem.

And since cleaning them Shou has spilt half a grape jelly, Marina half a strawberry yoghurt (but to her credit she tried to lick it up), Ryu milk and dinner, and me - well I sprayed about a half a can on first a bee and then a spider. The bee I tried to take a photo of. Seriously, the stingy bit was FOUR cm long!! At first I thought it was a bloody tombo - dragonfly. And then there was a very large (boardering on conception of fourth baby type large) spider upstairs. I noticed it after putting Marina to bed. Sprayed the shit out of it and it is all curled up waiting to be disposed of. I thought hub might have noticed it by now - but alas, the big black spider at the top of the stairs is as invisible to him as the butter in the fridge. Where? Where? Where? Honey - we need some more butter.

Hub has a wedding tomorrow - great. That means no sushi, no date with Ryu and hub, and me and the kids on our own tomorrow evening. He has a wannabe firemen's training thing on Sunday morning. I plan on taking Shou (and Ryu) to go see them practice using their hose... as in spurting water (colored I think) out of the hose and into the river.

Hub has however taken Tuesday off so we are leaving two kids in paid childcare and one with Granny K and skiving off to the movies, lunch and the game center no doubt.

In other news....

I spoke to my sister and had a bit of a shite day after finding out mum had taken a fall while walking down to town - As supposedly happens after radiotherapy she is going a tad downhill before getting a bit better. The first few weeks were fine but then she had a few days of losing her balance and her peripheral vision going a bit up the fuck. I spoke to her yesterday though and she was just mum. Good chat. Still a bit sad though that this has to be happening to her. Scary days. She is off for four or five days with her sisters and girlfriends to Noosa. I hope she has a great time.

Right, well I really better get to bed. No meetings happening tonight though. I am far too sore and if the hub felt so inclined he would have to liquor me up and then take me in my sleep.



Fifi Kida said...

wow... Its really that bad?

I am thinking about trying it out, so I can lose weight before I go home to lose weight. I have read horrific things about the first few days, but apparently a turning point will come soon and you will be super genki and that.

Since I cannot limit the beer completely I have changed to the asahi no sugar green can stuff, its not so bad actually, if Its super cold and if your in super need of a beer. And only about 100kcals for a 500ml can. I keep a stock of it as standard now adays, not that its working mind you.

Gambarre with the 30 day thing, it personally sounds like my idea of hell via skinny bitch trainer devil, but some people seem to have had pretty wicked results from it, according to doctor google.

Oyomesan said...

Good luck with the 30 Day thing - it COULD be could have Jane Fonda, that campy guy Richard AND Billy right in your living room screaming at you: Get With IT Gaijin Wifeeeeee!!!!

(my security word here is "squar"

I think that is a "squat" that isn't completed...kind of half way to the floor and then collapsed?

Luisa said...

ouch..and here`s me thinking I would try it after bub comes..hmm..still thinking ;)

Sorry to hear about your mum, hope she`s feeling a bit better, and enjoys her trip to Noosa.

yay for date day on Tues!!! Haven`t seen a movie at the cinema in years!

(colorbynumbers) tried to comment under that but no go..

Gaijin Wife said...

Fifi - I will keep going and let you know when I reach that turning point. Actual doing it isn't as bad as the pain existing in between doing it - like child birth. The actual pushing not as bad as the contractions. Hmmmm. Yes, think comparing to child birth quite adequate comparison.

Oyomesan - the squats are quite tough and I think I am definitely letting some 'squar' s slip i there :)

CBN - My boobs and saloon doors are about the ONLY parts of me that aren't sore so post-birth could be good - although having to hold baby - ouch. Bending down to pick baby up - ouch ouch - having to get in bath with baby - biggest fuckin ouch yet. Think can fairly positively say you are fitter than me though so perhaps you wouldn't be as knocked for six :)

jess said...

Billys book camp is great. That said I havent used the dvds I bought since I was pregnant - coming up on 3 years! I think I just always used the 1st one. I remember taking lots of breaks. I remember the days where I actually had the time and money to go to the gym in Japan: 4 days a week.. himadane! Anyway, try to stick with it! I wish there were excersize machine rental companies in Jp. I really want to get a treadmill!
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Alex said...

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