Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Billy & His Boot Camp

Ryu is still awake upstairs despite being awake since half five this morning. Might need to have a quick shower and then bundle him up and take the cat for her jabs - which didn't happen yesterday.

After walking to the kinder and back I dug Billy and his Boot Camp out from under the stairs. They have been waiting to see the light of day for a while. I did the first workout but crashed and burned after 35 minutes out of the total 45 I think. Pretty good effort for first time in about three years though. My aim for the next couple of weeks is to do it at least once every two days and this time in a fortnight be able to get through the whole thing. It has bloody squat and thrust things at 35 minutes though. God damn it.

So anyway, that took over my trip to the vets so Ryu and I shall go on our mini road trip today.

Shou had his vaccination which was an experience to say the least. We had talked about it and although he wasn't keen on the injection he went along with it because he wanted the goodies at the other end - a trip to the store on the way back to kinder.

We arrived at the social welfare centre, along with the majority of other kids who will be in his school year. Mainly boys by the looks of it. Wow, the noise in that one room, the energy, the running. It was comforting I think to see that four year old boys village-wide are all maniacs, and in fact Shou was one of the 'calmer' boys - although he did get rid of some energy out in the very long deserted hallway, pushing a block truck up and down the length of it about four times. Fortunately I didn't have to join him and my only responsibilities were standing in very important tunnel position.

The boys and mums went in in groups of 8 (only 2 groups) and there was only a load of chairs on the 'other side' of the curtain. We could all hear, and almost see everything going on. When it's babies I don't think this kind of setup matters too much but when the kids are old enough to know that the doctor and tray full of needles means ouch bloody ouch and they can hear the kid before them going 'itai itai itai itai' then it's not so good.

Shou was fine until we sat down. He did one huge scream when the needle went in and then just cried normally for a little bit - most of which was in one of the other rooms I took him to so that the kids who hadn't been yet wouldn't see him cry. Not for staunch I am man reasons, but for the 'fuck, everyone's crying it must be really bloody sore' reasons. He calmed down though and off we set for goodies.

He chose a small pkt of lolls and then took off to the book section where he picked up a train coloring book - which the lady gave us free which was a bonus. I still don't know why really. She said something about it having been there for ages and that we could just have it.

I'm not sure what it's like in other areas in Japan but the Japanese encephalitis vaccination just came back this year and Shou is the first group  to have it. It used to be free but the vaccination wasn't so good and lots of kids got temperatures and sick after it so they stopped it. You could get it but you had to pay for it. Now the vaccination type has changed and it is free again. Good news, cause I didn't know anything about it really and if we had had to pay for it probably wouldn't have gotten it.

English yesterday afternoon was fine although the kids are all a lot more interested in the kitten and the adventure playground than they are in English. I would be too but. The kitten that still has no name. The kitten that hub thinks I need to start putting pants on so the neighborhood toms and village strays don't rape and pillage it and leave us with a pregnant kitten about to have a litter of seven more. Little does he know I am just going to get it fixed without telling him - him of the thinking that 20,000 yen is far too much to spend on a cat.

Hub was late home again last night - half nine. The kids were pretty good for dinner and I even managed to get Marina in the shower which was a bonus. Shou wasn't keen and that's fine as I took the Japanese route of no baths after vaccinations. Hub bought home two cold beers with him and I DIDN'T HAVE ONE. This deserves a major pat on the back.

pat pat pat pat pat


When I was cleaning out some of the English stuff yesterday I came across an old diary - 9 years old from when I was on JET. I was 65kg, running every day in preparation for a half marathon and then a duathlon and was wanting to get down to 63kg by my birthday. I was running between 6-10 km every day and biking every second. I had even stopped drinking for a few months which I was surprised at as my recollection of JET was lots of booze and definitely on the weekends and possibly all five days leading up to it.

Right, better get into that shower. There is some serious banging going on upstairs which I hope isn't Ryu head banging to heavy metal being played in his head. Hope he's just trying to kick a hole in the wall instead.



Lulu said...

I have never done Billy Bootcamp before. It looks like hell. I guess that is the point though.

Shou sounded pretty brave to me. I think it is the worst when they are about that age. Noah doesn`t cry at the moment but I imagine he will once he gets to that age.

illahee said...

dang that billy, anyway.

(i must confess, when i first saw the title of your post i thought you were referring to billy goats. silly me!)

thefukases said...

Fellow exercisey JET! I used to run for an hour beside the river every morning before work. Now they're lucky I brush my hair before I go!

And Lulu- you can have my Billy if you want. Poor guy hasn't seen the light of day in over a year....

Corinne said...

I've totally been running every morning, however I only have a third of the child factor to deal with and no Granny K like factors so I think you're doing bloody well to get any exercise in!

hehe, when I saw on FB "did my first billy" I swear to god I thought you had totally lost it and turned to marijuana!!! hehehe

Corinne said...

I've totally been running every morning, however I only have a third of the child factor to deal with and no Granny K like factors so I think you're doing bloody well to get any exercise in!

hehe, when I saw on FB "did my first billy" I swear to god I thought you had totally lost it and turned to marijuana!!! hehehe

p.s. My mil tried to do billy and got rushed to hospital after passing out!! So I use that excuse to keep mine buried under the stairs too...

Gaijin Wife said...

Corinne - that wouldn't be losing it, that would be making my days a lot easier to get through, not to mention a hell of a lot funnier! might give me the munchies though and that defeats the real Billy purpose.

world of sekimachihato said...

everytime i wanna leave a message on your blog i get this message:
mmm, wonder if i'm the only one getting this?
anyway, jabs suck. i can't stand needles so it was a nightmare for me to watch kou-chan get his second jab the other week. i was more of a mess than he was. he went straight back to sleep as soon as the needle came out of his little thigh.

i don't think you need a pat on the back re that beer. you need your head checked!
we don't get beer CMs on TV in hong kong so it kinda re-surprised me to see all the beer CMs here in japan. 夏=ビールだな!