Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Beef and Beer

I think it reached 36 degrees here today. I guess I'm not actually that hot as do have aircon on but still, the middle of the day was melting. As for the itchy itch... I have my Japanese summer legs. Bitten to bits by carnivorous oversized Japanese mozzies on a mission. Much like my Japanese OL telephone voice (high pitched and hehehe girlie) and my normal voice there is a marked difference in the state of my calves in winter and summer.

Of course this is partially due to beef and beer on the deck last night...
I had the mozzie incense going and sprayed myself senseless with repellent and still, still I got about fifteen bites. But what can you do. I taste good.

And so did the beef yum. And the beer yum. Our first BBQ of the season - outside at least. This BBQ table was the best house warming prezzie we got. I gets a layer of sand and then coals. I discovered today that if you scrub the grill things the next day instead of three months after the event the shit comes off quite easily. Wahoo. Pat self on back for scrubbing the fuckers today instead of October.

Dinner was loads of fun. Both Ryu and Marina were asleep by the time guests arrived which was what you would expect after their afternoon antics. Shou was so damn tired by 6pm that I tried to get him off too but to no avail. After all, it was still bloody daylight out. So he came back downstairs and was a right pain in the ass until he got over the tired hump and turned into a bug freak - him and the 7 year old daughter of our guests went all over the garden (with a torch when it got dark) and hunted bugs. Had a GREAT time, and for the most part let the adults feast in peace. Armen.

Our guest had offered to bring the beverages seeing as we were doing the beer and whatnot. Not one to turn a gift horse wherever or whatever I said OK, Asahi would be great. Cans fine. The last few times we have had people over they have been our generation and a chilly bin of beer  has been fine - yes, I still need to pass it out but there is none of the pouring other people's drinks thing. And then one of the men (ex town office dude who lives down the road) arrived with a case of Asahi bottles. Fuck it. He proceeded to pour about half of these down my throat. God, I hope he was feeling sick today - as I was trying to tip the other half down his throat. Haven't had a 'Japanese' beer drinking thing for bloody ages. Dangerous bastard things that they are.

Guests were off by half nine and Shou was asleep about ten minutes later. Hub and I did a bit of the cleaning away and then had a beer on the deck - lovely.

Hub has a rough week this week. They sent tax shite of some sort off last week and this week are expecting backlash phone calls. He warned me that he would be worse than a sorority of girls with their periods.

But, he also said he would take a day off when it's over so we can go to the movies. My god, haven't been to the movies for ages.

Bloody hell, Granny K has come in to talk funeral money. Bloke from down the paddy has karked it and she wanted hub to go give the funeral money - but he can't. And she got pissed off, cause she has pottery class and 'can't' go. The man is the father of a bloke he does wannabe firebrigade with.

Bloody paddy politics.


Oh, and Ryu and I went for big walk this afternoon. Was too fuckin hot and I have stripped wrists from where my hands stuck out from my flummy fuck off hot ass exercise jacket.  I strapped Ryu into the buggy and I swear to got two seconds later the cat was in there...
She didn't come walking with us but it was so cute. Paws all over Ryu.


Sara said...

Beef and beer sound great - we haven't had any BBQ-ing action yet this summer... hopefully by the end of it.

Ok how cute is that last picture - your kitty really seems to be Ryus buddy. kawaaaiii

(hope the rice paddy politics work themselves out soon)

Oyomesan said...

ooo!!! a BBQ table!!! Now that is doing in style! I want one!
Actually we saw a whole BBQ Cabana for Y800,000 in HOmac recently....it had windows/doors/BBQ table/arm chairs....I was thinking of buying it and moving in with the cats and the computer...

world of sekimachihato said...

i so envy you with your big blimmin bbq! you have some snazzy friends if they give house warming gifts like that!
nice desk too. not yours... the outside one.
we don't even have a balcony over here. but one good thing about being high up is that the mozzies can't reach us!

world of sekimachihato said...

desk = deck

Corinne said...

Ooooo I want to move to the iinaka and buy a big bastard BBq table now... Well, not quite but it would be nice to have a holiday house to go to!
Looks yuuuummmmmy! And that photo is so gorgeous!

kristininjapan said...

That cat is sooo cute! I can't believe it willingly gets in the carriage. My brother in law's family has a black cat just like that called Marbles, and a 2 year old. Whenever the cat appears the 2 year old exclaims in astonishment, "MARBLES! Hello, Marbles!" because the cat never comes around. Not since the 2 year old showed up.

Lulu said...

Sounds lovely! And a deck- so jealous! We just do yakiniku at the table on the grill but it really is not the same (and live in super old apartment so can`t run the yakiniku plate and aircon at the same time- EEK!)

I think the cat and Ryu are a match made in heaven!