Monday, 21 June 2010

What a Bonus

Remember around the time I found out about mum and the cancer I was doing a lot of translation work? Well I logged into the online site for that company and went to my 'invoice' page. Turns out I had forgotten to tick two of the jobs I did and they have been sitting there this whole time unpaid. They weren't huge jobs. Only turns out as 40,000 but that is still about $600. $600 that feels like I am getting for free so much time has elapsed since I actually did the work.  Awesome. What a pleasant surprise!

It was also pay day today AND it is bonus pay day at the end of the month. Half is going on the new computer and the other probably going into stock up the secret pachinko slush fund! Not really - nearly every cent is accounted for this time leaving about zilch to be played with. Can't remember the last time we had a bonus day to look forward to. Not complaining though. At least bonus days help stop us from drowning quite so much.

Took the kitten to the doctors this morning. An hour each way for a five minute consultation during which the doc declared MEOW healthy bar a few flees which he took care of by giving her some proper flee stuff - as opposed to the cheap shite we got at the home center on Saturday. Am going back next week for a jab of some kind.

She wasn't that impressed with the car and her temporary housing - a 12 bottle Asahi beer box. I put an old towel in the bottom and when I opened it for her she jumped straight in. Easy. I shut the lid and put her in the boot. I look back three minutes later, after a lot of meowing and carrying on, and see her up on the back of the seat about 6cm away from Ryu's head. She gets re-boxed but this time she gets moved to the front seat where I can put my heavy handbag on the top and keep an eye on her.

Cost $40 for her first checkup and the flee stuff. Haven't been to a doctors and had to pay that much for a long time. The kids are free and the dentist is only $8 per kiddy visit. The cat will probably end up being more expensive!

We had a quiet afternoon and the kids were relatively good for the dinner thing. Hub was home in time to 'help' with Shou going to bed but really it was just a lot of faffing around and 'you'd rather sleep with mum wouldn't you?' kind of shit so in the end I was queen of putting all the kids to bed - again. Honestly man. If you're going to get home at 8pm - a time when am just in the process of getting Shou up to bed - then try and be a bit more enthusiastic about helping the cause.

I was very good with the kids this evening and I don't even think I screamed once! While they were inside having dinner - after me having to count to five (which is proving to be extremely effective) to get him in from outside - Shou said, in a voice exactly like the one I use, 'Mum, I wish you'd listen to Shou more. I told you I wanted to eat tea outside tonight'. I had to stifle a giggle. My little boy is growing up so fast!

Well, an extremely boring post tonight. No obscenities of any kind. Apologies. Granny K was fine, the kids were good, Ryu was adorable, the kitten thing was relatively painless and hub wasn't caught at pachinko!

Peace with the world.

Oh, I did spend a while on the putter trying to sort out accommodation for trip home. Two weeks in hotels is expensive going. I having been emailing places trying to find out about fenced play areas and highchair and cot availability!!

Right, cup of cha and final episode of 'Numbers' before I have to beg for more DVDs off Chiemi. I remembered a story the lady at the place we went out for dinner and drinks to on Saturday night told us. Really need to go into the hills and take a photo of the place in question though so will do that tomorrow.

Night night campers.



Rachel said...

Sounds like a peaceful day!

Have you looked into holiday parks? Sound mad, but I was having a brief look for a trip I'm planning to Rotorua, and some have cabins that are like little houses, kitchen, bathroom, separate bedroom, plus pools and playgrounds and wonderful stuff for kids. Much cheaper than a hotel, and you can do your own cooking too.

katy said...

unfortunately there are only two in Napier and one is out by the airport and the other is a hug walk into town and to home. The motel I booked is opposite a fantastic fully enclosed playground on Marine Parade - and a three minute push with the stroller to a white chocolate frap from starbucks. Because I'll be skinny and fabulous by then and deserving of one!!

umebossy said...

Nice! Got to love free money :)

I'm intrigued about what the story was that it would need a trip into the hills for photographic evidence...