Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunday bloody Sunday

Sunday bloody Sunday - actually it wasn't bloody by any stretch of the imagination but Sunday's do have their 'special' way of wearing me out.

Hub and Shou were off early for the Union get together in the park in Oita city, two hours away. Was  a pre-election thing although a similar thing happens every year. 500 people turned up this year and amongst the proceedings Shou strips off and runs round and round the fountain which is in the middle of the park. I don't really blame him as was stinking hot today. Luckily he had a change of clothes, two in fact - just in case they decided to go crab hunting on the way home.

The idea was that Shou and hub would be out and that Granny K would look after Marina while Ryu slept and I would translate. Granny K was asked by her beloved son whether she could look after her beloved grand-daughter while her beloved daughter in law did a couple of hours work. She came in and upon seeing Marina settled in front of a DVD (for all of five minutes it was) and me typing away she buggers off - and proceeds to go to the veggie patch farthest from the house - without her phone. I know it wasn't intentional but it's a miracle I managed to translate the page that I did.

When she came back we tried to get Marina to play in her room but no go so I gave in to defeat and packed the computer away and Marina and I went to the cleaning place (new in Kunimi from last week) and dried three loads of washing. God I hate the rainy season. Honestly, what is good about it?

washing never getting properly dried? Hanging it out under the deck only to have to spin dry it for an hour at the end of the day?

All the 'things' that like the rain and come out to play?

Hub having to go to the town office every time there is a heavy rain warning - just in case they need to sand bag little old ladies houses in the middle of the night so the water doesn't get in?

the fact that puddles and crabs are two of Marina and Shou's most favoritist things in the whole world? I'm usually OK on most occasions when it comes to puddles, water, mud and crabs but on the way to kindy in the morning it does my head in - the puddles at least. We usually spend about ten minutes looking for crabs between the car and the kindy every morning - when it's not raining, in which case I spend ten minutes trying to bribe them not to run through every puddle they see. But then what three year old doesn't like running through puddles. Their fascination is of course part my fault as when it really rains (or the day after) I will go through the big puddles on purpose - in the car, so that the water sprays up the side of the windows.

Anyway, the day was fine, I got my quote finished, albeit a sentence here and a sentence there. Only one page left to do tomorrow.

Have taken some pics, mainly of Ryu, over the last couple of days but the camera is currently passed out from over usage. Will post tomorrow.



world of sekimachihato said...

i've just re-done a load of washing because of the blimmin rainy season. here in hong kong we have to dry stuff by hanging it inside... believe me it doesn't dry; stays damp and goes smelly.

don't know why i typed that in japanese...

thefukases said...

You are a good mum! Mine are free to run through all the puddles they want on the way *to* kinder- then the changing and wet boots and sopping kid is someone else's problem. Bet the teachers love me, huh? ;P

Here's to sunny days and bugs staying outside again.

Bryn said...

LOL I do the same thing with puddles, even when the kids aren't in the car!

How fun to be able to go crab hunting every day! Def. need to make a trip down so E can have a go at it just once! I'm sure kitty-chan mauling crabs will be equally funny after a few shots of tequila!

Gaijin Wife said...

Bryn - four or five shots and I may well be sautéing said crabs