Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Stupid Stupid Fucker

I type this as the stupid stupid fucker sits 1mt away from me.

I haven't been on a 'covert pachinko operation' for a while. It's a pain in the ass really seeing as it involves getting Ryu to bed and pilling Shou and Marina in the car and asking Granny K to keep an ear out for Ryu (who very rarely wakes up during that time) while I take the other two for whatever important bit of shopping I just have to do in the next town over.

Tonight it was printer ink.

Which I might add the bloody next town over doesn't stock in the one shop open past 7pm.

I don't know what made me choose today really. Perhaps a bit form the conversation yesterday got me thinking that perhaps just maybe hub is at it again - or never stopped. Honestly, a look, a single comment and the clogs start a turning. Or it could have been the full page add in today's morning paper about the pachinko parlor (in the next town over) having a special, if your a lucky bastard you'll have silver balls flooding your ankles, on Wednesday's that got me thinking...

So, come 5pm I have decided that is the plan of action but surely the fool wouldn't be after the fuckin HARD HOURS of overtime he has been doing lately. Or perhaps that is exactly it. Perhaps he is actually doing overtime sometime and then needing an outlet and going to pachinko on THE ONE DAY IN TWO MONTHS I go to check up.

Yeah, I know.  As far as I know I wasn't blond this morning when I woke up either.

Ryu goes to sleep and I pile the other two in the car. We set off. There is a false poo stop for Shou and a bit of grizzling but not too bad as i actually do have to get milk formula and toothpaste. Yes, I could technically do this shit tomorrow but it's my birthday and I would like to do as little as possible please.

So I swing by the carpark at the pachinko parlor - after swinging past the carpark in the supermarket next door (cause that's where I would park if I was a lying pachinko bitch). Once round the carpark and I actually start telling myself off for doubting the man.

On the way out and I notice a similar car in the very front carpark - so close to the front doors of the parlor it almost serves as a kick in the face. I must admit  it was a very hard to see the numberplate so perhaps the fucker has actually started thinking. A taxi pulled up and someone walked out just as I wanted to capture the moment in history so I chickened out. But then I did a U-turn down the street and took the pic - not great cause is on my phone and I was moving but I think with a bit of CSI work you could well read the numberplate.

Besides I just found 5000 yen in his sunvisor thing in his car - yes. the EXACT same place he hid it last time I found it.

He also had a package from the bookstore in his car - with some nice floral writing paper in it.

By christ I better get a birthday letter on that paper tomorrow or the man will find himself face down in the river 10 meters from the front door.

And no, I haven't said anything to the man about me knowing. He is doing a lot of deep sighing though so perhaps Granny K phoned him and  told him I was out with the kids on a night shopping extravaganza - which usually equals pachinko check.

Sick of this shit aye. Tis partly my fault - considering I aren't going to leave the fucker to be a single mother of three small children I SHOULD STOP CHECKING UP on him. I know this. I do. Really. But I can't help myself.

Anyhoo, I made this year's umeshu (plum liquor) tonight and in doing so realized that last year's is still quite plentiful.

Might go deplete the bottle a bit.

Hell, I'm in need.



MIdori said...

I fucking hate pachinko and feel your pain as it was the bane of my life as well. I can honestly say that even without the big reason I left D, I would probably have left him eventually because of the pachinko thing. That is me though. I hated being lied to and I hated pachinko using up money that could have been used for something else/ time with the family. I never bought the "I am stressed I need to go the pachinko" excuse, but as I am very anti-gambling after all the problems it cause between my own parents so I guess I don`t really understand the attraction! (((HUG))) from London

umebossy said...

I understand the compulsion to check up even though you know it's not going to be something good - it's like an itch that needs to be scratched and scratched even if you know that you're going to draw blood...

Why doesn't he just say "hey, I just really need to let off some steam so I'm going to go and drop 5000yen at pachinko. I know that this means you'll be stuck doing the night time routine without me so why don't I come home early on Friday and give you the evening off so you can go out, get ratarsed and forget you are the mother of 3 small children for a few hours?" ?!? Far more honest and would do you both a bit of good I'm sure. Instead with the sneaking off it makes both of you feel bad (I'm sure he's not able to enjoy it completely knowing that he might get caught) and it keeps perpetuating this cycle of you feeling that you have to sneak around too to check up on him.

Easier said than done I know but gah every time I read one of your posts about this I just want to cry for all the stress and tension that it's causing you... it reminds me so much of my parents' marriage and my dad's secret gambling. Really hope that you're able to have it out once and for all and get him to realise that what he's doing is just an all-round bad fucking idea.

anchan said...

Crap, crap, crap. And I'm not one for swearing. xxx

Anonymous said...

ditto all the above...sounds like it`s getting a bit out of hand for him in regards to lying..I would check too..hate the feeling of knowing something is going and realising you are right. :(
*hugs* from Shikoku.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hoping you have some Kodak Moments thrown in with all the usual family stress today you really deserve it. I'lll be keeping my fingers crossed that the floral notepaper is used for you.....and if it isn't will be willing to watch the kids while you kick his stupid ass (You'll have to Takkyubin the kids to me in Osaka but....) I don't know anything about pachinko except that as with all gambling the punters lose and the owners get really rich. My question is..if you found the 5,000 yen in the car...what was he playing with? Didn't he get into so much debt last year that you had to lose the holiday/big anniversary pressie fund? And now you just dipped in to savings to help keep the house running....all I can say is he had better write some good shit on that floral paper...
Sorry for dragging that all up but you say "maybe I shouldn't check" well yes maybe you'd be happier (ignorance is bliss)...until you found out he'd got so much in debt there was no digging your way out of it.
I usually don't comment but I love reading your swear so much at first I thought you were Irish! We have a similarly colourly gift for expressing ourselves!
lots of love and Happy Birthday
Denise in Osaka.