Thursday, 24 June 2010


Very sleepy so this wont be long.

Have finished my translation quota for today. First deadline is tomorrow with the whole thing due in on Tuesday.

I guess today was a bit taxing - being Thursday and all. Two English classes plus the kindy one - which I might add didn't involve any 5 year olds boys punching 5 year old girls in the face today. Yay. Both classes were a lot better than last time and I actually felt like some English was flowing. In my Junior High English class I decided to start the English only rule. It went well but I think I came out of it more tired than they did! Have the primary school tomorrow.

Am really juiced. Need to go to bed. Hub 'suggested' I wake him up when I get there but I can't really be arsed to be honest, what with probably being woken at half four tomorrow morning. Sleepy.



Rachel said...

did Shou get you up early enough to catch the last minutes of the soccer final?

Anonymous said...

Hope you got a good sleep. Thursdays sound like a hard day, don't know how you do it.

How is your mom doing?

T in Tokyo

Gaijin Wife said...

Rachel - we were downstairs at half five - so no. Ruth txt me from Ireland with the results while I was still in bed :)

T - Thursdays are pretty chaotic. Glad it's over for this week :) Mum is in the middle of a one month break of nothing. Radio is all finished and hard chemo starts in three weeks. She is good - I think. Her head is sore from all the radio but that should get better soon. I don't think she's too keen on going out and about and seeing people until her head isn't so tender she can't wear her wig. Thanks for asking :)