Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Slapper Bitey Bitch

So I spoke to A teacher at kindy this morning. It wasn't one of Marina's teachers but they all help out here and there during the day so I thought the message would get passed on. I said my piece about not being thrilled about Marina coming home with bitemarks every second day and that could they keep an extra pair of eyes on Marina and Sakura today when they were within close proximity of each other. I also asked that anything be written down in the parent/teacher contact notebook.

This teacher, in a nice way, tried to tell me that Sakura doesn't bite without being provoked. Marina's main teacher yesterday said this is exactly what happens on over half the occasions. The pair will be playing fine (so fine that despite their history teachers don't keep watch because everything is peaceful) and then the first thing they know about the bite is because Marina is screaming. If Marina is provoking the little slapper (sorry, but I am so sick of this), then she is obviously doing it very quietly.

Because I ended up feeling BAD about voicing my concerns about this girl chomping into Marina all the time I rang hub and asked him to please ring Marina's head teacher at half eight just to reinforce that we want things written down. I want to KNOW if there has been something that Marina has done to provoke this girl during incidents. Is she stealing her toys all the time? Is she giving her the finger? Is she whispering 'whose ya daddy' in her ear? I don't just want to hear that she has been bitten again. I want the story so I can deal with Marina as well.

Hub tried to ring but the head teacher wasn't in today.

Ryu and I spent the day doing stuff like making railway crossings that didn't get made last night. I think I have done a stellar job but you'll have to wait to see it in full effect with the bullet train cake on Sunday. I got some errands done. Closed a long term deposit early with bank in NZ. Bit gutted but we were trying to live off the smell of an oily rag this month and we still have two weeks to go. I have to be careful though because it is the only available money I have until my sisters and brother pay me back - and that doesn't legally need to happen for another two years. Sigh, DON't go into business with family.

English went fine and then I went to pick Marina and Shou up...

From the look the teacher gave me as I walked through the gate I knew....

GW: No! She hasn't been bitten AGAIN surely?
Teacher: I'm sorry Aramaki-san (half laughing which I am totally over as well).
GW: What happened?
Teacher: I was watching them both all day I swear but the second I turn my back to help another kid on the monkey bars Marina pokes her tongue out at Sakura and then gets bitten on the thigh (the back of her thigh as she is climbing up to be next on the monkey bars)
GW: (thinking, you're back can't have been turned very well if you saw all that happen?) Oh, come here sweetie.
Teacher: I'm sorry. Please apologise to your husband for me too. (obviously they know he tried to ring)
GW: (to Sakura slapper bitey bitch who is still there with her brother waiting to be picked up) Hey Sakura, can you play nicely with Marina for me? She has four sets of your teeth imprinted on her body. Not wanting anymore OK. Got it? I've got friends who know people who might just turn up at your house while you're watching anpanman and muzzle your choppers shut.

A bit more apologising. It wasn't too bad today...

This is Marina getting off extremely lightly. Yesterday's was worse...
She has a hole in her t-shirt from this. You can see why I titled it vampire yeah? Not the usual teeth marks. The one on her other thigh that happened the day before I got back from NZ was the worst. Nearly a month on and it still looks like the one she got today - but looked five times worse than this one here when it happened - and it was a whole set of perfectly imprinted teeth. Who needs dental records when you've got Sakura's teeth on Marina's thigh.

Anyway, I AM PISSED OFF. The head teacher rang here at 7pm and asked for hub. He wasn't home yet so she is ringing back in 15. He is not impressed either. Might need to add an edit later.

Oh, and tomorrow I am going to the kindy at half nine for my first volunteer English play time. Fuck. You can bet I'm going to keep an eye on the maverick biter.  Maybe I'll even poke my tongue out at her and see if she tries to take my big gaijin thigh on.

God, we could be onto a diet winner - hire Sakura to bite your fatty thighs and flummy off. Excellent.


Edit - Phone call over. Teacher was very apologetic. Hub said everything he intended to. Good man. By the sounds of it Marina isn't being right bitch to Sakura. The poking her tongue out at her today could have been because I harped on at her before kindy about not playing with the slapper - which isn't fair because they are actually friends.

So the teachers are going to be keeping a pretty good eye out. There will be some serious shite going down if she comes home tomorrow and Friday with new bites. If she does we have decided to take her out of kindy next week so at least she can recover from the last barrage of biting before she gets more :(


Fifi Kida said...

good LORD! That is insane... do you know though, some kids just bite, regardless of who or why. My wee sis when she was about 2 (and a chomper) bit my then 4 year old brother (who was a complete sweety angel child) through a pair of jeans, on the arse pocket and his pants and had him bleeding.

I really feel you would not be wrong in telling Marina to bite her back. She has strong gaijin teeth and as they say "once bitten (by a gaijin) twice shy." Or better still tell the girl and the giggly idiot teacher that if she does it again YOU will bite her leg - that should stop her. Tell her about this chef in Osaka who is always looking for little cannibals legs to cook for his lunch sets.

Seriously though, You seem to have gone through all rational courses of action, but yet the parents are muppets. Slapper bitey bitch indeed....

Melanie said...

Man!!!! I would go and get Marina tested for rabies and other such things and then present the bill and perhaps a few photos of the bites to the girls parents and to the school.

You don`t want Marina to get infected and after seeing some of the teeth Japanese kids here have, who knows what sort of germs are lurking in their mouths.

I second telling Marina to bite the girl back. Or better yet, bring her a dog bone or toy (perhaps wrap it all up nice and pretty and give it to the girls parents) as obviously she needs something to bite on.

Ruthie said...

OMG those bites are horrendous. I can't believe the teachers haven't said it to Sakura's mother. Could you have some kind of meeting with the mother and the teachers at the play school to talk about it if it happens again? There's biting and then there's grevious bodily harm!!

My bro used to bite me until one day Mum had had enough and bit him on the hand. He never bit me again after that.

Sakura's parents really need to be spoken to about that though, they are unbelievable!!

ローラ said...

Holy crap that Sakura kid scares me! The worse of the 2 photos looks more like Marina got chomped by a snapping turtle or something.

I'm usually not a fan of confrontation, but if it were my kid, I'd be at that other parent's doorstep. Not cool.

I too, feel like Marina should use her pearly whites on that kid! Go at it, see if Sakura likes it.

And I have always hated the "laughing-apology" shit from people back home. It just strikes a nerve! Why are you laughing while apologizing?? You'd guess they weren't really sincere, but I think it's probably just a cultural thing?

Lisa said...

Yeah, Marina should bite her back.

Adam W said...

That's just ridiculous. If Marina was provoking her enough to warrant a bite, the little Vampire would have put on a show and then bite her. I can't see a kid that's provoked just stand there quietly and then lash out with her teeth quietly. Too animalistic.

anchan said...

Wow. You are handling this really well. Far better than I would! Good idea to document the bites with photos, make sure to date them (date bitten, date photo taken). The kindy MUST take this matter more seriously - if they don't then I think you need to take this further (not sure where that would be?). Tempting though it might be, I wouldn'tencourage Marina to bite back (though I wouldn't be mad at her if she did!), they (the kindy and the vampire) need to be made to understand that biting is absolutely unacceptable. Hugs for both you and Marina xxx

Oyomesan said...

Oh wow....

Parents meeting with the incriminating photos ON the table for all to see....

But I also wonder if both kids are doing it (biting and a bit of provoking) to get attention from the adults...because if someone bit me I would never ever go near them again.....

Gaijin Wife said...

Oyomesan - it does make you wonder doesn't it. Why on earth does Marina keep playing with her? There is one teacher for the 6 two year olds and two teachers for the 5 younger kids - although it is all in the same room so a bit of all the teachers doing everything - but there not being enough eyes to see everything.

fifi - absolute fuckin muppets. Totally agree.

Melanie - hadn't thought of that. And i ilke the idea of getting s chewy toy for Sakura.

Laura - snapping turtle - exactly. More like puncture wounds than a bit.

Adam - animalistic. Like it. She so is. When I saw her yesterday she didn't smile or laugh or do anything cute little two year old girls do. Feel sorry for the poor thing. But not sorry enough to stop calling her a slapper bitty bitch until this phase of biting my only daughter every day has passed .

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about kids - but I find it curious that some adults think that escalating the biting is a good idea. I think further dialogue with all parties sounds a better idea - and perhaps consulting a psychologist.

Good luck,

Sherry said...

Um, you wonder why some parents suggest "escalating" the biting? Because with some kids the whole do unto you as you did unto others things works! They learn first hand how what they are doing effects others. Whether it works or not depends on the kid. A psychologist for a biting two year old? Most two year olds bite at some point. Some, like this kid, just turn it into a hobby. And have you ever met a two year old? They aren't capable of mature rational thought or able to discuss feelings or consequences or anything even close. THAT'S exactly why they act out physically.

Gaijin Wife said...

Anon - I agree. I think I should definitely see a psychologist. If there was one locally I guarantee I would spend far too long on the couch. A lot easier, and more economical just ranting to you lot.

Unless of course you meant the two year old needed one?

I think I'm a much better candidate.