Thursday, 3 June 2010

New Man on the Scene.

Have just had to turn the box off. All news about yet another Japanese Prime Minister buckling under the pressure. Honestly, this country goes through Prime Ministers faster than I shoot babies out the saloon doors.

Tomorrow is our first 'official' weigh in for the 4 month challenge. I was therefore planning on spending day having things like wheat grass juice and air. For a strapping lass like myself though no food will sooner or later lead to short temperedness - in Japanese いらいらする - which is a better way to describe it I think.

Ryu's 5am wakeup call, followed by two and a half hours of kids, breakfast, fire engines, nappies, clothes, Marina packing an absolute mental because she couldn't find her strawberry shortcake t-shirt which I tried to tell her the washing fairy had taken away to wash half of last night's dinner off but she wasn't convinced, runny noses, and trying to put the toddler seat on the double buggy and I was starting to max out. Despite this, I did a few deep breaths, tried for the outer-body hovering above and watching the chaos without me experience, but failing that gave in and pushed the kids to kindy.

The fresh air saved me most of the trip but the last km I was starting to hallucinate, and the black handle of the buggy looked remarkably like a big licorice strap. Lucky I walked in the door when I did or I think I would have found self choking on bits of black spongy foam handle.  I have had to put the coffee on and make self an egg on toast to boost my blood sugars.

I met the new teacher helping in Marina's class this morning. I was told on Tuesday that a new teacher would be starting. A MAN - gasp. pause. wait for the shock to settle. This is completely outrageous and stupid I know but  I was a bit 'unsettled' when I heard the new teacher was a man. Shou's old kindy in the city had three men and that was absolutely fine. But in Kunimi? Only the kindy heads are men and they pretty much have nothing to do with looking after the kids. And it's not the looking after I was having visions of.... was the some man pulling down Marina's kitty-chan panties and helping her wipe her fanny after going to the loo. Christ that sounds indecent. But it's true. The thought crossed my mind.  Imagine that, in this day and age, getting all funny about that kind of thing.  Honestly, really gaijinwife. It's the man's job. Tis like saying the male gynecologist gets off seeing twenty pairs of saloon doors a day. God, after the hell my doors have gone through in the last four years I doubt anybody would get off seeing them.

Anyway, met the man this morning and he looks absolutely lovely and immediately my worries vanished. The truth be known he's actually quite hot and I was going to say perhaps he'd like a go at pulling my panties down but then realised that is ridiculous as mine are supper flummy holding in apparatus that takes five minutes to put on and slightly less time to pull off.

Last night hub and I made the executive decision that it was time for an international relations meeting. Quite a lot of the time it seems lately, any meetings that are held are very one-sided. Hub seems to come out of them all flushed and post-shag lazy tired, where I'm like 'OK then, might just get a cuppa and watch some CSI'. But last night was most definately a meeting with involvement by all parties. Hmmmm, who would have thought. I even got a proper kiss this morning.

Right, best go get things started. Need to go buy summer pjs for the kids and some printer paper. I had to use washi for ABC practice worksheet for yesterday's class!

Tonight might be a bit of a write off as Granny K has a wake/funeral thing to go to. The phone rang at ten to bloody six this morning - making me immediately think something had happened at home. Was vestling from down the road. so and so's mother had passed away and the wake was tonight.  The woman was nearly 90 for christs sake. It wasn't unexpected and even though I should be more sympathetic could the woman not have waited an hour to ring?

So anyway, Granny K will not be around in case Ryu doesn't settle before I go to English at 8 - which will mean  I come home at 9 to Shou and Ryu both still up. Hub's lack of multi tasking ability means he is incapable of putting all children to bed on own.



Lulu said...

OMG! Your first couple of sentences gave me the giggles.

"...goes through Prime Ministers faster htan I shoot babies out the saloon doors"

Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow-everytime I read your diet blog i think "I should eat better, I should pull out the hula hoop"- but instead I stay horizontal on the couch reading blogs or surfing the net. Or getting up to have another ice coffee. With sweetener...

I hate early morning calls too- I only have a keitai and when a number pops up from Australia I always panic. I think you are right and the old lady from down the street should/could of waited an hour.

Hope the night shift without granny K doesn`t go too badly.

world of sekimachihato said...

just thinking back to the thinness (thin-ness?) of the walls in my tokyo apartment, i hope granny k was fast asleep before your meetings proceeded.

mmm, have a funny feeling (not down there) that we might be hearing a bit more about this hot-man-teacher.

Ruthie said...

Ooooh eye-candy at the Houikuen?! That'll be a little treat at the end of the 1km walk each day ;)

thefukases said...

Is new man teacher a young new man teacher? This village kinder is rather unfairly blessed with not one or two but three cute young male teachers. You should see the mums simpering of a morning! Maybe I'm weird but I have more of a problem with old women teachers than men. My kids get enough old fashioned Japanese thinking from elsewhere- I don't want them indoctrinated at kinder too!

Hope your class went well!

Gaijin Wife said...

WOS - despite our builder being almost as inbred as our electrician he has got the whole wall concept sorted and there are a few of those between our room and GK's :) I'm not really a ride the cowboy screaming while doing lasoo movements over my head kind of gal anyway!

Heather - hmmmm, he could be between about 25 and 33. Not sure. Shou used to have a young, still in her twenties, girl looking after his class but she left on maternity leave and then it was all over fifty women. Needless to say his old woman Japanese is great so hopefully this new man teacher can help him with some of his four year old man words!!