Monday, 14 June 2010


This will be short. I am posting from bed - the first time EVER in the history of my owning a computer.  A lovely parcel from NZ arrived this morning - with GLEE DVD for me and of course I couldn't wait until my actual birthday to open it so have had to watch the pilot already and perhaps a couple of pre-bedtime episodes. It must appeal to a lot of people - that wanting to be good at something, especially singing. So many of us out there who think we can sing and that the only reason we haven't gone platinum is because we keep forgetting agents don't come to the shower - or the car. Those are my favorite singing places. Those and all over the house in general when I am cleaning or cooking.

Took the kids to kindy this morning and the head of the pre-school was waiting for me. She explained that she did not in fact witness the punch scene - but she did see the tussle before hand and the girl crying and just presumed it was because she got the card taken off her. The girl's mum rung her up though and all was revealed. She asked if from next lesson we could not sit in a circle. I'm a fan of circle sitting. Beats rows anyway. She suggested that a circle puts the kids in very close proximity to each other and is hard for them to concentrate without the pushing and shoving. So next time they will stay at their tables and we can use the big room next door to run around mooing like cows and roaring like lions. All good.

I had an absolute disgusting weekend food wise. All yummy deep fried, chocolatey and alcoholic goodness mind you. Have big reservations for the scales being nice to me this weigh day though.

Am having big dilemmas about tickets home.

JETSTAR - really only a good deal if you already live in Tokyo or Kansai and don't have to add domestic tickets. This option will only cost us slightly less than KoreanAir and that leaves straight from Fukuoka - and we get fed.

KOREAN AIR - 480,000 yen for five of us return. Five hour wait in Seoul on the way and a night (free) on the way back. I thought I had enough airpoints for one ticket but nope - this trip's mileage would give me and Ryu a free trip home next time though. Need to hook us all up on the family plan.

AIR NZ - 560,000 yen by the time we add domestics. It is direct but I am having trouble finding the same domestic flight I got last time - that got me there almost exactly two hours before the flight. Can't find any JAL or ANA flights now that would get us there in time. None in September anyway. They don't even have their October schedule out yet.

THAI - what NO 1 Travel came up with - same price as Korean air and I wouldn't choose them over Korean air because the flight distance is longer, I have never been to the bangkok international airport and I'm just chicken shit cause it's a new route.

Decisions, decisions. Probably Korean Air - at least they have that space half way down the plane near the toilets where you can stand and rock a grizzly child - unlike Air NZ which was very narrow.

Ooooh, can hear hub home.

Should go and welcome home and heat up his dinner.


PS - I am joking.

He's an hour later than he said he would be. His dinner is waiting cold on the table and I'm sure he can figure out how to use the microwave on his own.


Ruth said...

If you know Korean air is good and it includes all the domestic flights I'd go with them. Sometimes it's better to pay that bit extra and get a little bit more comfort.

Also what about baggage? If you book domestic yourself and then onto Jetstar might there be a chance you'll have to collect the bags and re-check in in Kansai? That's always a nightmare. Particularly if, like me, you're 20kgs over and are trying to sneak the bags onto the international flight!!

Lulu said...

Korean Air price is actually quite good I think (for 5 at least- 2 adult tickets, 2 75% tickets and a 10% ticket right?) - I just booked for the three of us at the end of the year from NRT-Gold Coast and it was 360,000yen or so..... peak time though (and that includes a domestic trip to Melbourne and back for me and the bub)

I say Korean Air is looking pretty good.

Glee- I have heard such good things but only managed to watch one episode before giving up. Weird, because I usually love musicals. I think it was the story line. Perhaps i should give it another go.

My hub walked in the door at 9:50pm- actually early for him recently. I "pinged" his dinner for him though but he did say "ooishi" so I guess he is okay. HAHA!

Oyomesan said...

LOVE Glee! We are big fans up here...

Have watched all the first series have to watch the first few programs to get into the characters and the Glee-world...think of it like manga of US High the sports teacher...she's awesome!
and the music is great too....

world of sekimachihato said...

do let me know if glee is any good and i will pop down to my local and buy a season (all bootleg stuff over here mind you...)

flight delimas.... we are having them too as we were thinking of popping over to japan at the end of this month; k-chan's dad was told he has that horrible "C" word.
anyway, i didn't realise jetstar flew direct from japan to nz. don't they go via that big chunk of land off to the left of nz?
and heck that's a hefty price for 5! i was moaning when i saw i would have to pay 10% of an adult fare for kou-chan on JAL.

Rachel said...

Did they not suggest Cathay or Singapore?

Thai is a great airline, way better food. Airport I am not so sure about, might be better to go with what you know.

GLEE - Amy sneakily watches it when she thinks I'm not watching. DH tapes it. I like the singing silliness but I hate the misogynistic female characters! They're all bitches!

world of sekimachihato said...

just wanted add that bangkok's airport is nice; although extremely hard to pronounce the name of...
i have one photo of it under my tag "bangkok" can't see much though.

Gaijin Wife said...

WOS - Yes, Jetstar flies via the Goldcoast and then on to Auckland.

Rachel - Cathay was all booked and Thai must have been cheaper than Singapore. I'm not too fussed on kind of food seeing as with Shou, Marina and Ryu it is debatable as to whether we will even be able to get any in our mouths. I'd probably be pissed if it looked lovely and then got it thrown all over me. As long as I get a sippy no spill cup with some wine I'll be fine.

Anyway - all booked. And NZ domestics and nearly the rent-a-car!! What a huha. Just got some hotels to search for.