Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Funny, funny.

I have no idea if this is allowed or not so please tell me if I'm out of line but for the love of god this gave me a good laugh. Thank you to the person involved - you know who you are.

I was checking my statcounter - recent came from - and come across a link from an online gay group. Curious creature that I am I click on it and find my blog getting a mini rave... people are labeled gayman 1, 2, and 3 out of lack of inspiration to call them otherwise and not wanting to use their online names - and presuming of course that seeing as they belong to such a group that they are in fact gay and not just parading.

gayman 1: Anyway, I'm addicted to expatriate mother blogs. WTF. This is an illness.
gayman 2: That's the most bizarre addiction I've ever seen. Fantastic stuff.
gayman 3: I''m addicted to high class food blogs. It's one of my many dirty secrets.
gayman 1: Well you eat food, don't you? That's relatable. I have yet to squeeze a human being from my (non existent) vagina in a foreign country.... They're freaking amazing. Their bitching about their foreign husbands and mother-in-laws is hilarious, and their kids are so cute. Can't wait to be a dad. This is my favorite one. A Kiwi married to a Japanese. Don't let the pink fool you - she's quite feisty.

I realize that I should provide a link and not just steal this conversation but under the circumstances I'm not sure if that is OK?

I like being 'feisty' - just like I liked being 'elusive' which I think Bryn called me quite a while back. Think will put both attributes on next resume...

'Feisty and elusive gaijin with outstanding time management and organizational skills seeks English teaching position at international kindergarten.'

Like that's going to net me a job but.

Thank you! This really made my evening.

And in other news, and totally not related and even getting off the good feel vibe...

I had my usual Wednesday afternoon English class - six and seven year olds. Starts at 4pm. One mother rocks up at 3:15, drops her daughter off on my doorstep, claiming she had something to do, and pisses off. In your book is this acceptable? I was floored. The girl is lovely and just spent the time playing with Ryu and watching Penelope while I got dinner sorted, English stuff together and got the washing in. But could the mother, who I know well enough to invite for a coffee (not that I have yet), not have mailed me or rung me and asked if it was OK?

Still a bit perplexed and wondering if I charged her too much (there were some classes last month that didn't get paid because I went home rah rah and perhaps her daughter missed a class that I charged her for) and so she thought she'd pay the total but get an extra hours babysitting in on the deal?

Anyhoo, early night. Hub's home finally and looking like he has an itch he needs scratching.



Nay said...

LMFAO is all I can say!! That is just too funny!!

Helen said...

As a person who runs her own (very small) school, I'd say no way is it okay to leave a child 45 minutes early. If it was at my school I wouldn't be dressed or anywhere near ready to face that.

I think she just wants to get a bit of free babysitting and thinks her daughter will get "extra practice". I'd say you'll have to nip this in the bud or it might become a regular thing.

And feisty is a good word. I like it! It seems to suit you. :-)

Adam W said...

That would be me! Haha.

Thanks for not posting the link. I'm completely out and would have no problem, but a quite of few aren't out and would be freaked out if you put a link up.

I'm addicted to this things now. Seriously. I follow like four other expat moms since finding your blog. Haha

Gaijin Wife said...

AdamW - thank you for not minding. I put parts of the conversation and all sorts into google just to make sure nothing comes up and it doesn't.

I'm glad you like reading my blog though. Expat mummy blogs?? How did you come across me? Are you an expat yourself?

Oyomesan said...

Feisty is Great...I think it should be on the blog title....

and 45 minutes early? no way! I reckon you should rock up at that woman's home with a child of yours and say: "As I babysat for you last week, would you mind...?"

Adam W said...

No worries. I'm honored. I feel like a special guest. Haha.

I'm a nineteen year-old college student studying Japanese, and I'm most likely going to go over there in a couple years so I've been looking up expat blogs. Pleasantly surprised with all the mom ones!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Very funny indeed! Feisty is great I think.

As for the mum who dropped her kid off 45 mins early, you should make it very clear that this is not on. I like Oyomesan's comment about dropping one of your kids off and ask her to repay the favour. very cheeky indeed.

anchan said...

This made me grin from ear to ear :-D Maybe you'll become a gay icon, woo hoo!