Monday, 28 June 2010


Katy Aramaki thinks her little boy is growing up. He just spent a whole 30 minutes coloring in the same page. This bodes very well indeed for our 24 hours of travel and transit to get home in October.

Katy Aramaki is impressed with herself for finishing her translation a whole half day before is due. One final read an then its getting sent baby sent. Wahooo.

Katy Aramaki is sick of the fuckin rain. Despite doing washing all weekend she still did three loads today, which couldn't all get hung out to dry so had to make trip to coin laundry.

Katy Aramaki feels a bit sorry for Marina. She has two blisters from cheap plastic shoes she wore for ten minutes yesterday, and a scratch on her fanny from falling over a step crab hunting on the way to kindy.

Katy Aramaki thinks hub is a bit of a legend for managing five shag sessions in a week at the age of 45!

Katy Aramaki thinks her previous status is in direct relation to three days of horny housewife membership.

Katy Aramaki is thinking perhaps she shouldn't have canceled that membership.

Katy Aramaki thinks she has fallen off the diet wagon these last three days.

Katy Aramaki thinks she needs a leg up, a mini tramp and a rocket launcher to get back on.

Katy Aramaki had an interesting conversation with the post office man who rang up to enquire what was in the box she sent to  Yonezawa this afternoon. She had just written pump on the 'what are you sending' bit and thought the photo of a lady holding a breast pump to her boob extracting milk that was ON THE BOX would have been sufficient as an explanation.

Katy Aramaki's top was all a bit skew wiff (squew wiff ?? - NZ slang for all over the place, out of place, only really used for clothes) when she went to open the door today after her THREE HOUR nap with the baby.

Katy Aramaki thinks the amazon delivery man got a bit more than he bargained for.

Katy Aramaki doesn't rate being woken up at 3am to wipe shit off the back and neck of her one year old.  Same one year old stayed awake until 5am, hence the THREE HOUR nap this morning.

Katy Aramaki thinks she spends too much time on FACEBOOK.


PS. Katy Aramaki thinks it's been a while since you all saw some pics of her beautiful children...

Ryu in his pit.

Ryu thinks the cat is fuckin hilarious
Saturday's crab haul making a dash for it after the kitten knocked the bucket over. The littlest crab didn't make it - the kitten got to it first.  For some reason this was extremely funny at the time. Perhaps blame it on the ASAHI.
The three sprogletts. Shou and Marina in differing stages of the downward dog, or something.


achan said...

achan thinks that 9 out of 10 times she reads Gaijin Wifes blog she laughs, the other she crys!!

achan entered the blogging world the same time Ryu was born. It was the first post she read.

thefukases said...

Ryu looks more and more like Shou each pic you post. Who do people say they take after?

And the cheap shoe incident- fake crocs from Cainz? If so you have a partner in crime. If not, avoid those, too. A week late poor Amy still has marks on her feet....

Fifi Kida said...

5 in a bloody WEEK!!!

Jesus Christ ... My hubby has not managed 5 this year. In fact less than half that...

Im jealous. Next time he pisses you off just send him up to Osaka please ... there is a unsubscribed horny housewife up here.

Gaijin Wife said...

achan - I think I laugh or cry posting them too!

Heather - YES - bloody pink cute looking fake croc pieces of shit.

Fifi - OK, but must warn session very brief - although I am working on that ; )

kristininjapan said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. Found you on Expat Blogs; it is really interesting to read a totally different POV of expat life, you know? Anywho, there was a lack of baby pictures in your recent entries.. they are freakin' adorable. Really gorgeous children! Thank you for stopping by my blog, too!

Adam W said...

Hahahahahahaha. If having only five shag sessions a week is a result of age, I refuse to get older.

Your pictures make me want to have kids. This is why we have shows like "16 and Pregnant" in America. Too many goddamn cute kids.

umebossy said...

He really is starting to look like Shou - esp in that second pic!

We use skewiff in the UK too - well in my family anyway and usually for clothes too. It's a great word to say.

Lulu said...

Which little boy did the colouring?

Now you have a better computer and better internet it is great to see you around on fb and blogging world MORE.

Don`t think Shun has had 5 shag sessions in a week since we were trying to get pregnant. In fact I think he has only had about that many since Noah was born- maybe a couple more. Your hub is a lucky man!!!

Corinne said...

5 shag sessions is definitely something to be proud of!

haha, I haven't heard the words 'skewwiff' or 'fanny' in a long time, thanks!