Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Crawly '#%('&

OK, so story about place in hills not happening tonight but am heading over that way to meet Chiemi for lunch tomorrow so will take pic then.

This morning was absolutely heinous. I am over Shou waking up at the crack of fuckin dawn. This morning ..... 4am and he was in our bed poking me and trying to get hold of some of my hair with his crane. It wasn't pretty. I was not happy. By half four he was down in Granny K's room and ten minutes later outside playing with the kitten. Can't leave a four year old playing outside on his own so up I get. Marina has been woken up and is down by half five followed by Ryu at 6am and hub at ten past.

Honestly, when my kids are old enough to go out on the lash but happen to be staying at home I am going to repetitively wake them up at 4am. Not that I was on the lash last night but hey, I'm 34. Going to bed at 11pm and going to bed at 3am when you are 19 must have the same effect physically.

All of that aside I still managed to walk the kids to kindy in the double buggy. It was HOT - and still not even 8am. I swear I sweat off half a thigh just in that hour alone. Fantastic.

Ryu and I had a very lazy morning. He slept. I slept. He slept. I cleaned. He slept. I watched Numbers. Went to supermarket when he woke up and got fondled (him not me) by everyone we met. Got home and had lunch and then had feeling I was forgetting something.

Check latest postcard from Social Welfare and sure enough we are meant to be at the centre by 1:50. I am checking this at 1:40 mind you. Fuck. Change the baby, get the bag sorted and off we go - rocking up at 1:49.  Ahhh, the joys of rural life. Getting to your destination in 9 minutes! That said though, it takes me an hour to get to maccas and other important places like the kids doctor.

Ryu gets weighed, measured (smack bang in the middle of average) and then checked by the doctor. The doctor remembers me and comments on my superior baby making skills and being back to see him for the third time in four years.  He also comments on amazing performance of All Whites in the World Cup Soccer. Ryu gets the all clear. Good skin, heartbeat, balls, superchinchin etc.

We then have our turn with the 'all round lady' who asks about Ryu's motor skills. Seems a bit concerned he isn't standing up yet - especially as two of the 10 month old babies are cartwheeling across the room. He can stand if you put him in front of something to hold on to. He isn't too fussed about trying it out on his own yet though. But hey, if the woman had a two and three year old at home she wouldn't be 'encouraging' this kind of malarky either.

Move on to the other 'all round lady' who gets a bit more personal. How old is everyone, how much does Granny K help out, am I planning on flipping out anytime soon, do I have close friends I can bitch to and is there anything I'm having trouble with. I laugh and say no, not really, just wish hub got home earlier in the evenings. When I get to the next lady - the lady giving advice on teeth brushing, she mentions that the last lady wrote the hub and earlier home thing down - in ink for the rest of time. Hub probably got a postit on his desk this afternoon.

I got a small telling off for not having started a rigorous brushing regime with Ryu - who has five teeth. He isn't eating anything noticeably sweet but still. I should be brushing. Got  a free toothbrush in fact. And some brushing chewing gum - actually Ryu got that?? Got this with Marina and Shou as well. Why? They don't say it is for the mother so why give chewing gum to a one year old? Hmmmm. The jury is out - and most probably bashing their heads against a concrete wall somewhere.

By the last lady, the nutritionist, Ryu is past it. It is sooooooooooooo nap time. He has been super friendly up until now but now he just wants out. So do I. The nutritionist is about 19 and probably never had to resort to 'horny housewives' as a pick me up for dealing with being a SAHM for the 4th year running. Seriously, she seemed oblivious to the fact that Ryu was doing the big back arch and rubbing his ears. She was about as fast paced as a sloth in a wheelchair. I am amazed at Ryu for actually eating the pumpkin and whitebait baby fritter and tasteless boiled fish that was given to him for afternoon tea. He scoffed it back. I scoffed at her, and off we went home.

Ryu went down for his nap and I had to sort dinner, bath, washing and vacuuming out before English class at half four. Yakisoba for dinner - quick and easy. All the kids had it with a vegemite sammy and some watermelon.

When I went to pick Shou and Marina up from kindy Shou was in the process of looking for 'hasami mushi'. Have no idea what they are in English and even in fact if that is their real Japanese name. They are ugly fuckers though. Unbeknownst to me he put one in his gumboot. Got in the car and I figure it out and tell him that thing is NOT riding home with us. He lets it out and then as soon as I start backing out of the carpark starts a nuttout of huge proportions. He wants me to turn round RIGHT NOW to go back for the insect. So not happening. His nuttout lasts for twenty minutes. I (quite surprisingly) don't join him and am quite calm.

No son, I'm not turning back to go pick up a crawly insect with biters.
No son, I'm not ringing up the teacher to go back to go pick up a crawly insect with biters.
No son, there aren't any lollies in the car.
No son, we can't all sit in the car and have dinner.
Sorry son, but mummy is not getting locked out of her own house.
Sorry son, but mummy refuses to sleep out in the adventure playground.
Sorry son, but mummy isn't going to make a special trip to the shops for lollies.

Granny K tried to tell me it was my fault. And I really couldn't be assed relaying the whole crawly insect with biters in the gumboot story so I just thanked her for looking after Ryu for twenty minutes and went about my business.

Ryu has finished dinner and Shou and Marina are about half way through when Hub walks in?? Me thinks he has post-pachinko guilts. He circled today as a late day. Last night was a late night too and he was home at 8 - which isn't 'late'. He has union stuff tomorrow and Friday and will be home early on Thursday because I have English. He has to go weedeating with the local vestlings on Saturday morning and on Sunday he has a Union thing in the city - which hopefully he will take Shou to. He is busy really. I know this. But the occasional (he reckons once a fortnight so probably more like once a week) pachinko outing and the LIEING that accompanies it really fucks me off.

Nevermind. Might just put some more bling on his card in October when we go home...



Ruth said...

The Hasami Mushi is actually an earwig. I looked it up expecting some kind of fierce insect that could take on Godzilla (much like your neighbourhood spiders). Not too bad but I still wouldn't want it in the house. We had a whole nest of them living in our shed as kids. Ugh!

Gaijin Wife said...

That's it - earwig!! The house is OK - would get lost. It was in the car while i was driving though. Bugger that!!

Sara said...

Ummm... earwig!!! EWW!!!
Those things gross me out... Sakura had her first run in with a bug last night when she discovered a beetle clinging to the laundry.. her reaction "try to eat it"


We still haven't gotten the postcard for Sakura's 9/10 month cattlecall visit and she'll be 11 months next week.. blessing in disguise maybe?

Hope you get some "bring it home" dosh soon!! I've been lacking in zaitaku honyaku funds lately too.. just one project in 6 weeks :/

world of sekimachihato said...

god what a busy day you have!
i'm in my last few days at work before i become a house-husband and bored out of my tree.

and go shou with the earwig!
when i was a kid i was freaked out by these mushi cos i thought they would crawl into my ear.
come to think of it, what a f**ed up name for a bug; ear-wig.
a wig for your ear!?

thefukases said...

you mean mean mummy, you. I can only talk about it now as I'm not actually in my car but at last count we have a baby kuwagata beetle, two ladybugs, a leaf cutter beetle and a gazillion odd dango mushi somewhere in the people mover thanks to Amy. I drew the line at frogs- can you imagine driving those narrow country roads and a frog jumps into your line of vision?? @_@

Impressed at your scoffing at the officials confidence. I guess that must be a third baby thing? I get all tied up in knots of worry when they tell me we're behind on milestones...

Enjoy your walking weather for me- pissing down here.

Lulu said...

I don`t have time to read blogs for a couple days and come in to check up (5 posts since I last stopped in I think!?) and you have a cat!!!!!!

4am? Seriously? Maybe you need to start locking him in his room- i mean it is safe in there right? I couldn`t handle it....anything before 7am and I am a bit screwed. That said when I worked in Australia I used to get up at 5:45am- but, now, never!

I think the waking them up at 4am when they are sleepy and hungover is the best idea!