Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Class with Junior High kids.

Set my alarm to get up for the second half of the Japan - Paraguay match but was too tired and in hindsight I'm glad I didn't. Obviously not a 'true' supporter but that's pretty obvious considering I only really get enthusiastic over soccer come world cup time. Japan goes wild with the stuff so it is very difficult not to get through a day without some kind of soccer coverage. Must admit some of the lads are a bit of alright and I do like those programs where they look into their past and show them kicking a ball round with their brothers when they are four kind of thing.

Ryu and I had a town baby thing yesterday. He only just got weighed and shit last week so they flagged that but they needed numbers for the Junior High kids 'lets experience what it's like to be pregnant and look after a baby for five minutes so that it deters us from shagging up and getting pregnant at the age of 16'.

Their is only one class of third years at the Kunimi Junior High School. They got split into two and had turns with the pregnancy suit and then in with us asking questions, changing nappies and the likes. There were only six babies and Ryu was the oldest. He got A LOT of attention which is both nice but embarrassing. I was talking quite a bit to Ryu in English and he was in fantastic smiley form and I'm not entirely sure if the kids didn't leave thinking they would go accost the next foreigner they meet and shag up so they get a cute baby.

(the back of) Ryu and two kids who will be in the same school year. The girl in the back is 'High Tiger' boy's little sister and they live about five minutes up the mountain road from us - she is wearing Marina hand me downs. The boy in the front is a friend's son (who I used to work with back in the days of CIR). She has a 14 year gap between her kids - for various reasons. It's nice that she has a baby now though as we see each other at all these things and will get to be Monster Parents together on the PTA.

Ryu (I just wrote Shou and had to delete it) being very compliant while a boy tries desperately to get his foot through the nappy hole. Now he has his nappy off Ryu had a bit of a 'play' with his bits which the two boys thought was a great laugh.
Doing the 'yuri kago' - rock a bye baby kind of thing using a bath towel. The class was held from 2pm until half three and Ryu was a rockstar for the first hour but by this stage he was starting to get sleepy and if these boys had kept rocking for two more minutes he would have fallen asleep. I tried to convince them to stop by our house every night at half seven, and to bring three towels and four more friends!

The class started with just us mothers and babies and a talk on 'your baby during summer'.  I have been to all these classes twice before with Shou and Marina but I had forgotten this - a baby the size of Ryu (about ten kilos) sweats about 500ml of sweat during the summer - every day.  An adult weighing 50kg  loses 1 kilo every day in sweat and I guess adults of a bit more substance lose more! We then had to guess how many sticks of sugar was in each drink - 100 percent juice, pocari sweat and CC lemon. Pocari had the least but was still 11 sticks of sugar (3g each). It is easy to forget how much sugar is in this shit.

There was then a relax (with your now screaming tired baby) and have a herb tea with the other mothers bit - right at the end.  Christ if they wanted to relax us why didn't they provide wine and a super taxi to take us all home?

Still, a nice outing with Ryu. Because Kunimi is so small you tend to meet everyone at these things or at the vaccinations. Forges great sense of community. Rah rah.

Right, it's 6am I should think about breakfast for these kids. Ryu is still asleep but he wont be far away and hopefully hub will be grace us with his presence soon.

Off to do a load of errands today, highly exciting stuff like...

  1. finally taking the fuwafuwa winter blankets to the dry cleaners
  2. finally sending 'electric cigarette' to sister. I have had it a few days but had to get round to writing English instructions for it. She had stopped smoking but god, all the shit going on with her and I just about needed to start smoking too. 
  3. buy an electronic photo frame as house warming gift for friends. Hub usually puts money into a collection when one of the lads at the office builds a house but this time they aren't so us, and two other families are putting in the usual 3 or 4,000 yen and buying them a gift instead. 
  4. Buy milk, nappies and check loto number - don't think I posted this silly story -  on Saturday while hub and I were out we went to fill the car up with gas. Two seconds before the man told us how much it was I said I thought it would be 6,800 yen - it was 6,854 yen. Hub thought Saturday must have been a lucky day for me so we spent three dollars getting a lotto ticket with those four numbers. Silliness.
  5. Meet friend for lunch - this actually qualifies AS exciting stuff. Haven't seen her for a couple of weeks and she teaches English to High School kids, some of whom are complete bastard dickheads and should be sent to juvenile detention. 
Then I guess it's home James for afternoon English. Hub mentioned yesterday that today was bonus day so I need to check with him if that means he wants eel for dinner, two hours at pachinko or a session with the horny housewife.

Right, breakfast and stuff.



Lulu said...

"Hub mentioned yesterday that today was bonus day so I need to check with him if that means he wants eel for dinner, two hours at pachinko or a session with the horny housewife." - So what did he choose huh? And if he chooses the horny housewife option do you get PAID for that? HAHA

Shun would probably choose proper pachinko. Over the 1yen pachinko I usually let him plan. And going to an onsen with his best friend. I guess there is nothing like getting naked with a friend huh?

I think it is good they run some version of sex ed in your city- I find it pretty lacking in Japan in general.

Cute photos of Ryu as always :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello GW

That Ryu, he is such a stunner. I can see promblems with hoards of girls knocking at your front door in a few years time.
What a great idea those classes are. Sex education is so important especially such a 'hands on' (how else can I put it!!) experience.
What is CIR? Perhaps it comes after JET?
Enjoyed your Katy Aramaki post yesterday as well. Pretty special is that Katy A.

Margaret M

Gaijin Wife said...

Margaret - thanks! CIR stands for Coordinator for International Relations which is one of the three jobs you can be on JET - You can be a CIR (if you know Japanese already), and ALT - assistant language teacher of a sports instructor.

Lulu - hub chose maguro sashimi for dinner!! And in all honesty I only asked him if he wanted anything for 'bonus -day' - I didn't word it exactly like I said I would :) And I can tell ya, if I got paid for horny housewife antics I would be dragging him up to the futon every night of the week.

Bryn said...

I hope the boys had to wear the prego suit too! I think every man should have to live in one for at least a week before he's allowed to get anyone pregnant!

Def. would have been better if all the babies had been tired and hungry during the class. Should have had you bring S and M along as well so they could see what it's *really* like! I think 4 years of E's shitty diapers is going to serve as good birth control for G and M, they're still traumatized! LOL