Sunday, 20 June 2010


Started the day very early - half bloody four with Marina waking up saying she needed to go toilet. It's her latest thing. Saying she needs to go and then when you get into her room she's all 'hi mummy, let's get up and play'.  This was followed shortly after by Shou actually going to the toilet - half in his bed but at least he made it to the loo for the main event. Sheets in the washing machine now.

We all got up and left daddy sleeping till seven - tis father's day after all!

Shou, Marina and Ryu all then proceeded to slam/jam fingers in a car door, sliding door and baking tray drawer respectively. Tears all round. They have otherwise been occupied with...

Meet 'Cheese' - and um, guess the crabs can be Champers, Chips and Chuhai. Probably not much point getting too attached to them as will be released into natural habitat later this arvo when Shou isn't looking.

Cheese is quite lucky really. If Shou had had his way it would be called 'Dora Neko' or 'Shou no Neko'. Cheese is Marina's name. I am a bit suspicious as I had just taken a photo of her and daddy....
... and said 'hai cheese' to get them to pose. Hmmmmm.  He (she?? haven't checked) arrived on our birthday. I saw the mother early morning but then it disappeared and never came back. We have had a number of stray cats turn up - and cats being born in the wood shed. We have tried to get rid of them - or rather, not encouraged them to stay. Most of them left and two have died :(

I reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllly want a dog but have given in to fact that can't raise one until the kids are big enough to help with walks and things. A cat is different though. I'm not prepared to have one in the house getting toilet trained while I have a crawling baby around though. So 'Cheese' will be an outside cat which is not ideal but we'll see how it goes. At the moment he eats on the deck and plays there most of the time. Just need to check into shots and things like that. I am surprised hub is being so positive and good about this. We are even going to make a cat stair thing up one of the beams on the deck. He has been climbing up the fly screen and getting into the deck rafters (??) and not being able to get down.

Anyhoo, enough about cats.

Yesterday hub and I did the sushi thing and we had massive talk in the car. Broached the pachinko thing and I don't know really if anything get resolved but better talking about it than not. We spoke about mum and the rest of my currently dysfunctional family. Over the past three days I have spoken to all of them and have had everyone's problems off loaded onto me - the only person still really talking to everyone else. I don't mind listening to people's problems. In fact I find it somewhat therapeutic in helping me realize that sometimes my own problems are just so petty. I do tend to keep things on board for too long when really I should just listen, make sympathetic noises, offer an opinion here and there and then try and let it go. But it's family so this is very hard to do. Hub thinks I need to try harder and not get down about other people's problems. Bloody man.

I had a huge meltdown on the phone to mum yesterday. Culmination of things. Anyway, things sorted-ish and hopefully the family will all be talking  by October!!

Dinner out last night was good - the place was a bit of a let down. One long counter, Karaoke, some food and drinks. No tables, which meant the 'mama' owner lady was part of EVERY conversation we had - and considering she knows everyone in Kunimi having her listening and joining in meant we were very limited to topics of conversation.

We won't be going there again.

I biked there and back and quite amazingly didn't fall into a rice paddy on way home...
That would be a light from our house, the light outside and the one over by the community centre across the road.  There are no guard rails on the side of the road and four beers meant I got precariously close to spending the night with the bullfrogs. A river runs all along the right side and rice paddies on the left. Made it home safe and sound though.

Right, off to the shops to get brackets to put up the cat stairs.



shufuinjapan said...

Gosh, my neighbourhood looks remarkably like your neighbourhood at night. I sometimes go out for a walk at night with hub and we take torches to see where we are going and we often literally bump into people who freak me out as they look like ghosts from a distance. Anyway, Cheese the cat looks very cute. I hope she/he will become a much loved member of your family.

illahee said...

kitty is so cute!!