Saturday, 12 June 2010

Cake and Cancer

Needing to head to bed. Too much time in the kitchen tires me out! Perhaps one episode of 'Numbers', seeing as that and 'The Golden Girls' are the only English things I have that I haven't watched yet.

Have made the cake but it is in the fridge as is - one plain and one choccy loaf tin shapes that I plan on icing all over in white butter icing and 'drawing' windows and shit on tomorrow morning - before placing on a railroad made of ice block sticks, complete with railway crossing. I have realized one of my weaknesses in cake-making is getting the bastard successfully out of the tin.  Thankfully I can just cover up mistakes with icing. God damn if one of the kids ever asked for a cake 'straight out of the tin mum' - 'Noooooo darling!! Can mummy please make you a to-scale replica of the Eiffel tower?'

I have also made the bacon and egg pie and the jelly and instant pudding desert cups. Honestly, jelly and chocolate instant pudding? Can't go wrong with three year olds. I'm a bit partial myself.

Marina came back from kindy unscathed again today, but this could possibly be because she went off with hello-kitty stickers covering just about every inch of her body. Sakura would have been hard pressed to leave any teeth marks even if she tried!

The forecast is for rain tomorrow but I am still hoping it holds off enough so we can at least raincoat the kids up and tell them to bugger off outside. Festivities kick off at half ten. Some playing and running riot followed by lunch and cake and home, where most of the kids will have afternoon naps.

Rang mum this morning. It was the first time I have asked how she was and been answered with 'horrible'. She is so brave. Her hair has fallen out in a crescent where the radiotherapy has been happening. Her head is sore (like a really bad sunburn she reckons) and she feels like shit. And yet, she pulled herself together and we had a 'normal' conversation for about half an hour. I have a feeling October visit home is going to be a big shock for me. I'm getting a bit scared :(

I rang the travel agent yesterday and said we wanted to go Korean air so I could use my mileage - they wont do it. Why? because of personal information laws. Since when did TRAVEL AGENTS not book tickets with partial mileage usage because of this kind of shit? Anyway, went to book online with Korean Air and realized I am 11,000 miles short of a free adult ticket. I am sure last time I looked about a year ago I had plenty enough points - have they upped them? Because I can't use miles unless I have enough for a whole ticket (??) I now have to join us all up on the family plan so that I can either use hub's points or use my mileage for a kids ticket at least.

JETSTAR was 30 man from Kansai to Auckland, with a stop in the Goldcoast. It would cost us an extra 10 man to get to and from Kansai. For 40 man we can fly Korean, get food on the plane, do the transit thing in an airport we are familiar with that has a good transit hotel and play areas, and fly from Fukuoka - and earn more mileage.

Anyway, best get off the computer.



thefukases said...

Fingers crossed for party weather.

And despite me making all sorts of slack morning sacrifices (only one coffee and no internet) Friday morning to be at the yamato depot by 9am the fish will still take 2 days (a fact I'm sure you've guessed it not having arrived today... hope you weren't all sitting around with empty plates staring at the front door) I therefore sent it frozen as I'm sure smelly shark is up there on the worst gift list!

Enjoy and can't wait to see your cake!

Lulu said...

Fingers crossed for party weather indeed- it was supposed to rain here today but so far just a bit cloudy and muggy but no rain so hope it is the same for you.

I want to see the cake too. I am confused though- is it for Ryu?

We finally got credit cards but I now realize I should of sorted our shit out better and applied for air mile cards. I don`t think our current ones have it. I really have to be more on the ball with this house wifey shit...