Sunday, 13 June 2010

Birthday Proceedings.

Thanks Rainy Season. You hold off all bloody week and even yesterday, when it was predicted you would arrive, only to arrive this morning - not this afternoon when you fucked off. This morning. And only this morning. I cut the grass. I raked the lawn and still you came. Thanks to you we had twelve children and six adults inside, including 10 small people on speed, or P, or anything that makes you run round like a mad bastard making as much noise as possible - or crawl, but then Ryu was the only crawler.

I was kind of hoping for a sunny day and at least 8 of the kids outside - thinking perhaps the older two and the younger two might be wanting to stay inside.

Ahhh, but what can you do? One mother asked where high tiger boy from up the road was? I said I saw the weather report for this weekend and stopped inviting people just in case. I actually just forgot so I guess the rain at least gave me an excuse.

Was up at 5 this morning. Not through choice mind you, well not my choice at least. Ryu was master of the hour and I forgave him as he hadn't woken up since going down at half seven. I had a list of things to do...

1. Shape the cake.
2. Feed the baby.
3. Hard boil eggs.
4. Put on load of washing.
5. Change baby's nappy.
6. Clean surfaces that are unlikely to get trashed when the kids wake up.
7. Feed said kids that have now woken up.
8. Give Shou his prezzie from the European Stylist - big dump truck puzzle book, Lightening McQueen CD and Watch (which he is now sleeping with as has built in projector of McQueen which he can shine on his bedroom ceiling - very cool - and also projects onto fireplace, table, floor, microwave, bananas, not so well on the bread bag, very well onto the can of baby formula and daddy's pajama-ed chinchin)
9. Get kids changed.
10. Convince hub to take Marina and Shou to the coin laundry to dry the washing so that I can sort stuff out.
11. Give baby milk - but really baby is fobbed off to Granny K for bottle.
12. Make the butter icing for the cake and decorate - half way through I have reservations that in fact might turn out more like big white superchinchin instead of shinkansen. Drawing windows and doors on it helps.
13. Put baby to bed.
14. Make ham and egg sammies.
15. Make all the beds upstairs and put things like the black panther away so curious four year olds don't come down stairs waving a vibrating, circulating sword wondering what it is.
16. vacuum downstairs and mop floor in main room.
17. Have shower and get self dressed.
18. Deep fry cheesy sticks of goodness and spring rolls.
19. Put everything on plates so it looks pretty.
20. Clean teeth and wait for the people to arrive.

Actually, should probably edit that. Chiemi, her hub and her three boys arrived just before number 18. She said she would have a drink at lunch time so she took over spring roll cooking while I whipped down to the bottley.

The black panther also rarely sees the light of day, or night, these days so it was safely tucked away behind hub's thermal socks.

It was good times though. The kids were pretty good. No fighting, no holes in the walls, no huge spillages or anything else you would expect from putting that many small people in small space for three hours. God help the kindy teachers during the rainy season. May somebody muzzle bitey girl and put gloves on her scratchy hands.

Lunch was lovely. Rachel had brought some lamingtons and a yummy sausage and spud dish that I have just finished off for dinner :)

And now some pics...

So this didn't quite live up to my image. The railway crossing is gigantic and the driver of the train must have been shitting himself thinking the bars were going to chop the train in half. Must say it has transformed self well away from the creamy colored super chinchin it resembled half an hour earlier!! The window at the front is from Shou's Hyper Rescue Tomycar thing. Perfect size.

Crossing starting to lose it. 'I can't stand up captain, I just canne not do it'

Shou using Marina's girlie set she got for being the sister of the birthday boy. This is Sawa-chan who is in Shou's class at kindy. They play together all day everyday -with one other girl who is very shy and perhaps a bit overwhelmed by Shou. Sawa's mum is the mother that dropped her (other) daughter off for English faaaaaaaaaaaar too early the other week. This week I got an email full of smiley faces and what not saying that her father in law was bringing her this week. Go the Kunimi grapevine. I voiced my thoughts on the inappropriateness of me having to babysit her daughter for an extra 45 minutes, unpaid and unannounced to only one other mother, who claimed to not have said anything...

After the two Japanese families left, Rachel and her girls stayed on for a wee bit. This pic is of 'shacho' (boss) and (kouji genba no neechan - the construction site chic). After they left mummy had to take on the construction site chic. I got bossed round no end for about half an hour.

'the construction site chic has to have slippers on'
'the construction site chic has to put these stones in here'
'no, the construction site chic can not lie down'
'and no, the construction site chic can definitely not get herself a beer'
'excuse me, who the fuck do you think is running this joint? I am the boss and I say no beer and no bloody sleeping.'
'fuck her then, I'm off to catch frogs'

And I, aka construction site chic, wakes up five minutes later frantically looking for the boss, aka Shou, who is across the bridge and just about in the rice paddy looking for frogs.

Shou is now asleep and I have just released five frogs back to their natural habitat.

And last pic...
While Shou and daddy were out later - these three stayed like this for seriously about twenty minutes. Marina's mullet is from her afternoon nap - sweating like a pig. She has been changed but her hair is still very Rod Stewart.

Right, Hub is trying to insist I open MY birthday wine I got from Rachel. My birthday isn't till Thursday but hey... He probably wants some action and today has been such a long day and I am pretty knackered so  a glass of bubbles may be the pick me up he thinks I need to agree to some relations of some sort.

Right you are then.



Lulu said...

Pretty damn awesome cake I think!!!

Nobody made me a shinkansen cake for my birthday.

I forgot your kids (and you) all have birthdays close together. You and Shou are both on Thursday then? Or a day different? Marina is late in the year though, right?

Sounds as if the day went well- just a shame about the weather.

Gaijin Wife said...

Nobody makes me a cake either :( I am hoping I get flowers though!

Birthday - Ryu is June 7 and Shou and I are both June 17 which is MY birthday and he just decided to gate crash by being 10 days early. Marina is the end of October and this year her birthday will be in NZ.

Anonymous said...

Hello GW

Sounds like it was a great party. Wouldn't have minded a piece of shinkanssen myself, it looks so yummy. Lots of icing and I love icing.
Re cakes not coming out of tin cleanly. Wonder if you have what we in Oz call Multix Bake? It's a baking paper. Great stuff, multiple cooking uses. I spray cake tin sides with mild olive oil and line bottom of tin with the above. Out pops cake clean as a whistle. Happy to send a roll if you'd like some.
Hope you get a cake on your birthday.

Margaret M

Nay said...

Wow - you did a fantastic job with the cake!!! I know where to come to in a few years time when Leilah is requesting ridiculously difficult cakes from me for her birthday!

Gaijin Wife said...

Nay - the second Shou saw the cake, which was when I was icing it in the morning, he declared that he didn't want a shinkansen he wanted a bull dozer. All I can say is thank got he didn't say that two weeks ago.

anchan said...

Awesome job on the cake - I bet Shou was chuffed to bits with it! Reading this, I might be brave enought to throw a party for my kids this year :-)

Adam W said...

Happy early Birthday to you and Shou! Looks like a good time was had.

The cake looks marvelous, btw. Who doesn't enjoy phallic shaped food? ;)

Rachel said...

Thanks for the lovely party! Yes, it was rather like a zoo when we arrived, but GW looked cool as a cucumber all in black.

Make yourself a cake, make the icing, put them on the table and get the kids to decorate your cake for you. Okay, so I didn't do this until A & L were 5 and 7, but it at 1,2 and 4 it could be fun! At least you'd get some cake. Maybe. You might have to lick it off the floor, but...