Saturday, 26 June 2010

Better Day

OK, so I've had a bit much wine and probably shouldn't be posting but nevermind.

Hub had mountain weedeating duties this morning so I had to take the kids to kindy - is usually hub's weekend job. Marina got out of the car and proceeded to run through EVERY muddy puddle between the car and the kindy - approximately five. Needless to say I had to strip her of her leggings before even had chance to say 'yoroshiku' to the teacher.

Hub was back from weedeating at ten - tis the grass around the lake that feeds water to all our fair rice paddies. Usually 15 people will turn up but this time it seams most people opted to pay the $20 for not turning up.

I got  a bit of translating done and then we hit sushi for lunch. A bit of shopping, home and then some more translating while GK looks after Ryu and hub goes to pick up Mayhem 1 and Chaos 2.

They get home and I try my best to ignore sounds - after all, daddy is 'supervising them'. There is a lot of crab hunting going on and they turn back up on the deck covered in mud. Awesome. Straight into the bath.

had some fun stuff, rude obscenities and horny housewives antics to tell you but I am just too worn.



Bryn said...

Yay! Glad you had a better day! I love, love, love how Japanese kindies are open on Saturdays! That's unheard of in the U.S.

Oyomesan said...

Yes, me too - your kids are so often dirty and happy!

I am sure it's frustrating for you must be making them better people...they will be so much happier for growing up with lots of dirt behind their ears!!

Japanese kids now are so over-protected and physically not strong against bacteria...YOUR kids are gonna be super humans!

Rachel said...

Glad I'm not the only one who gave in and had a few wines on Saturday night!

Anonymous said...

So a little money is saved, kids have fun with parent and you get to have some wine...what's your problem? Chill...

Mud doesn't even go skin deep!