Sunday, 6 June 2010

Bad Mummy Guilts

Sometimes Sundays, especially the mornings, can be so nice. The general routine is that hub will take Shou and Marina out on their park tour which usually involves going to the park in the next town over - the one with the roller slide that comes out of a rocket (and more affectionately known to Shou and Marina as rocket koen/park), followed by a trip to the park in Kunimi - the one with the roller slide that comes out of a ship (and more affectionately known to Shou and Marina as the fune koen). It is at a beach so there is also some crab grabbing followed by an ice cream and some takoyaki for morning tea. Talk about nice morning out for the kids.

While they are out Ryu will usually sleep for at least and hour and a half and I get time to have a coffee, ring NZ and sort out the house before the carnage of the rest of the day takes over.

Today was no exception. I got a coffee, rang mum, hung out the washing and started to sort out lunch. The crew came home, we had lunch and then Shou , Ryu and I left to drop off crap Bruce Willis DVD we got last night, leaving hub and Marina to have a nap.

All good so far.

Come 2:30 and Shou and Marina are running round being complete 'let's not listen to mum and dad' bastards and Ryu is...
This was taken yesterday before we all left the house looking like a band of convicts. But today he was having a go out on the deck. I am a 'shut the bloody gate on the deck' Nazi. There are three steps down to some paved bricks.

My poor wee boy.

And it was MY fault :( I came up the deck, left the gate open because Shou was coming behind me and then promptly got engrossed in trying to tell hub that the pink sandals hidden at the back of the shoe cupboard (and that he had found and was putting on Marina) were far too big and were bought for next summer or perhaps even the one after that).

Thud, thud thud crash.

Five seconds pass.


Poor Ryu. He howled blue murder for a good five minutes, me for a good ten, and then he was fine. He has three different bumps on his head and I think he may have even done a complete flip in it before settling on the ground. Well, that's what happened when I did the test without him in it!!

We rang THREE hospitals. First we rang the one that was 'on call' in our city for today. They told us to ring the big city hospital as they take emergencies now. That hospital is probably only ten minutes closer than the big hospital in the other direction that we have been to a lot - it was Marina's hospital for a lot of her kidney issues that first year. They said that, despite Marina and Shou both having charts there, because Ryu didn't we should try the city hospital in the next city over. For fucks sake. If we have to take him to a completely new hospital we may as well go back to the one in our city jurisdiction. Ring them and explain the story AGAIN.

Don't bring him in - as they would just give him drugs to make him sleep and then do a CT and that would take quite a while so may as well monitor him at home and bring him in if his lips turn blue or he starts shaking.....

He is fine by the way. Has been his usual charming self since five minutes after the fall, but still. It was A LOT worse than his fall down the genkan and because neither of us actually saw it happen there is that feeling of 'what if' he landed smack on his head on the concrete??

Anyway, have to keep close watch for 24 hours.

So that was that drama - not helped by hub going on and on about me leaving the gate open. Roles reversed I would have been the same though.

At about 6pm - while Marina was in Granny K's room, where she had gone to skive off eating her dinner, Shou ran in, jumped on the bed and Marina went flying onto the window-sill. She now has a black eye and I'll be lucky if I last the day tomorrow without social services calling round.

Hence why I am now having a beer and day 7 of the 4 month challenge has been almost as much of a right off as day 6 was. Ah well, five days to get back on track aye. Might have to resort to pulling Billy and his hard arse boot camp out from under the stairs if I'm going to lose another kilo this week.

I am also going to leave this room in it's current state of pig styness and go to bed. I am FINALLY getting around to sorting the kids clothes. Tonight I did Marina's and there are three piles of clothes left in here - a pile to pass on to the lady up the road for her daughter, a pile that Marina will probably still fit in winter, and a pile that aren't pink and that will get passed on to Ryu when the time comes.

In Other news...

My little bumpy head treasure turns one tomorrow! Arrrrrrrrgh. I need to clean the house AND make a cake. Christ. At least he doesn't care what the cake looks like. Depending on what it looks like however there may or may not be a photo of it tomorrow night.



Jessica said...

Glad your son is ok. I know how it feels when your kid takes a fall. Yeah, and there are SO MANY "what ifs" when you didn't witness it.

Wish I could have a beer once in a while, too. Gotta wait until I "pop" the next one out though. hehe.

anchan said...

Awww, these things happen... I know that 'sick to the bottom of your stomach' feeling well. Just be thankful that he is OK :-) Can't believe he's turning one already - can't wait to see the cake! xxx

Fifi Kida said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow!!! :D Hope he has a great day with or without a concussion.

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Happy Birthday to Ryu for tomorrow. My boy turned 4 today which is a wee bit unbeliveable really - where does the time go?

Glad that Ryu wasn't to badly hurt. I'm sure he'll be fine and in good spirits for his birthday.

Violet said...

Sheez, you nerves must be shattered after that. You definitely get a "get beer out of fridge for free" card for that one. I think a beverage at the end of the day has a lot of benefits when you're looking after kids. I would try and cut calories elsewhere if I were you. You could always try a low-cal beer or a glass of wine instead (wine is lower calories than beer, right?).

Personally I'm looking forward to getting these guys out of me so I can enjoy a full glass of something, rather than pestering hub to give me sips of his!

Happy Birthday Ryu for tomorrow!! He's not going to care what the house or cake look like so don't stress!

ローラ said...

I'm glad Ryu is ok! I would have had a heart attack as well if that happened to my child. :(

umebossy said...

Poor Ryu and poor GW - glad to hear he's fine and probably forgotten about it already. I took a tumble down a whole flight of stairs in my walker thing when I was around the same age - my mum still remembers the horror she felt to this day whereas I have no memory of it whatsoever!

Happy Birthday to Mr Bumpy too!

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

Ryu is already going to be 1!?! It doesn't feel like that long. I'm glad that he is OK and I hope your 24-hour vigil wasn't too stressful.

I hope his birthday party and cake go well!

Gina said...

Happy birthday to Ryu! : )

And you're definitely not a bad mom. Those things happen. And I'm just glad it wasn't any worse then it was. ; )

Rachel said...

Can you take the wheels off that thing? Then he can play with stuff on the table and scooch around a little bit, but no swift motion.

These kinds of accidents are why they they stopped selling the wheeled ones in NZ. LOTS of kids take a tumble off steps! So, on the bright side(ish), you're not the only one...

All kids have falls and injuries though, don't feel too bad. Amy injured her knee on a CHAIR on Saturday!

Lulu said...

Glad he is okay- must have been scary for you both though!!!

Happy birthday to Ryu for today! Can`t believe a year has gone by already.

world of sekimachihato said...

poor ryu...
sounds like he may just have a few tender bumps on his head. we have all been there, done that.
but now being a parent i can imagine the horror when something like this happens. god knows why my mum put me to bed instead of taking me to the hospital when i broke my arm though...

Lily said...

HAppy Birthday Ryu- well he is already practicing the "oh my head hurts" but that is usually because of the day after b-day hang-over. Glad he is fine and I sympathize with how paniky thay episode must have been.
Holy coincidence- the word verification is "tumbl"
Sorry Ryu, shouldn't be laughing about that one but really what a coincidence.

Rachel said...

world of sekimachi..etc...

Your mum is not the only one to put a kid with a broken bone to bed! Actually it's quite common. We're used to kids screaming like they've been murdered every time they bump themselves, so it's hard to tell the difference, and in the absence of a visible injury, just a bit of swelling, which could be a bruise, it's easy to overlook it!

Just recently, my sister, who is a NURSE, did it with her son!