Wednesday, 23 June 2010

About Time

quarter to nine and the last of the sprogletts is finally in peaceful slumber, albeit in our bed but nevermind. I am procrastinating - which yes, means that translation came through. I was asked how much I could get down between this morning and next Tuesday. In my response I calculated in 'this morning' - thinking that 'morning' meant that part of the day that comes before 'afternoon'.

Mornings are my best time. Ryu sleeps for about two hours and seeing as the entire family is up at the crack of bloody dawn I can usually get a good chunk of house stuff done (washing and dishes at least) before walking the kids to kindy at half seven. I was all sorted by half eight this morning. The house was clean and Ryu was asleep and I was twiddling my thumbs. Translation came, with an apology, at eleven forty. Ah, what can you do really.

It is quite interesting, not too long and not too difficult. So I should probably get back to it aye.

Oh, but before I do.

I went into the hills to get that pic but the place was so fallen down that you couldn't even see the sign anymore which was really the whole point. It is a building on the old road between Kunimi and the next town over, just before the old tunnel that looks like scene out of Shawshank Redemption. When I first arrived ten years ago you could still see the old sign and the actual shape of the building. The sign read 'SWEET SHOP'. Naively I thought this was an old shop that made sweets, albeit in a very odd location. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel, it turns out it was a 'Drive in' / love hotel. A local 18 year old girl used to frequent it quite a lot and with different people - one of whom left her up the duff. I would give my right armpit for a name.

I know there was more pressing tidbits from my day to relay to you all but I can't think. I have the kindy English class tomorrow plus two of my own classes. Apparently one of the kids went home after the last class (during which that boy punched the girl in the face) and raved about how much fun English was and now his mum wants to put him (4years old) in my 5 and 6 year olds class - which has been going for two years now with the same kids. I said no but that if the boy could persuade three of his friends to start too then I would consider starting a new class.


Shit - forgot to say - the whole family was down at 6am this morning. This is like pure luxury. Shou was awake and in our bed at half four but my superior mothering skills (and supreme bribing skills) got him back to sleep until 6. Wow.

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world of sekimachihato said...

love those love hotels out in the inaka. man it's been a while...

do you translate from japanese to english, or you go both ways?
i'm thinking of looking for some online translation work over here too while im a househusband.
maybe i'm dreaming that i will even have that kinda time on my hands!?