Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Suspicious Minds

Hub and I had an exchange of words this morning that made me want to choki choki his ice pole and various other bodily bits off. Actually it wasn't that bad and was mainly spurred on by the paranoid need-to-know-everything wife. That would be me I believe.

Turns out he went to the doctors yesterday afternoon - for his man cold. It was stuffing up his sinuses and he wanted to get it checked out. He went to doctors forty minutes in the opposite direction of his work - so over an hour away from home. Tis also located quite conveniently to big fabulous pachinko parlor. He has NEVER gone to this doctors before and it just got my suspicious clogs a turning and one thing led to another and my mouth got the better of me and I just flat out asked him...

GW (very casually) : stop in for a coffee at pachinko before the doctors then?
Hub (twisted and demented angry like) : No
GW : Ok then, was just curious as to why you chose to go so far a field?
Hub: It's a good doctors, it's near that place that Granny K used to go to to get shite injected out of her knee, and I bloody well worked until two and then went and why are giving me a lecture on going to the damn doctors and then coming home early to help you withyourenglishlessonandcanyoustopgettingonmybackwoman...
GW: If I'd known you were going I would have got more money out. You mustn't have had enough surely?
Hub: Oh well, It was only 2,000 yen (for an adult, including two x-rays of his nasal passages and one of his dumb arse) and I didn't quite have enough so they gave it to me and I have to go and pay for the prescription on Saturday (the prescription they have already filled and given him)
GW: (thinking - how fuckin gullible do you think I am man) - Oh, so you have to go back on Saturday? Bummer. Guess that means no sushi again and no birthday prezzie buying for you again :(
Hub: ... I guess so.
GW: HEY, GRANNY K - you know how you wanted to go get a b-day prezzie for Ryu... well hub is going to the city on Saturday so you should go with him and get it then.
Granny K: Probably should, is only time can go.
Hub: .... (fuuuuuuucked)

After this exchange of words he got all very nice daddy and started helping out and sorting the kids. Hmmmmmm. I also got a heart infused email this afternoon saying he would be home at half seven in time for Shou's bed routine.

He also made extremely favorable noises over my fish pie - which Marina and Shou both spat out and which I myself would liken to cat food with mash potatoes and grilled cheese.

I'm still suspicious, as you would be. But fuck it. If it is pachinko then he can get in debt in his name and when the yakuza come to drag his sorry ass away for not being able to repay his debt I will either dazzle them with my hooters or pull the big 'can't speak Japanese routine' and howl. Everything money wise is in his name and if he is no longer able to repay it I don't have to - is expensive insurance we have. Probably doesn't include pachinko and loan sharks but. If it is some skanky hoe then fuck her - she can have his filthy ice pole aka the shinken chinichin and poke her self to her hearts content.

Or is also possible am just completely paranoid and he did go to the doctors there because it specialized in snotty noses.

To his credit he did get home at half seven and is now putting Shou to bed.

In other news, Ryu is a force to be reckoned with now he can crawl. We had our first fall down the step to the front door but thankfully my filthy gaijinwife habits meant there were a zillion pairs of shoes to break his fall. He is particularly interested in plugs but has learnt fast the word 'No' and goes ape shit when he is sitting right beside a plug, goes to touch it and mummy says NO.

He got his first go at the tupperware drawer this evening. There is nothing harmful in there but Granny K was still a bit concerned. I said twas better than having him screaming for attention while I got Shou and Marina in the bath. If sucking that yellow plastic banana holder is going to entertain him then so be it.

In mum news - I haven't spoken to her since the weekend but my sister tells me she was doing OK but is now a bit 'flat' - as you would be in to your third week of radio and chemo - and on your birthday, which is tomorrow - which has reminded me I need to order flowers to get sent to the oncology patient house. They get the same room for the whole six weeks and just come and go as they please during the weekends. Flowers that arrive tomorrow should be looking nice until the end of next week yeah? I hope so.

Well, I was thinking of trying to youtube the vid I got of Ryu crawling today but it would appear that the cord I used to connect vid camera and old Mac not worthy of this new computer. I will need to invest in a new cord - or at least sift through the heap we have somewhere. Surely one will fit.

Night to you all.

Tomorrow is Thursday - I go a bit mental on Thursdays.


PS - got mail from person in states who I have never met but who commented on one of my posts that he had Mac upgrade software. I know have in my possession this software. It arrived today. Thankyou lovely stranger. Very greatly appreciated. I will hopefully be able to get old Mac connected to internet too - so have one for work (this one) and one for all that Marilyn Manson and porn I was planning on downloading.


Anonymous said...

Like the new look! The curly fonts were a bit ...curly! Good to hear the new puter is making life a bit easier. Lord knows you need it with twat husband being twatty! miss you Ang xx

Gaijin Wife said...

I agree. Have just tried putting them back in but it's all a bit bloody much.

Megan said...

oooh fancy blog layout, looks very cool. especially like your crafters header ha!
and ryu crawling aye- good work ryu, stella can only just stand up now with help, went to paediatrician who basically said she is lazy in a round about sort of way. clever u getting granny k to go the docs with hub. sure there is nothing to worry about there tho, like you say where would he have the time!! nice work getting free comp stuff :) talk soon xx

Ruthie said...

Love the new look and the Carrie Bradshaw-esque pic at the top!