Thursday, 27 May 2010

Shocking! (and happy birthday mum)

Did you get a shock checking in on gaijinwife today? I bloody well did. Thought had clicked on wrong link for minute. Don't get all religiously worried though. Wasn't the immaculate template. I did know about it I just wasn't sure when it would appear.

I was surfing the net (a new concept to me as old computer wouldn't let me) and started looking up blogs, blogs and more blogs, blog tutorials, template sites, font sites rah rah. Found the simply fabulous site (see button on sidebar) and was scrolling through Lena's pre-made templates and found this. It looked so pink and girlie and so not appropriate for a mummy blog really but hey a change can't hurt for a while. I downloaded it and tried to install it but had trouble so emailed 'Lena' and she kindly offered to do it for me. I therefore wasn't sure when it would appear - what with her being over in the states and working doing shitloads of template projects.

I also thought that I might be able to scrap the perky young thing sitting on the couch with her laptop and replace it with picture of offspring. Turns out I might need a tad more html skills to sort that out. Ah well, in the meantime she can at least inspire me to get off my lazy ass and start exercising, or failing that purchase a yellow chair. Besides, the download cost me six dollars so it is here to stay for a while. Apologies to those of you who just came to see the gaijinwife header photos. In return I promise to post more pics of children, twat husbands, twat husband's car parked in various pachinko parlors, Granny K, rural Japan and probably not but you never know your luck, one or two of me.

I plan on adding some Japan related links to my sidebar so if you would like me to link you please let me know, or if I link you and you would rather be cut in half with a chainsaw then also let me know.

So, today was mum's 61st birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM.

We had a bit of a text fest this morning and then I rang after her treatment. She was just about to have lunch and then go shopping for some bling (I would say it is hereditary but you all know its just a thing us girls have to do from time to time). She sounded well enough but said lately the chemo has been making feel quite a lot like she's pregnant - that morning sickness thing where the thought of various foods and even the smell puts you right off and you spend the day feeling like you might chunder but don't actually manage to.

I found out a few things I hadn't known - first, this current six weeks of radio and chemo isn't the end of the first round chemo plan. I think she gets a break when this six weeks is over but then she has four (or was it six) hardcore chemo weeks with three weeks of nothing in between each one to let her body get its strength up to do it again. I'm starting to freak out again. The ex-kindy head at one of the kindy's I visited all the time on JET got cancer. She did bouts of chemo and then stronger doses for six months and six months after that I was at her funeral. I don't know what kind of cancer she had or at what stage they caught it but fuck, for a while there I thought trying to surround mum in positive light or whatever might magic it all away.

The other thing was that at the end of October mum's WHOLE family are congregating at the family crib (bach?? holiday cottage??) in Oturehua near Dunedin. This of course means all of our family I think. I hadn't heard about this. The family crib (which we used to holiday at thirty plus years ago, which mum and dad had their honeymoon at (dad got penumonia) and at which my little brother's ashes are sprinkled) was getting a bit rundown. The current owner (my uncle) was played the cancer card and now he is doing it up as one of mum's wishes. There will be marquees, there will be music, there will be fireworks, there will be a rocket (my uncle's hobby is putting kit-set ones together and launching them - quite big - could possibly attach Ryu and he could well fly with it about 100 meters into the air) there will possibly be a huge bonfire which will possibly mean there will be a fire-engine, there will be family, there will be friends and there will be good times.

If you were me, would you, taking into account you aren't a fuckin millionaire and therefore can't afford two more trips this year, want to take the family home to the huge family gathering down in the South Island - or would you vote for Christmas at home in Napier with just the family family?? We can't afford to take all five of us home anytime but we will 'suck it up', go into debt and do it because we just have to but seriously can't do it twice :(

Shame really, I so liked spending close to three hours in the toilet playing silly buggers with Ryu and the mirror on the twelve hour flight home last month.

Anyhoo, sent mum big bunch of flowers at the unit with clear instructions that if flower smell (she said some strong perfumes made her feel sick) was too strong that I wouldn't be offended if they got given to the postman - they are now in the communal lounge area the house has.

I wrote a list today - I quite like lists but haven't done one for a while. Shame on me. They are just fabulous. I wrote quite a long one thinking I wouldn't get it all done. Wham bam and thank you mam. Everything completed. I definately wouldn't have gotten that much done if I didn't get to 'tick a box' after each task was completed.

I do believe 'crack open a cold brewskie' was the last thing on the list.

Time to tick that off.



anchan said...

Loving the new look, GW! In fact, might have to consider a change myself now... Sorry to hear that your mum's treatment is going to be harder than you thought. I'm still praying that the chemo will blast it out of her completely so that you get to chase her in her nightie. xxx

Ruthie said...

Maybe you should put up a poll to see what people think about the trip home (now that you have access to all these new fangles devices). Hopefully your Mum's symptoms won't get too much worse with the rest of the treatment. It would be great to bring your kids to where you spent some of your childhood holidays but Christmas is my favourite time of the year and you will probably get more quality time with your Mum if it is just family family at Chrimbo. As usual if I win the Euro Millions I will set some aside so that Aramaki family can go home twice ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the new look! The miracles a new computer can achieve :)
Best wishes to your mom~

Oyomesan said...

I say GO HOME!
Because to be brutally honest...the time to spend with your mum and the family like this is probably running out...
Last summer I really didn't want to go back to the UK in July and then again in August...I was penniless and tired...but Dad was so so happy to have me there...and August 24th he died. 10 days after I'd left.
I am so glad I went. For the rest of my life I will be so glad I went.

Throw caution to the wind - where it should be anyway - and GO!

Anonymous said...

Off to the south island you go GW.

Wrapping my arms around you and your Mum with love.

Margaret M

Rachel said...

I'd go to the big party. You won't regret going. It'll be talked about for years, so you'll always feel sore that you missed it. Bite some debt to do it. Christmas would probably be depressing anyway, with illness hanging over you like that.

Re the clams - the beach was about a half hour drive in the opposite direction to you. Matama beach is MUCH nicer, ie, it actually has sand, and the coolest sandbar/pools that get really warm in the sun, so great for babies to play in (just watch the tides!).

ps, what date was the big b'day party again?

Anonymous said...

Hi GW, just wanted to suggest what I (not being too into self-denial) immediately thought of about going to NZ. What do you think about everyone going for the end of October get-together, hub and your older two staying as long as hub can be off work, and then just you and Ryu staying on for the quieter Christmas with your Mom. I'm sure it will be hard on your family here to be without you for so long, but I am another who was over here for the last of a loved one's (father in my case) life and I very much regret not having been able to spend more time with him. Of course hopefully the treatment will be very successful and you will have much more time with her in the coming years, but you won't regret being there and you might regret it if you don't go. Hope you can decipher that, not enough caffeine flowing yet.

BTW, seriously thank you for the entertainment, I discovered your blog around golden week and read it like a book, it has been said before but you make even the mundane entertaining, thanks for the laughs.

T in Tokyo

illahee said...

i love your new template, very pretty.

world of sekimachihato said...

god i really did think i had saved the wrong link for your blog!
i can't remember you as being a "pink" girl, but hey, it's going back a few years now.

re your trip, that family reunion sounds great! i always seem to miss out on them... actually our family had one down south last month and we couldn't make it with k-chan in her final days of pregnancy. anyway, october right? flights will be cheaper then.
but!! i will be in nz for xmas this year and will no doubt be down in napier sometime too so i vote for a trip back at xmas. maybe we can then catch up!

world of sekimachihato said...

just re-read my comment; man that makes me sound selfish...
oh dear...

Gaijin Wife said...

anchan - thank you. Glad somebody religious will be praying. Not sure mine will be pulling much weight.

Ruthie - can you buy two tickets this week please :)

Aneki - thank you. This computer is like a miracle after that last piece of shit. So much fun to be had!!

Oyomesan - I know I should. Best talk to the hub first I guess.

Margaret - thankyou for the arm wrapping. muchly needed.

Rachel - hadn't thought about Christmas being depressing. Guess it would be with everyone thinking could be the last one we have. Will have to try the matama beach out. Perhaps not this Sunday though - they have their annual '夕日' concert which would be quite a nice outing too.

T in Tokyo - thanks for your comment. I seriously don't think I could get hub onto a plane for a 24 hour journey with a three and four year old. I wouldn't want to do it so doubt can ask him too. I was thinking more of going, if I go, in October with just Ryu. Christmas would be the family trip. I agree that if I don't I will probably regret it.

Illahee - you still keen for summer? All the gin will be gone by the time you get here - well actually I don't even have any but am sure if I bought some soon I could polish it off and have to buy another one the day before you come :)

WOS - October cheaper you reckon? hope so. Have never flown that time of year before. Will Kou-chan be having his first christmas in NZ? Sure he'll be six months by then - I'm sure pavlova is on the watties baby food chart for 6 months. And definately if I'm home for chrissy we should catch up.

Lulu said...

Could you handle all three kids by yourself one way? Would it be possible for you to all go in October and then for you and the kids to stay on until Christmas and go back to Japan together? Maybe you could convince a friend that needs a holiday in Japan to fly back with you then stay on for a bit of a travel?

I know where you are coming from with this- I have had to drop things and go home before and then do the same a couple months later.

What does your mum want you to do?

Sucks that your mum is having such a tough time with the drugs- they are a necessary evil unfortunately. I have my fingers crossed that she will be on the improve soon...

Thinking of you as always.

ps: Like the new design but did get a bit of a shock!

Brenda said...

I thought I had posted a comment already, but apparently I only dreamt that I had. I love the new design! I like the icon at the top too, makes me feel more like you are actually sitting right beside me telling me your blog, instead of me sitting here alone (aside from sleeping child). I would definitely go to the big October family reunion, and then possibly rack up some debt to do Christmas too. Sometimes money just can't be a priority.

Gaijin Wife said...

Lulu - LOL, that did make me laugh. Three kids one way by myself. Funniest thing I've read in a long time. Remind me to suggest similar to you when you've popped another couple out :) Also staying at mum and dad's with young kids for that long not an option as according to dad my kids are the 'worst behaved kids in the world' - also mum won't be up to all the chaos of small children. It sounds like a good plan though and if all of this was happening about three years down the track it might be an option.

Brenda - hmmmmm, you forgot you hadn't posted. Sounding like getting mushy brain already. At least you have an excuse now :) I'm just plain damn forgetful.